Branded for Leadership - Personal Branding Accelerator

8 Days


Cohort-based Course

Boost your credibility, visibility & influence with this powerful course for Leaders who are ready to grow their personal brand at work.

Course overview

As a leader you bring your personal brand to work. But have you worked on yours?

In today's hybrid workplace neglecting your personal brand can do more harm than good. Being a great leader, talented expert or hard worker is not enough anymore. You need to be known for it too, because the branded wheel gets the grease.


If you neglect your brand, you risk being overlooked, ignored or forgotten, while less the qualified but better branded leaders get ahead. But not on my watch! It's time to stop settling and start branding inside my "Branded For Leadership - Personal Branding Accelerator.


This immersive, #GetErDone style workshop was designed specifically for leaders like you, who need to finally set aside the time and actually work on your brand!

If you're finally ready to develop a personal branding strategy that will elevate your professional reputation, amplify your visibility, and forge powerful relationships that lead to more recognition, respect, and rewards at work, enroll today.

Now is the time to start working on your personal brand. This accelerator will help!

Who is this accelerator for?


Leaders seeking to build a brand worth following, eliminating the cringe-factor when hearing "I looked you up…"


High Potential Employees who need to build a brand that supports their rise to the top!


Experts & Leaders who have to attract all-star talent, close bigger deals, or present new ideas.

In this accelerator you'll learn how to:

Develop a realistic branding strategy to help you achieve your leadership objectives, support your career goals & enhance the company brand.

While this program is not designed to turn you into a social media rockstar. I will nudge you outside your branding comfort zone with totally doable suggestions to that factor in your current responsibilities, busy schedule and digital capabilities.

Brand key areas of your LinkedIn profile so it articulates your "in-person" value and gives others the language & proof to advocate for you.

Plus you'll get honest feedback from other leaders in the course so you know if you are on brand.

Activate key relationships and increase your visibility to attract and retain talent, build culture, close deals or step up to the mic.

You'll be given an opportunity to safely test these ridiculously effective networking tactics while making valuable connections right inside the group.

Expertly share anything with your network including professional updates, company links & team wins using our #ScrollStopper Post Framework.

Once you learn how it works, you always know how to write fascinating posts in an genuine, authentic and engaging tone that doesn't feel like you're bragging, diminishing the moment or boring your audience either.

Generate YOUR own personal list of go-to content ideas & learn how to create them fast using our proven strategies and a few AI Power Tools.

So you can be much more intentional and strategic about the content you share so it supports your leadership presence and your rise to the top.

This course is NOT for you if...


You need a complicated personal branding strategy to attract a huge spotlight. This course is a "surgical strike" to improve key areas fast.


You are actively seeking a job, as this course does not cover resume-building or job hunting strategies."


If you want to go viral on TikTok, get InstaFamous, or become the next Mr. Beast. Our strategies are optimized for corporate success.

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Meet your instructor

Cher Jones

Cher Jones

Trainer, Coach & Speaker | Personal Branding Expert for the Hybrid Workplace

If you are ready to build a influential personal brand that motivates others to work with you, for you and champion you, then I'm the instructor for you.

And here's why: This “ain’t my first rodeo”! I’ve been mastering the art and science of personal branding for professionals for over 10 years. Plus everything I teach is firmly rooted in over 20 years of formal corporate communications, marketing and broadcast media experience.

And as the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. You can experience my deep knowledge, infectious energy and genuine passion for what I do when you check out my livestreams, Learning courses, videos, podcasts and other content I create on LinkedIn.

As far as my clients go, I’ve worked internationally with a variety of organizations including Lockheed Martin, HP, Rogers, Husky Energy, Stantec, C360, BPTN, PokerStars, BlackBerry, Industrial Alliance, Meeting Planners International, The UK Trade and Investment, The Ontario Ministry of Education and UAE Steel and CBC to name a “few”.

And I know I can help you! Join "Branded for Leadership - Personal Branding Accelerator" and together, we'll elevate your professional reputation, boost your visibility, and build the relationships you need to upgrade your brand and unlock your potential.

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Branded for Leadership - Personal Branding Accelerator


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Course Timeline

10-12 hours (including course time)
  • Saturday TBD

    10am - 4:30pm EST

    Accelerator Workshop: This is a LIVE #GetErDone style workshop. It will feel like you are making a surgical strike to immediately level up your brand. We'll work through some of the most important areas in realtime. Plus I'll give you the tools you need to work on the rest later.

  • Wednesday TDB

    Time TBD


    This is an open Q&A branding support and accountability session. Get your questions answered and the advice you need to finish working on your brand.

  • Saturday TBD

    10:00 AM to Noon EST


    This is your final open office hours session to work on your brand, and get feedback. There will also be a few focused working sessions leveraging the Pomodoro productivity technique with Q&A in between sessions.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active "get-er-done" style learning 

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects to help you build your brand in real time with a true personal branding expert.

Digital Branding Workbook

Access the Branded For Leadership digital workbook that includes the time-saving tools, frameworks, and templates you can use during and after the course to support your ongoing personal brand development.

Learn with a cohort of other leaders working on their brands too!

Join a community of like-minded leaders who want to learn, brand and grow alongside you

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Branded for Leadership - Personal Branding Accelerator


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