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Cohort-based Course

If you are not using AI to manage projects, then your competitors who do will outpace and outperform you.

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Course overview

Gain AI Skills for Faster, Smarter, and More Efficient Project Management

Everybody is talking about AI.

But nobody shows you how to use it for Project Management.

Innovative Project Managers using AI are already advancing their career.


They are more efficient.

Their communication and documentation appear more professional.

They provide more significant insights to their teams and stakeholders.

You want to stay ahead and secure your career?

Don't let the robots take your job.

Instead, master AI to make yourself irreplaceable and become more valuable than your peers.

In this course, I will teach you how to use ChatGPT to handle project management tasks, such as:

-Brainstorming techniques

-Problem-solving strategies

-Identifying key issues

-Prioritizing problems

-Developing alternative solutions

-Crafting recommendations

-Summarizing meetings

-Providing status updates

-Writing SOPs

-Composing professional emails

-Documenting records

-Creating project charters

-Developing project schedules

-Constructing work breakdown structures

-Developing budgets and financial models

-Conducting change impact analysis

-Allocating resources

-Analyzing risks and formulating mitigation strategies

-Identifying the right KPIs

-Building a stakeholder matrix

-Monitoring stakeholder engagement

-Optimizing communication channels

-Aligning stakeholder objectives

-Analyzing potential scope creep

-Conducting scope change analysis

-Developing conflict resolution strategies

-Managing one-on-one feedback sessions

While we will explore many AI solutions, the primary technology we will use is ChatGPT.

This course has 30+ modules to review at your own pace plus 3 Live Demonstration and Q/A sessions. Live sessions are optional, and will be recorded for replay if you cannot make it.

For those interested in an enterprise license for their entire leadership team or company, please contact directly via If you have 7 or more people from your company that want to take the course, I can create a private cohort just for your company at convenient dates/times.

There will be a price increase 3 weeks before the cohort date, so take action now.

Who is this course for


You work on projects and want to use technology to secure your future.


You want to use AI to boost your productivity.


You heard about using AI for projects but don't know where to start.

What you’ll get out of this course

Enhanced Productivity

Learners will acquire skills to streamline daily tasks such as email communication, documentation, and meeting summaries, significantly boosting their overall productivity.

Improved Project Management

By mastering tools for creating project charters, schedules, and breakdown structures, participants will enhance their ability to manage projects efficiently, leading to more successful project outcomes.

Advanced Problem-Solving Capabilities

The course will equip participants with strategies for effective problem-solving, including identifying issues, prioritizing them, and generating creative solutions.

Stronger Stakeholder Relationships

With skills in stakeholder analysis, engagement monitoring, and alignment, attendees will be better prepared to manage stakeholder relationships, ensuring more robust support and smoother project execution.

Risk Mitigation and Conflict Resolution

Participants will learn how to proactively analyze and mitigate risks and develop conflict resolution strategies, fostering a more resilient and adaptive work environment.


  1. Innovative ChatGPT Uses
  2. Expert-Crafted Prompts
  3. Essential Use Cases & Studies
  4. Analysis of non-ChatGPT AI Solutions

This course includes

Interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

48 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

1 project to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

Course syllabus

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  • Week 1

    Jun 17—Jun 21

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Generative AI and Understanding for Project Leaders

    • Problem Solving and Brainstorming using Generative AI

    • Document and Report Creation using Generative AI

    • Crafting Project Management Plans with Generative AI

    • Process Improvement with Generative AI

    • Team Building and Human Dynamics with Generative AI

    • Project Analysis with Generative AI

    • Build a Stakeholder Matrix

    • Using Generative AI to identify the Voice of the Customer

    • Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

    • Enhance Stakeholder Collaboration

    • Using Generative AI to dial in on your leadership style

    • Optimize Communication Strategies

    • Predict Scope Creep

    • Leadership Decision Support

    • Using Generative AI To Facilitate Meetings and Events

    • Scope Change Analysis

    • Conflict Resolution Strategies with Generative AI

    • Stakeholder Alignment on Scope

    • Using The AI Growth System To Scale your Productivity

    • Use Case Examples and Case Studies of using AI for Project Management

    • Using the 21 Step AI Empowerment Matrix and Framework

    • Advanced Generative AI Prompting for Management

    • The Ultimate AI Tool Master List


(29 ratings)

What students are saying

Meet your instructor

Justin Bateh, PhD, PMP

Justin Bateh, PhD, PMP

Author of the #1 Rated AI for Project Management Course with more than 60,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Hi, my name is Justin, and I am a Project Management Thought Leader with a PhD in Operations Management and a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

I have 21+ years of experience in project management roles and coaching managers at Fortune 500 companies.

