First Time Engineering Manager

8 Days


Cohort-based Course

You are aspiring or first-time manager. Learn how to jumpstart career and master the skills to become a successful engineering manager.

Course overview

Becoming an Engineering Manager

Becoming manager is hard. Surviving as manager is even harder.

85% receive no training prior to switching into the role of manager.

First time managers rarely receive the guidance and training they need to be effective.

Prepare your self for first 1000 days (not just first 90 days.)

Learn structured framework that has helped 100+ individuals, jumpstart your career and master the skills required to become a successful Engineering Manager. 

Who is this course for


First time engineering manager

You are new in this role.


Individual contributor

You are tech lead, scrum lead and want to get into management.


Startup Founder

As a first time people manager, you want to manage and motivate team.

What You'll Get Out Of This Course

Know your why

Evaluate your personal anchors and decision on becoming a manager. Evaluate if it is the right path for you.

Day to day situation

Develop and master the skills required to manage day to day situations like giving constructive feedback, working with variety of personalities, resolving conflicts, etc.

No perfect team

Understand what are different team dysfunctions and how to manage and fix them.


Navigate through difficult work situations while keeping your team motivated like when company is not doing good


Learn on how to lead effectively in different team composition like managing remote team, managing matrix team, managing geographically distributed team.

What people are saying

        Entrepreneurs journey is quite difficult as you are juggling at multiple fronts from ideation to validation & finding product market fit. I appreciate his approach and ability to understand people management issues and address them in a very creative manner.
Kaushal Patel

Kaushal Patel

Founder & CEO, CTunes
        I started my software development career from Sumeet’s team, and that is one of the best things happened in my career life. Sumeet taught me how to build and develop my career not only as a developer but also how to lead a team and lead a project. He gave me lots of suggestions and support on building my technical skills and leadership.
Zhensu Yang

Zhensu Yang

Senior Software Engineer, Meta
        An impressive & comprehensive guide for newcomers stepping into a management role. It nicely combined theory & real-world examples to explain key principles. Communication, team dynamics & decision-making strategies were priceless. While it was a lot to digest, the structure & pacing made it easy. A highly recommended resource for new manager.
Abhay Singh

Abhay Singh

Engineering Manager
        Sumeet's workshop was a crucial career moment. I was contemplating the transition from tech lead to manager. The workshop made me reflect on my motivation, confirming my alignment with management. Within a year, I made the leap and faced various managerial challenges. Sumeet's guidance proved invaluable, especially for working mom with young kids.
Harini Jagannathan

Harini Jagannathan

Engineering Manager

Meet your instructor

Sumeet Gala

Sumeet Gala

Startup Founder | Mentor & Career Coach | Ex-Adobe, Ex-Yahoo

Sumeet is startup founder in Silicon valley. Before his startup, he was senior engineering manager in Adobe and Yahoo.

Sumeet has coached and mentored 500+ software professionals, engineering managers and engineering leaders. This course is on his extensive experience with that coaching as well as his own career journey.

Over 17+ years of experience as technology and product leader, Sumeet has managed and scaled engineering teams at Yahoo and Adobe. He has spend time working in Bangalore and SF Bay Area. He has managed cross functional teams and geographically distributed team. 

Sumeet has spent most of his time in the field of search, marketplace, consumer and enterprise products with technical and domain expertise in AI / ML / Search. He has helped build and scale products to millions of users and for $300 millions+ in revenue.

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First Time Engineering Manager


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Course syllabus


Know your why?

Understand your personal anchors on why you want to get into management.


Define success

Definition of success varies individual to individual. Identify and crystalize your success criteria for engineering management.


Day-to-day situations

Understand what different day-to-day situations manager encounter and how to deal with them.


Personal framework

Develop your personal framework to handle day-to-day situations.


Team dysfunctions

99% of time, there is no perfect team. Understand common dysfunctions of team and how to deal with them.


Group exercise (Day-to-day situation)

Group exercise and discussion based on role based real life situation.


Team management

Deep dive into different team management situations. (e.g. managing remote team, managing matrix team).


Framework for team management

Develop unique strategies and framework to handle particular team management situation.


Group exercise (Team management)

Group exercise and discussion based on different team management situation.


Managing 360

Deep dive into how to manage up, manage and work with stakeholders and peers.

Course schedule

About 7-8 hours total
  • Friday, Sep 22

    12 pm - 2 pm PST

    Live workshop with group exercise and working session.

  • Tuesday, Sep 26

    12 pm - 2 pm PST

    Live workshop with group exercise and working session.

  • Friday, Sep 29

    12 pm - 2pm PST

    Live workshop with group exercise and working session.

  • Join live, rewatch anytime

    Every session will be recorded, so you can watch it again if you have to miss one, or just want a refresh on the material.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, not passive

Every aspect of this course is live. Sumeet will spend 7+ hours with you during this course, sharing in-depth experience, strategies and frameworks.

Interactive and project-based

Every exercise during the course is thoughtfully crafted to help you make tremendous progress towards your own career plan, both immediate and longer-term.

You will have your framework, strategies designed by you for you to be successful.

You will have clarity and mental framework to navigate your career as engineering manager and what make sense for your long term career.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow alongside you

You will get to know and interact with an exceptional cohort of your peers. Some of those connection you will make, will be long term connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I can’t make a live session?
I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?
How is this different than reading management books, blogs?
What’s the refund policy?
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First Time Engineering Manager


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