One Simple Communication Tool for Better Results


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Cohort-based Course

Being your authentic self at work: is it working for you or against you? It's both. Learn a proven model to persuade and win more often.

Course overview

Be more effective by understanding Social Style. Learn how in just one week.

Building strong interpersonal relationships is more in demand as a leadership requirement than ever before. The Social Style framework for understanding communication is a time-tested model used by millions of people to become better at human interaction.

In this live, cohort-based course, I will lead you through understanding the framework, your personal style assessment results, and the tools for practicing and mastering the model.

Social Style research shows that more than two-thirds of us are perceived differently than we think by the people we work with everyday. That gap could be keeping you from meeting your goals. To identify that gap and find the keys to closing it, join this cohort learning experience.

Learning the Social Style model will teach you how to:

🏆 Win trust more quickly by identifying and breaking down communication barriers

💥 Approach challenging conversations with more confidence

❌ Stop wondering where conversations went wrong and learn to recognize the warning signs of misperception in real-time

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This is course ideal for:


The new manager who wants to quickly understand the team and gain its respect.


The experienced executive who wants a different approach to leadership communication (especially to get the most out of young managers).


The sales professional who wants to win more often.

What you’ll get out of this course

Understand how your communication style differs from others

Identify the strengths and weaknesses that others see in you based on your observable behaviors and speech patterns (verified by a personal behavior assessment). Learn techniques to adapt and earn trust quickly.

Determine which communication style your colleagues prefer

Learn tools to identify how colleagues prefer to convey and receive information from you and others. Apply the tools to limit misunderstandings and advocate for ideas effectively.

Adapt your communication style to reduce tension and deliver better outcomes more quickly

Understand where your behavior preferences must be adapted to earn trust and direct outcomes more effectively

Course syllabus

3 live sessions
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    (8 ratings)

    What students are saying

    Meet your instructor

    Sheila O'Sullivan

    Sheila O'Sullivan

    With degrees from top institutions in my arsenal and a track record of professional success in competitive and challenging environments, I was promoted to C-level in my 30s. But as a leader, I was struggling to get the results I wanted from all of my team members. If I was recognized by others as being smart and accomplished, then why wouldn't people just do what I wanted all the time?

    Because it takes way more than credentials to earn trust. More than anything, earning trust requires understanding how you appear to others in your interactions.

    Since learning the Social Style model ten years ago, I have seen the most seasoned executives have "aha moments" when they see how this tool empowers them and their teams to break communication barriers and improve outcomes.

    I have relied on the Social Style model in my roles as a VP, CSO, and COO in rapidly growing companies to successfully manage change and build cross-functional team relationships. I am thrilled to bring the model to students through Maven.

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    One Simple Communication Tool for Better Results


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    Course schedule

    4 hours per week
    • Two 1.5 hour sessions in one week, with an optional Friday office hour/Q&A

      See cohorts above for specific days

      Please plan to be live and on camera at this time

    • Prep work

      5 days prior to cohort start

      Cohort participants will need to complete a self-rating survey and ask at least three colleagues to complete a survey (no more than 15 minutes needed per person). The assignment must be completed no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the cohort.

    Free resource

    Find your preferred style in minutes!

    There's a quick way to determine your own style - a brief quiz that will help you understand where you sit in the model.

    Knowing where you sit is the first step of the journey toward getting better results from your relationships!

    Get access to the quiz!

    Learning is better with cohorts

    Learning is better with cohorts

    Active hands-on learning

    This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

    Interactive and dialogue-based

    You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and role-playing exercises.

    Learn with a cohort of peers

    Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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    One Simple Communication Tool for Better Results


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