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Product Marketing Bootcamp

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Products have to reach people before they can change the world. Learn modern go-to-market strategies for success.

Hosted by

Samantha Mullett

Launch Expert | Career Coach | Ex-LinkedIn, Adobe, Chainalysis, Crunchbase

Course overview

Create launches that work

Competitor analysis? Outdated. Funnels? Outdated. Running a blind launch? Please.

This live cohort-based course will cover how to run a go-to-market from start to finish. Get a fresh perspective on competitive, market & user research, positioning, and proven marketing strategy to attract and retain customers, increase brand value, and continuously grow products.

Every successful product is driven by its story, the ability to capture customers, and growth strategies. You'll acquire these skills and more in less than 10 days.

"Wow, this was like 'go-to-markets made easy.'" - Jose, Cuembly

Why learn with me? I've built and led product marketing functions for 12+ years at companies like LinkedIn and Crunchbase, and worked with over 50+ clients across CPG, Web3, and more. I know what really works. I know that textbook strategies and association "certifications" don't.

I've distilled what I know into this live cohort-based course and keep it small for a high-value, high-touch experience. Every student gets specific, direct feedback.

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Who is this course for


Early-stage marketers—both those new to the function + those with a few years of experience—who have never had structured training.


Entrepreneurs who want to launch with confidence and understand how to grow their marketing.


Cross-functional team members (product, research, ops) interested in career switching or learning about product marketing.


Career changers looking to transition into product marketing and grasp what it takes to become a successful PMM.


Content, growth, and general marketers in Web2 and Web3 interested in learning more about how to work with product teams.

What you’ll get out of this course

Product Marketing Playbook + How-To Guides

I've developed custom materials from 10+ years of experience that we'll work through together. Use them to form positioning, marketing strategy, and launch plans—forever.

Market and User Research

Discover what your customer looks like, detail your ideal customer profile, and learn how to start valuable conversations.

Competitive Analysis

Competition is an ally, not an enemy. Analyze competitors with fresh eyes and extract insights that level up your story.

Positioning and Messaging

Shape messaging with the right data, for the right audience, at the right time. Learn how to run a positioning workshop and practice storytelling with experts and peers. Leave knowing how to build a story that performs.

Marketing Strategy and Launch Plan (Go-To-Market)

Nail your go-to-market strategy and plan. Understand what it takes to launch successfully with case studies and live teardowns. Leave knowing how to create a plan, prepare for launch, track the right metrics, and orchestrate all moving parts.

Real-Time Practice

Get hands-on, heads-down time to apply these concepts and frameworks. You'll test material with peers, get live feedback, and have access to office hours so you leave feeling confident about where you're headed.

What people are saying

        Samantha is a true product marketing master — she understands go-to-markets from the bootstrapped stage to millions in revenue at scale. I've learned boatloads from her and 10,000% recommend diving into her course. Your future launch will thank you.
Rachel G.,

Rachel G.,

Lifecycle Marketing, Calendly
        I loved working with Sam! Her optimism, experience, and understanding of the field helped make a career transition feel so much more feasible.
Hollis B.

Hollis B.

Marketing Manager, HubSpot
        Sam's workshops are outstanding. She offers specific and direct feedback to everyone. Her course covers go-to-market mastery for many different industries and business models as she has intimate knowledge across B2B, B2C, web3, and CPG businesses. I feel like I can successfully launch anything now.


Product Manager, Jump
        The course takes you through a practical approach to go-to-markets and you walk away with ideas and strategies you can begin to utilize in your business right away. I'm 100x more confident in my upcoming launch and know I can rely on Sam for fast feedback as we approach the big day.
Nick B.

Nick B.

Entrepreneur, Stealth

Meet your instructor

Samantha Mullett

Samantha Mullett

Product Marketing Expert, Career Coach, Educator

I've been a product marketing leader for 10+ years and I've noticed a pattern: people who are responsible for launches struggle to incorporate successful strategies because they move too fast with too little information.

Based on frameworks I've used in the early days of LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and Chainalysis, as well as a marketing leader for 50+ clients across tech and web3, I've developed go-to-market methodologies and product marketing frameworks that are proven to build and scale products that reach millions of users.

I've distilled what I know into this course: how to launch anything successfully and ultimately grow products into product-market fit.

Together, we'll dig into product marketing foundations and build up your skillset so you feel confident owning go-to-markets whether you're an established PMM, a new founder, or a curious career-changer. These skills are invaluable no matter what your function.

Questions? Connect with me here:



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Product Marketing Bootcamp

Course syllabus


Product Marketing Foundations


Competitive Analysis, Market Insights, and User Research


Positioning + Messaging Workshop


Marketing Strategy and Launch (Go-to-Market) Planning


Looking Ahead: Preparing for Next Steps

Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Workshop 1: Orientation and Product Marketing Foundations

    5/15 10am PT, 1-hour Live Workshop

    Prepare to set goals and dive in. Orientation is where we get to know one another and learn the ins and outs of this bootcamp so you leave feeling confident in go-to-markets.

  • Workshop 2: Competitive Analysis Reworked

    5/17 10am PT, 1-hour Live Workshop

    Competitor research? SWOT Analysis? Outdated. Get a fresh perspective on how to conduct 'competitor research' and get ready to play! This workshop is a student favorite.

  • Workshop 3: Market and User Research

    5/19 10am PT, 1-hour Live Workshop

    Learn what to ask and how to get the answers you need to create an informed go-to-market strategy. This work is key to finding product-market fit and making sure your launch works.

  • Workshop 4: Positioning and Messaging

    5/22 10am PT, 1-hour Live Workshop

    Become a storytelling master after this workshop. Explore case studies and get real-time practice to refine your messaging.

  • Workshop 5: Marketing Strategy and Launch (Go-To-Market) Planning

    5/24 10am PT, 1-hour Live Workshop

    Everything you've learned goes into this one, critical workshop. Learn how to set OKRs, create a go-to-market strategy, build a go-to-market plan, establish project management, align stakeholders, and execute for success.

  • Workshop 6: Looking Ahead, Demo Day

    5/26 10am PT, 1-hour Live Workshop

    Congrats, you made it! Demo Day is where we share what we've created in this course + look at next steps. Get specific, actionable feedback on your positioning, research plans, GTM strategy, and more. Leave with all your questions answered and 1:1 time to set you up for success.

  • Bonus Trainings


    This program focuses more on doing and less on lecture, so these bonus trainings are here to support your learning journey. They include:

    • Cracking the Code of Product-Market Fit
    • How to Become an Effective Product Marketing Leader
    • ...and more!
  • Open Office Hours (Optional)

    1 hour/week

    Ask questions and get 1:1 support no matter where you're at. If you can't attend office hours, schedule 1:1 time with me ($350/hr value).

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and live feedback sessions

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Product Marketing Bootcamp