Designing Dynamic Experiences


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4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Create events that banish boredom, catalyze connection, and make learning stick

Course overview

Why most learning experiences suck and how to make them awesome 🚀

We all know events can be dull, boring, and un-engaging. You've sat through talking head panels or zoned out during conferences that just aren't cutting it. It’s time to reimagine what a true dynamic learning experience can be.

In this highly experiential four-week course and design sprint, you will learn how to design both in-person and virtual experiences to strategically deliver content, maximize impact and help participants feel connected and engaged. Developed through years of iteration with clients like Google, Nike, Genentech, Slack, SAP and the University of Texas - this model works!

We will work with the Dramatic Arc Event Template, a scalable and repeatable framework for transformational learning experiences. It will accelerate your event design process, shaving years off of trial and error, and giving you the confidence to deliver an outstanding experience every time.

You will apply the frameworks to a real event you are creating or re-designing, to bring the Template to life and help the learning stick. Plus, we'll help you get the work done so that after our 4-week design sprint, you will have completed a high-level outline of your whole event, and you'll be ready to hit the ground running!

In our new remote/hybrid work landscape, engagement and retention are more important that ever. Don't leave your teams or clients bored and unengaged. Our methodology allows you to design experiences to quickly create a riveted, engaged, and connected audience—say goodbye to boring!


• 12 hours of live training, design and peer feedback + a 1.5 hour cohort reunion call to integrate your learning and build lasting connection

• The Dramatic Arc Event Template, our proprietary methodology to streamline the planning process and deliver transformational impact every time.

• Home Groups, a consistent small peer-group for coaching and brainstorming.

• Exercises + Icebreakers you can use immediately in your own programs to create connection and community

• Certificate of Completion signifying 13.5 hours of experience design training (given to those who complete all parts of the program live).

• Pre-recorded videos that introduce the major frameworks and principles of experience design

• Comprehensive Workbook + Slide Deck PDFs to get familiar and interact with the course content

• Curated Spotify Playlist that can be used as your own event soundtrack

• Handouts + Worksheets to reinforce your learning experience

• An Expanded Network - Join the 800+ people we've trained in a community of like-minded peers creating revolutionary events and learning experiences.

Who is this course for


Organizational Program Leaders

Including HR, L&D, DEI professionals looking to up-level your internal trainings, programs and offsites.


Coaches + Consultants looking for fresh methods and a clear framework for consistent results and raving fans. No more winging it!


Entrepreneurs + Founders

Looking to engage your audience in new, experiential ways

What you’ll get out of this course

A game-changing model for designing transformational events and programs

You will learn the Dramatic Arc model by experiencing it first-hand and then apply it to an event or program you're working on. Through an iterative human-centered design process, you'll craft each of the essential elements and receive invaluable feedback.

A strategy for intentionally crafting your experience to deliver impact at scale

Our strategic design process will help you deliver profound transformation and genuine learning.

A community of like-minded peers

Through peer coaching and brainstorming, you will meet a trusted group of high-level peers that will help you take your design to the next level. Find new collaborators and supporters to get feedback, practice, and exposure to diverse perspectives to re-energize your work.

A design you can be proud of

Whether you're creating a new program or event from scratch or re-designing an existing one, you'll walk away with a clear outline of a transformative experience for your audience.

Fresh methods for remarkable results

You'll step outside of your current approach and learn new strategies to consistently deliver remarkable and impactful results for your audience.

Course syllabus



  • Community connection exercises to get to know your cohort
  • Review of core principles and frameworks 
  • Peer Coaching in your Home Group, where you will give and receive invaluable feedback on the 5 foundational parameters of your event
  • Design a memorable opening that sets the tone for your event 



  • Community connection exercises to establish trust and rapport
  • Review the core frameworks in Act 1 of the template, to craft culture and psychological safety
  • Peer Coaching in your Home Group, where you will give and receive invaluable feedback on your Guidelines (group agreements) and Icebreaker (strategic connection exercise)



  • Community connection exercises that bring the Dramatic Arc to life
  • Review the core principles and frameworks in Act 2, creating optimal sequencing to move participants into their stretch zone, without going into the panic zone
  • Peer Coaching and feedback in Home Groups on your Rungs on the Ladder, Pinnacle and Pinnacle Integration



  • Community connection exercises to help you appreciate the completion of Act 3.
  • Share the Dramatic Arc Template you have designed for your whole event with feedback and support in your Home Groups, while celebrating the progress you’ve made.
  • Integration In your Home Groups to help you apply take-aways
  • Determine next steps on your learning journey



  • Community connection exercises to drop in with your cohort
  • Share what you’ve been applying, and celebrate the wins, both big and small
  • Peer Coaching to get further support on anything you’re struggling with
  • Q+A with our expert facilitators to answer your burning questions
  • Explore opportunities to stay connected and support each other


(62 ratings)

What students are saying

Free resource

FREE VIDEO: Introduction & History of the Dramatic Arc Model

Developed over the course of 20 years, The Dramatic Arc model is the foundation of our course. In this 12 minute introductory video you'll hear the origin story of the model from founder Jenny Sauer-Klein and get a preview of the elements of the event template.

