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Cohort-based Course

Raise more money in less time by understanding the game, the motivations of players, and how *you* can uniquely play it best.

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Course overview

From Confused to Confident

Should I even raise money?

Understand how the funding landscape is changing and what the emerging alternatives are.

It's all smoke and mirrors...

Dispense with the jargon and understanding the fundamentals of how venture capital works.

How do I find the right investors?

Delve into the art and science of preparing for a raise and follow a well-defined process to help you get back to what you love - company building.

I don't want to sell out...

Understand your Fundraiser Archetype and use it to develop a clear strategy for confident fundraising in 2024

How do the best entrepreneurs do it?

Get practical guidance on how you can strike the perfect balance between understanding investors' needs and showing up as yourself.

Who is this course for


This course is for entrepreneurs who are raising money for the first time.


Experienced entrepreneurs who have bootstrapped their business and are considering raising money for the first time.


It will be particularly useful for entrepreneurs outside of the main tech hubs that want to understand the venture investing better.

What you’ll get out of this course

Understand venture capital fundamentals

We strip out the jargon and explain, first at a 10,000 foot level how venture capital works, and then go into the weeds to understand the process.

Understand investor motivations

It is important to know who the humans on the other side of the table are, and what are their interests, concerns and motivations. You'll leave with a strong understanding of this that you can take into any interaction with a potential investor

Discover your Fundraiser Archetype

Your Fundraiser Archetype gives you clues into what strategies you can employ to show up as yourself and be effecive at the same time.

Build a 10-slide wireframe pitch deck

You will leave with a 10-slide wireframe pitch deck that takes the principles in this course into account and can form the basis of your next fundraise.

The Changing VC Landscape

You will also understand how the VC landscape is changing and what entrepreneurs can do about it. You will be more prepared than 99% of entrepreneurs to raise money in today's market

This course includes

6 interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

9 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

Projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

Course syllabus


Understanding venture capital fundamentals

A deep dive into how venture capital functions, starting from a broad overview to detailed insights. Strip away jargon to make VC concepts accessible and understandable.

Key Outcome: Participants will gain a clear understanding of the VC ecosystem, essential for navigating the fundraising landscape.


Applying VC Fundamentals

Review and discuss participant pitch decks in the context of VC fundamentals learned in Session 1.

Q&A segment to clarify concepts.

Key Outcome: Practical understanding of how VC concepts apply to your specific projects and pitch decks.


Investor Motivations and the Human Element

Exploring the motivations, interests, and concerns of investors.

Discuss how to approach and communicate with investors effectively.

Key Outcome: Participants will understand the mindset of investors, crucial for successful interactions and negotiations.


Tailoring your pitch to Investor Motivations

Interactive session to refine pitch decks with a focus on aligning with investor motivations.

Address specific questions and provide personalized feedback.

Key Outcome: Enhanced pitch decks that resonate with investor perspectives and motivations.


Discover your Fundraiser Archetype

Introduction to different Fundraiser Archetypes and how to identify yours.

Build out 10-slide wireframe with your Fundraiser Archetype in mind

Key Outcome: Understanding of one's own fundraising strengths and a strategy to maximize effectiveness.


The Changing VC Landscape

Participants share and refine their 10-slide wireframe pitch deck, incorporating their archetype.

Discussion on the changing VC landscape. Group feedback and final Q&A.

Key Outcome: Participants will leave with a well-structured, archetype-aligned pitch deck ready for their next fundraising effort.


(3 ratings)

What students are saying

What people are saying

        After spending 5 years working with Sid across the Draper Venture Network, it’s clear Sid's expertise in the startup and venture capital space is both profound and impactful. Sid's blend of industry knowledge and practical experience makes him a standout in the venture capital community, he’s all about supporting Founders.
Joe Vezzani

Joe Vezzani

        My go-to-person in all investor relations. Sid mentored me in fundraising and investor relations. He helped with theoretical knowledge, and practical introductions, and shaping the investment strategy. His friendly character made me consider him more a friend than one of our investors. I greatly recommend to anyone working with Sid
Jim Dukhovny

Jim Dukhovny

CEO, Alef Aeronautics
        Sid's extensive network in Silicon Valley proved to be an invaluable asset for me. His well-established connections opened doors that would have otherwise remained closed, giving me access to key players in the industry. This network, coupled with his insightful advice, provided me with a holistic understanding of the venture capital landscape.
Alan Malon

Alan Malon

CEO, Lize
        I wholeheartedly recommend Sid for his instrumental role in shaping our business model and facilitating our successful seed round capital raise. His strategic insights, patience in advising first-time founders, and unwavering commitment were pivotal in navigating critical decisions and garnering investor interest.
Wilfrid Obeng

Wilfrid Obeng

Co-Founder/CTO, AudioMob


Sid Mofya

Sid Mofya

Venture Capital Investor & Entrepreneur

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sid Mofya and I'm your instructor for this course. As CEO of the Draper Venture Network (a global consortium of over 20 venture capital firms investing in early-stage technology companies) I helped hundreds of founders with their fundraises. I co-founded the Draper Round Table - a platform for aggregating capital for co-investment into top companies from the Draper Network. This was just as the current fundraising "winter" was getting started and I am happy to say that I have helped multiple entrepreneurs to raise money during this tough environment.

My goal here is to synthesize and simplify for you so that you save time on your fundraise.

Join us. It will be fun!


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Fundraising Bootcamp


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Course schedule

2-4 hours per week
  • Fridays

    9am - 11am PT

    Two hour-long sessions. One is instructional, and the second is a live-lab for collaborative work and feedback

  • Jan 26, 2023 - Feb 9, 2023

    9 - 11 am PT

    2 hours per week for 3 weeks

  • Weekly projects

    1-2 hours per week

    You'll be working on updating your pitch deck throughout the course.

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Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Fundraising Bootcamp


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