Video Creator Launchpad

5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Design a practical and effective content strategy for yourself (or business!) while developing the confidence to keep showing up.

Course overview

Use TikTok to reach new audiences and grow your brand.

After this program, you'll be able to develop a 30 Day Content Plan that works for you. Learn the exact framework that helped one of my clients gain 100K+ followers & 10M organic views in 90 Days.

Plus, you'll join a community of aspiring creators who are ready to get serious.

This course is for you if


You tend to get too in your head. You're sick of imposter syndrome, anxiety, and confusion getting in the way of creating content.


Creating feels confusing. You know you have knowledge + experiences that could be valuable to others but don't know how to translate it.


You've tried creating content before, but you got frustrated and felt like it was a waste of effort because it wasn't going anywhere.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll...

Learn Content Basics

Understand fundamental content marketing & production principles so you can create with effectiveness and ease

Design a Clear Content Strategy + Practical Workflow

Develop a strategy so you can create a realistic plan to achieve your content goals. You'll also learn how to create every video with a clear purpose and intention, as well as using data to inspire & drive new ideas.

Practice to Make Progress

Content creation is a skillset. Like any new skill, it takes repetition. In this program, you won't just be listening & taking notes– You'll be brainstorming, getting live feedback from others, and immediately start applying concepts in week 1 so you can get your reps in.

Get Community Support & Feedback

What's harder than feeling lost and scared when it comes to getting started?

Feeling lost, scared, and ALONE. Another major component of this program's value is providing you the support of likeminded people who are learning, just like you. This is a place to explore and grow!

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Video Creator Launchpad


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Meet your instructor

Sunshine Dominguez | Video Strategist, Consultant, Creator

Sunshine Dominguez | Video Strategist, Consultant, Creator

Sunshine Digital LLC

(Yes, that is her real name.)

I got my start in video production appearing in product videos for back in 2015, where I produced thousands of videos for years. That environment helped set a solid foundation for my video career, allowing much creative liberty and freedom to have fun with presenting.

I’ve built upon the same energy and ideals in the rest of my video work since then–continuing a career of producing video content for numerous brands & businesses of all sizes, learning how to film + edit, and developing a real passion for strategy & messaging along the way.

At one point I realized there was a pretty prominent gap between marketing and video production departments. It wasn't uncommon for there to be miscommunication and misunderstanding between the two, mainly because they are two very different worlds. A lot of branded video content tends to either be overproduced with no concrete strategy, or nonexistent because there was not enough direction/bandwidth to create consistently.

After spending time on both sides in the corporate world, I found the most effective videos:

  • Are built on consistency
  • Have a realistic production workflow
  • Prioritize the viewer before themselves
  • Consider the larger picture
  • Align with brand goals

Since then, I've started a my own business helping brands & creators create content that gets them discovered, and most importantly, content that works for them. Many brands spend too much time, money, and energy on the overproduced content only to get no views.

I've helped businesses of all sizes find their own groove in the video world by utilizing their available resources, designing practical workflows, and creating thoughtful content with intention to reach their target audiences.

I believe anyone with specialized knowledge/experience can create videos that impact people they would have never been able to reach otherwise. The only real qualification is being open to trying new things and being dedicated to doing the work.

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Video Creator Launchpad


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Course syllabus


We start with YOU

Imposter syndrome, nervousness, confusion, oh my!

When you create, it's important to note you're extending yourself. We'll identify & address limiting beliefs that has keep you from creating confidently, along with breaking down obstacles that have prevented you from showing up consistently.


Understanding Content Quality and Effectiveness

Learn tactical tips for creating content, review case studies, and we'll have a discussion around what it means to create quality content and effective content.


Targeting your DREAM audiences

Not all views are created equal. Identify and determine your ideal target audience types so you can create content that feels like it's speaking right to them.


Brainstorming Content

I'll teach you the step-by-step framework I use that has helped one of my small business clients reach 10M+ organic views and over 100K followers in just 90 days! This process will also help you generate content ideas so you don't ever have to run out of things to post again.


Content Delivery and Execution

Learn tactical tips you can use when filming, editing, or even conceptualizing your videos. You'll also be able to determine what level of video production is best suited for you to stay consistent.


