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Cohort-based Course

You hate selling, yet you must sell your ideas, services and courses. Go from Idea to Sale without sacrificing your soul.

Course overview

Build The Five Foundational Mindsets That Take You From Idea to Sale.

You won't find hard-selling tactics, strategies to convince others, or cheap hacks.

That's not you, yet you want

• a steady stream of clients,

• clients who say "yes" more often,

• enjoy doing your work,

• and have a higher income?

Turn your idea into a sale.

Who is this course for


You are a startup founder, your idea is groundbreaking, yet you need to sell the new idea.

You want your funding to scale.


You are a leadership coach with a unique perspective. You work hard to convey your ideas, yet it feels laboured.

You want less effort.


You are planning to create a corporate training program that is "delicious" and impactful.

You need clients.

What you’ll get out of this course

Mindset Shift #1 - Generic Jane

The idea that sales are all about manipulating, convincing, and winning deals is old-fashioned.

You'll learn to get your story right so that what you describe is a unique solution to a particular super-specific problem.

Learn to see sales as problem-solving.

Mindset Shift #2 - The Phantom Zone

If your intention is to sell, you'll soon find out that clients are in their Phantom Zone, resisting all and any conversation.

Reframe your mindset towards helping clients and learn to handle objections

Mindset Shift #3 - Killer Questions

The word "killer" is perhaps cringing at first and turns you off, yet let's be honest: you love to ask those questions that stop people in their tracks.

We'll practice asking questions so you have the questions you need to nudge the conversation forwards.

Master curiosity.

Mindset Shift #4 - "Tina wants to impress."

You are so proud of your product that you'll go deep.

The problem is the audience is already in a deep coma, mainly because you failed to answer their question.

I know, features.

Build your pitch and story to problem-solve because you don't need to impress.

Mindset Shift #5 - "Julian is trying to justify the price."

There are only two leverage points in a sales conversation.

You must demonstrate that you can solve the problem and ask for the right price.

Playing small never results:

• You don't feel recognised,

• There's a disappointment,

• What's the point?

Learn confidence, level 10.

What people are saying

        Francisco is an all-star coach who leads by listening and invites our team to consider new perspectives. Each group session he facilitates is thoughtfully designed and led with curiosity. I especially appreciate our one-on-one coaching sessions because Francisco encourages my strengths and challenges the limiting beliefs that block me from progress
Tamara Barrett

Tamara Barrett

Senior Customer Success Manager
        Francisco is a great coach. He is organized, honest, and straightforward. He positively impacted how I now approach my daily job and achieved that with only three sessions! He helped me understand my limiting beliefs and gave different perspectives on how I could approach work challenges. And last but not least, it was fun!
Maria Gabriella Donato

Maria Gabriella Donato

Design Research
        Francisco is one of these rare people who take the time to listen and help people become the best they can be. His expertise and insight about the importance of learning in business are innovative and assuring, as he approaches learning as a skill, a concept, and a necessary tool for success. He is dedicated to helping people create genuine relatio
Nina Brakel-Schutt

Nina Brakel-Schutt

Brand Strategist
        Francisco is an absolutely brilliant mind with methods that are effective, simple, and most importantly: they last. Just to give you an example - with one "easy" method on how to approach an upcoming difficult meeting, he challenged my whole approach of meetings, their goal setting, and outcomes.
Sue Beck

Sue Beck

Senior Customer Success Manager

Your Course Leader

Francisco Serrano Baptista

Francisco Serrano Baptista

Sales Expert & Enablement Coach

I have taught over 500 corporate leaders, start-up founders, coaches and customer success managers the principles of a Read The Room sales philosophy.

When I first became a coach, my biggest problem was selling my coaching services, so I thought:

• "Everybody needs this!"

• "Let me post on Facebook and LinkedIn."

• "I'll develop the coolest training."

I promptly failed with feelings of failure and not being good enough, and it wasn't because my expertise was terrible.

Of course, I got a coach that urged me to try SEO. Another one told me that my product was confusing but didn't follow up with directions or accountability. I saw (and bought) too much training on ad frameworks and copywriting schemes that promised six figures.

What sort of advice do you need to follow?

So I started following the best salespeople I knew (with an EQ greater than 0). I asked questions. I read the books. Most importantly, I started writing and iterating consistently.

I started seeing patterns. I distilled these patterns into the Read The Room philosophy:

Solve a super specific and non-obvious problem.

Write about my topic consistently to educate and grow the community of like-minded people.

Listen deeply to my clients and be curious about them.

Answer questions like a leader.

Value my worth and name a price confidently because you take yourself seriously.

This approach is what I want to teach you so that you can go from idea to sale and never again need to figure out where that facebook cookie went.

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Digital Storytelling for LinkedIn


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Course syllabus



We go painfully specific in this workshop.

You want clients to line up ("Fill the Funnel"), so you will

• take responsibility and be super specific about who you can help,

• why do you have the expertise to help,

• how the future for your clients will look like when they book you.



The second workshop looks at your selling intentions.

It is easy to slip into an "I need this person to buy now" thinking pattern.

People smell it quickly when you are in "selling mode" versus "problem-solving mode."

We build mental resilience so that you can recover quickly when things go south.


Killer Questions

People will buy from you if they see that you are confident and curious.

We'll develop and practice together a set of questions for your unique point of view:

  1. What is the critical business issue?
  2. Who needs a solution?
  3. What specific capabilities/features are needed.


No Need to Impress

This fourth workshop is all about "not needing to impress."

There is a temptation to show what you, your software, or your coaching program can do. After all, there is pride in what you do.

Yet it needs a timely answer to your prospects' questions and the mental resilience to answer instead of showing off.

We build your customized sales process.


Step into the Confidence To Name Your Price.

Confidence sells.

You know that your services are a good answer to your client.

But there's this thing with the price.

We workshop finding your price and naming the price in front of the client.

You are worth the services you provide, and this last step allows you to feel complete: clients pay you what you are worth.

Course schedule

4-5 hours per week
  • Week 0 - Prework

    You get to check in with your topic and self-diagnose where you need to focus, particularly on the topic of specificity of your idea.

    You experience the onboarding where we match you up with another course attendee that holds you accountable.

  • Week 1 - Tuesday & Thursday

    19:00 - 20:00 CET

    We build the foundation to sell your idea to the right people who need what you have to sell.

  • Week 2 - Tuesday & Thursday

    19:00 - 20:00 CET

    We develop skills to discover what your customer really needs as well as create the proof that your idea solves the problem.

  • AMA

    19:00 - 20:00 CET

    Ask me anything

Learning to sell together

Learning to sell together

Learn to Sell Your Idea

In this course, you take your idea, discover if there is any resonance, and start selling before you build.

With a cohort behind you, you have many peers ready and willing to give you structured feedback.

You get to do things!

Learning to Read The Room means that you get your hands dirty. Every session will have breakouts and harvests where you get to work on your project. We believe in the simple theory and more hands-on implementation.

Have direct access to experience

In the many structured breakouts, popcorn harvests, and office hours you get to learn to apply the theory directly into your daily life.

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Digital Storytelling for LinkedIn


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