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Everything you need to know about podcasting and the future of audio.

4 week Bootcamp: start, sustain, monetize, and maintain your podcast.

Saswat Sahu
Arielle Nissenblatt


Saswat Sahu, Arielle Nissenblatt

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55% (155 million) of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast. In this course, you'll learn how to start, sustain, monetize, and maintain your podcast to build your brand.

And why audio is your next big opportunity.

See what thought leaders are saying

        Saswat is an amazing storyteller and an empathetic listener. He has a strategic viewpoint on the podcasting landscape. Participants will definitely enjoy the mastermind sessions he will curate for Audio Lab.
Dr. Angela Alexander
Dr. Angela Alexander
Doctor of Audiology, Host of Between Two Ears
        The best podcasters are the ones who have a strategy from Day 1. Loved my conversations with Saswat and team.
Andrew Warner
Andrew Warner
Founder - Mixergy, Author of 'Stop Asking Questions'
        Saswat and Arielle were part of my Maven #MVN3 cohort and I love their Audio Lab Course curriculum which is super impressive.
Wes Kao
Wes Kao
Co-Founder, Maven
        Loved my conversations with Saswat & the team. Audio Lab will be an amazing course for upcoming and established podcasters.
Gagan Biyani
Gagan Biyani
CEO, Maven
        Arielle is a trusted community leader in the podcasting space and has been for a long time. She leads with value and connectivity. Anything she posts online is thoughtful and tactical to help us accelerate growing successful podcasts.
Espree Devora
Espree Devora
Host, Women in Tech, We are LA Tech
        Saswat coaches students using the Socratic method. His sessions and masterclasses are value-driven and he brings a global perspective in his podcasts too.
Dr. Claudia Quintanilla
Dr. Claudia Quintanilla
Director of Marketing & Analytics, EGADE Business School

Who is this course for


Thought leaders who want to add a podcast to their media strategy


VCs & Entrepreneurs who are ready to explore a fast-growing and highly flexible medium.


People who are ready to start, sustain, monetize, and maintain their podcasts.

Topics covered

Podcasting 101

Learn the tools, products, equipment, concepts, and frameworks you need in order to start, sustain, monetize, and maintain your podcast.

The Future of Audio

With bigger players entering into the audio space, understand what it means for the future of podcasting, and more importantly, how that affects you.


Creating a well-produced and entertaining podcast is one thing. But now, you have to get it out to the world.

The Industry

We'll dive into how your podcast fits into the larger podcast industry by meeting key players and hearing from stellar speakers.

Meet your instructors

Saswat Sahu
Saswat Sahu

Saswat Sahu is the Host of SaaS it up Podcast, one of the top SaaS podcasts in the world. He comes with a decade-long experience in strategy consulting across multiple geographies. He is a mentor to early-stage podcasters within Spotify - Podcast lab and was an advisor to IGNITE, an Ed-tech platform by Bain. He takes CBCs in EGADE Business School, Mexico, and also at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Saswat is a MassChallenge (US/Israel) & On Deck Alumnus.

Arielle Nissenblatt
Arielle Nissenblatt
Mentor at Audio Lab

Arielle Nissenblatt is the founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective, a podcast recommendation engine. She is the Community Manager at, a remote recording platform. She is one of the founders of the Podcast Taxonomy, an effort to standardize roles and credits in the industry. Arielle is the co-creator of the Outlier Podcast Festival series. She is a graduate of the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies. Arielle hosts Feedback with EarBuds, a weekly podcast recommendation podcast.

Course syllabus


Podcasting 101

Whether you're a new podcaster or you've been in a game a while, an orientation will bring us all up to speed on the best tech, companies, and what you need to get started creating your podcast. We'll share ideas and get to work on building out your first few episodes.


Putting it into action

We're not just talking about it. We're really creating. There will be a live editing session in which you'll watch an experienced engineer share concepts that you can build yourself. In this lesson, you'll also finalize your season 1 plan by working in groups for peer editing and feedback.


Tech and Products

What are the best podcasting products on the market? We'll share our recommendations and give you a range of pricing models. In this class, we'll also present live product demos.


How podcasting fits into audio

Podcasting as a medium fits into a larger wave of the audio boom. Where is audio headed? How can you be at the forefront of this space? We'll share ideas and predictions, and break out into discussions to ideate on how our podcasts will set us up for success in the future.


Podcast Architecture

When you have an early podcast strategy, you can shape your seasons on top of the foundation you have built. We will help you with the podcasting playbook for your upcoming seasons.


Podcasting 202: Marketing

Now that you're ready to launch, you might be wondering: how do I get it out into the world? How do I make sure it's not just my friends & family listening? We'll share marketing and PR tactics.


The future of your show

Most podcasts only last a few episodes before "podfading." We'll discuss how to avoid dropping off through strategic planning and paths to monetization.


Your cohort's connection

Now that you've gone through this course with a group of like-minded creators, let's create a plan for further communication and collaboration.

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Podcasting for Thought Leaders

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Learning is better with cohorts
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