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Master LinkedIn

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Get multiple offers by learning how to effectively network on LinkedIn, even as an introvert

Hosted by

Roshni Chellani

Sr. Qualcomm Engineer | Former Ericsson, Intel & Apple | 33,000+ LI followers

Course overview

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Join this 2 week hands-on course that helps you to overcome networking anxiety, educates you on how to approach people and empowers you with hidden LinkedIn techniques to build a powerful personal brand.

This course is for you


If you're a job seeker, professional or student who feels intimidated by Linkedin and wants to learn how to network on Linkedin


If you're tired of rejections and want to have fun building a powerful personal brand to make the recruiters come to you


If you have no industry contacts and would like to learn on how to grow your professional network by building relationships

Topics covered

LinkedIn ninja tips

Build an outstanding LinkedIn profile(SEO based)

Master the skills to talk to recruiters to get a response

Build a strong professional network by leveraging different features of LinkedIn

Job hunt

Formulate an effective job hunt strategy

Develop a focused mindset to get a job without getting stressed

Get over mental roadblocks of networking as an introvert

See what people are saying

        I attended Roshni's session for graduate and incoming students on how to search for jobs on LinkedIn. It was so beneficial for me as I learnt the hidden secrets on how to approach recruiters and managers that I couldn't have known anywhere else. She also busted job hunting myths and gave useful Linkedin strategies that helped me in getting a job!
Smit Shah

Smit Shah

Software engineer @Salesforce
        Had the privilege of attending one amazing webinar by Roshni!! She is a bundle of information. The way the audience connected with her was exemplary. She gave an abundance of information on how to use LinkedIn and apply for jobs. I would recommend everyone to attend her talks and sessions if you have a chance.
Namratha Sathish Chandran

Namratha Sathish Chandran

Data Scientist @ HP
        I have known Roshni since few months. She is a person you would love to talk to and get guidance on interview strategies, career advices, networking etc. Roshni is very committed towards mentoring and guiding job seekers and she gives her best in helping people. Highly recommend her sessions.
Kaivan Gala

Kaivan Gala

Data Scientist @ Walmart
        She is the source of positive energy and motivation. I have attended her session at UTD which was truly fruitful. She is a great communicator and problem solver, always ready to help with her ideas. I am very grateful to her as it was she who calmed me down during my interview process and forced me to be focused and I was able to perform well.
Rupali Kumar

Rupali Kumar

Logic Design @ Intel
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Master LinkedIn

Meet your instructor

Roshni Chellani

Roshni Chellani

I consider myself fortunate enough to have worked at Ericsson, Intel, Apple and now Qualcomm. While technical skillsets are extremely important to knock off the interview, the main game changer is to be able to "fetch" an interview with exceptional marketing skillsets. Networking, being able to influence people, self-sell oneself, building great relationships are the skillsets that have helped me in my journey.

Hence, my vision is to help people in their job pursuits by helping them to be a better version of themselves and via use of Linkedin.

The movement I’d like to bring is that job search is an inside out process. It is a by-product of your attitude to life. Chasing the right attitude will get you the job.

I define my success by the impact I can have in one's life, which is the sole reason I came up with this course.

Feel free to read my recommendations on LinkedIn.

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Course syllabus


How to make a killer LinkedIn profile

Workshop topics:

  • A good profile photo that increases your profile views
  • Write a keyword dense headline to stand above your competitors
  • Write a captivating summary with interactive rich media
  • Write the experience section so that it's easy for recruiter
  • Increase your profile views so that recruiters reach out to you


How to get a response from recruiters

Workshop topics:

  • Ethical way to reach out to someone for the first time
  • Write messages/inmails to get a response from recruiters
  • Educate yourself about your industry and prepare for interviews while building relationships on LinkedIn


Tapping into the power of LinkedIn features

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to apply for jobs using LinkedIn
  • How to find the right keywords to include in your profile
  • How to leverage groups and company pages
  • How to reach out to alumni from school page
  • How to get yourself mentored?
  • How to use profile views to initiate a conversation
  • How to post to get a job


Developing a winners mindset to job hunt

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Get past the mental roadblocks of networking
  • Network fearlessly as an introvert and get over the fear of judgement
  • Think objectively to get a job without feeling anxious or stressed



  • Guest appearances from Industry professionals from United States
  • A session with people who have landed multiple job offers
  • Insider tricks and myth busters to get you the job faster
  • Useful material/resources on job hunt, resume, interview tips etc
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Master LinkedIn

Feel free to watch one of my sessions at University of Texas at Dallas

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course focuses on live workshops and hands-on projects. I will be creating a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable with networking.

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms and an engaged community. This will be fun way of working through worksheets together with a supportive community.

Insights from a hiring manager from tech firm

Get in the brain of how hiring managers think :D

Meet folks from FAANG!

Learn how other folks got job at FAANG

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For any inquiries, please send an email to master.linkedin.course@gmail.com
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Master LinkedIn