Get the free video preview

You can use the model to create or improve learning experiences such as

Workshops & Trainings

Conferences & Summits

Onboarding & Manager Programs
Offsites & Retreats

Our methodology infuses 3 pillars to create a dynamic learning experience

Our methodology infuses 3 pillars to create a dynamic learning experience

What people are saying

        This was by far the best virtual training I've ever experienced. I found myself looking forward to the sessions with pure excitement. What's more, the value I received was immediate and will have lasting changes on how I deliver transformative experiences in the future.
Christine Kern

Christine Kern

Head of People & Culture, SAP
        This program will definitely level up the experiences that you design. Attendees of your events will talk about the event for days, weeks, months after the event has passed. I loved the integrated learning approach to learning experience design. I would highly recommend this program if you are seeking ways to make your experiences 1000% better.
Mia Vasser

Mia Vasser

Director of Culture & Engagement, CallRail
        Best ever! This course should be a required foundation for all learning professionals. So much value packed into a 4 week sprint. Can't recommend enough.
Michael Margolis

Michael Margolis

Founder, Storied
        What a journey! Attending the intensive not only taught me so much about how to level up my experience design through empathy, connection, and structure . . . it also provided me with a learning experience unlike anything I've experienced before!
Valery Navarrete

Valery Navarrete

Onboarding Specialist, Asana
        I've been facilitating for two decades, and this was incredibly well facilitated and a truly enlightening experience! I now have a clearer framework I can use again and again to make transformational events, and the community of experience designers we met really pushed my thinking and and helped me grow my toolkit of resources for gathering others
Lia Izenberg

Lia Izenberg

Founder, Coaching + Consulting
        This course provides a brilliantly simple to use framework that can apply to any event, workshop or experience. Going through the process with a cohort of likeminded people has provided me with colleagues I can now lean on even though the program has finished. I would highly recommend this to anyone stuck or feeling lonely on their design journey.
Joshua Fineman

Joshua Fineman

Founder of Mensch, Men's Coach & Facilitator
        I have tried creating events without the material in this course and found it confusing, overwhelming and the results mediocre. Now knowing the material makes creating events feel easy, powerful, successful, and fun. It has created 100% turn around for me in terms of enthusiasm, eagerness and the confidence to create events
Leah Pearlman

Leah Pearlman

Founder, Wonder School
        This course was able to open my eyes to see that the experience of an event trumps the "content is king" narrative. I expected to walk away with insights and enjoy the course, but I left feeling confident that I could design both experiences AND content to meet the needs of my audience.
Beki Winchel

Beki Winchel

Thought Leadership and Innovation Director, Spiro

Meet your instructors

Joanna Miller

Joanna Miller

Senior Facilitator

Joanna Miller is facilitator, executive coach, and experience designer with 15 years of experience creating and leading talent development programs for global companies including Asana, Slack and Levi Strauss & Co. Her goal as a leader, coach and facilitator is to design experiences that inspire deeper curiosity, connection and clarity of purpose.

Hilary Davis

Hilary Davis


Hilary Davis is a certified coach, facilitator and instructional designer who is passionate about gathering for fun and for good. Her life's work is to build experiences that transform, delight, engage and inspire leaders through her company, Altogether Human.

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Designing Dynamic Experiences


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Course schedule

4 hours per week
  • Session 1 - Tuesday, October 17

    9:00am - 12:00 pm US Pacific Time

  • Session 2 - Tuesday, October 24

    9:00am - 12:00 pm US Pacific Time

  • Session 4 - Tuesday, November 7

    9:00am - 12:00 pm US Pacific Time

  • Session 3 - Tuesday, October 31

    9:00am - 12:00 pm US Pacific Time

  • Cohort Reunion - Tuesday, December 12

    9:00am - 10:30 am US Pacific Time

  • Weekly Homework

    30-60 minutes per week

    • Reading handouts on core frameworks, principles, mindsets and techniques
    • Reflection & integration of key learnings
    • Worksheets to guide the design process for each element of your experience

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

A Meta Experience

Experience the Dramatic Arc Model for yourself and then immediately apply it to your design.

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be directly working on a program or event, and walk away with a high-level design.

The community you've been waiting for

A safe space to practice honing your craft with a group of high caliber peers who will help you grow.

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Designing Dynamic Experiences


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