BONUS WORKSHOP: Design Your 30-Day Content Plan Together (Optional)

By the end of this program you will be able to create a 30 Day Plan on your own. But if you'd like to work on it with others, here you can–

  • Go into breakout discussions to talk content ideas with your peers
  • Hear what others have been up to–what's working/not working for them
  • Get feedback so you can confidently keep creating long after completion


BONUS WORKSHOP: Integrating YouTube Shorts Into Your Content Strategy

With YouTube's BIG announcement that YouTube Shorts Creators will be eligible for ad-revenue in 2023, many TikTok Creators are already shifting their efforts to include YouTube.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to optimize your TikTok content to be effective for Shorts as well so you can be eligible to earn income on your YouTube content!

Course schedule

1-3 hours per week
  • Virtual Happy Hour Kickoff 🍹

    Week of start date

    Meet your instructor and fellow creatives you'll be working with over the next 30 Days!

  • Weekly Live Workshops

    1:00pm - 2:00pm PST (Thursdays)

    Weekly live workshop and instruction–complete with guest instructors, interactive exercises, breakout rooms, peer feedback, and more!

  • Bonus Sessions: Q&A + Hotseat Audits (Immediately following live workshop)

    2:00pm - 2:30pm PST

    Q&A discussions immediately following each live workshop.

    PLUS: if you've completed your weekly project/challenge you may be selected for that week's hotseat coaching –  get live personalized feedback & recommendations on your videos.

  • Weekly Projects + Challenges

    1-2 hours per week


    You didn't think you were just going to sit back and take notes did you?

    We'll have weekly TikTok challenges that align with what we've been learning so you can immediately apply new concepts and lessons in your own content. Practice makes progress

  • Final Session: Show & Tell

    Wrapup & sendoff

    By the end of this program, not only should you have been posting consistently over the course of the 30 days, you should have the confidence to move forward creating your own strategy every month.

    Close out by sharing wins, challenges, and cheering your peers onward!

  • Community Support Anytime


    Discussion boards and channels for general communication with your instructor & peers between workshops and challenges.

    Post questions, updates, celebrate wins, discuss roadblocks, and share your thoughts with your community any time of the day.

  • Alumni Check-In

    Once a quarter (Subject to change)

    Every quarter we'll have a casual virtual gathering of ALL Launchpad Creators to hear how everyone has been doing in their content journeys. This is your chance to stay connected to your Launchpad community + meet and get inspired by other previous Launchpad students!

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Video Creator Launchpad


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Scary things are less scary with others

Actual chat snippets from a previous class

See what others are saying

        So in depth, so easy to follow. Sunshine not only teaches you TikTok, she teaches you strategy. She brings a world of knowledge with her from the video world... It's a lot of strategy you can put together and use beyond just TikTok.
Ati Grinspun

Ati Grinspun

Personal Branding Expert + Coach
        I have been a Social Media Manager for over a decade for multiple brands, and I would recommend this program to anyone, at any level of experience. It's building your brand, building yourself, building your self esteem – It's all those things!
Katrina K.

Katrina K.

Social Media Manager, Film Freeway
        In the last month I've had a few of my posts helped me pass the 1000 follower threshold... If you have have yet to try this platform and you have an online business I suggest you plug in. If you don't know where to start, start with Sunshine.
Megan B.

Megan B.

Relationship Coach, Founder of Elevated Connections
        I'm so thankful for this program and what Sunshine has taught me – I now think about how intention is so important and being mindful of your WHY. I think that's what makes this program so different and unique. Sunshine works from a place of authenticity & understanding people, where they come from.
Ragel I.

Ragel I.

Wellness Content Creator, Mental Health Advocate, Host of The Inner Rage Podcast
        One of my favorite parts of this program was how real she kept it the whole time and brought her own experience to what she was teaching. It gave us permission to have those worries - the transparency removes the veil of how difficult things can be.
Destiny Faith N.

Destiny Faith N.

Actor, Activist

Learning is better with like minds and accountability

Learning is better with like minds and accountability

Active learning, not passive watching

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn, create, and grow alongside you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Video Creator Launchpad


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