I have trained over 7,000 managers from companies like Walmart, Verizon, Amazon, Pearson, Box, Nasdaq, Eventbrite, Volkswagon, Net App, UPS, Wiley, Cengage, Medtronic, CSX, USPS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Crowley, Novartis, FedEx, and McKesson.

I am also founder and author of Projects Right - a newsletter that provides ultra-practical tips for project management, AI, and leadership to over 55,000 professionals.

I created this course to help all aspiring and current project management professionals secure their future in a fast-changing environment. 

I am the creator of the first and only Generative AI guide for Project Management.

Throughout my career, I have been leveraging technology to be more efficient and deliver more value to the organizations I worked for.

This helped me access faster promotions than my peers.

With AI for Project Management, I want to help you achieve the same results.

That's why I'm excited to introduce ChatGPT for Project Management, a cutting-edge course designed to help project professionals like you unlock the full potential of AI.

Join me now to secure your future in a fast changing environment and become a pioneer in using AI for Project Management.

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AI For Project Management


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More Reviews

        Very timely content presented in a clear, organized manner. Practical, real-world examples that I'm able to put into use right away. Highly recommend!
Tina M. Hauser, MBA, PMP

Tina M. Hauser, MBA, PMP

Director of Analytics, Operations & Program Management
        Very insightful especially when approached from a case study point of view. The material highlighted how quickly and efficiently AI can sort data.
Eric Miller

Eric Miller

CEO and Founder
        This Class is the most valuable online course I took in the last couple of years. Justin was great at sharing the potential of ChatGPT for project managers and I was able to apply his methodology just hours after completing the session.
Ibrahima Diouf, SCMP

Ibrahima Diouf, SCMP

Manager Integration & Ops Efficiency
        Thank you, Justin! I only started following you yesterday and it already seems your resources are going to dominate my saved list.
Tamaal Rodgers, PMP

Tamaal Rodgers, PMP

Sr. Project Manager, Business Transformation Office
        The amount of content I have in my saved folder from you is great! Thanks for the great resources and content. Loving every bit of it!
Sebastian Luna

Sebastian Luna

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Operator
        Thankful for sharing us such a great & valuable content
Luis Eduardo Moraes 

Luis Eduardo Moraes 

Senior Project & Program Manager
        Smart tips... will work for every PM junior, senior, or accidental. Thank you
Ademola Oladele

Ademola Oladele

Agile Project Manager 
        Thank you for sharing your invaluable wisdom and experience
Ami Jape

Ami Jape

Project Manager

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Learn with a cohort of peers

Study with a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Transformation, not Information

The online world is full of content. Selling information isn't as helpful as it was five years ago. That's why cohort learning is so much more valuable. Instead of information, you get transformation. 

More Reviews

        I really appreciated that this course went beyond the theoretical and walk through specifics of how to use ChatGPT in the course of day to day work.
Jennifer Creager

Jennifer Creager

Manager - PMO
        Justin did a fantastic job of introducing AI, how they are used, its applicability to project management, a short case study plus specific PM examples. Justin made the topic very approachable and also gave resources to all participants. I would highly recommend that if you have an interest in AI in relation to project management then sign up.
Chris Schafer,

Chris Schafer,

Business Development North America
        This was an extremely educational course, easy to read slides, the material was presented to promote clear understanding.
Michael Fiandalo, PhD, MBA, PMP

Michael Fiandalo, PhD, MBA, PMP

Assistant Director of Project Management
        Justin gave practical and actionable takeaways for the current environment.
Kelly A. Hayes, PMP

Kelly A. Hayes, PMP

Agile Coach

Join Peers and Alumni From Companies Like:

Join Peers and Alumni From Companies Like:

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AI For Project Management


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More Reviews

        This is some next-level stuff. This is just what project managers need to stay ahead in this AI-driven world. Can't wait to see all the project risk management breakthroughs that come from this.
Glenn Fellows

Glenn Fellows

Founding Partner / Managing Director
        Not using AI? You will be left behind. Thanks Justin for this fantastic job.
Emmanuel Bello

Emmanuel Bello

Professional Enterprise Manager
        The course was both interesting and the information taught was insightful. He did a wonderful job at answering the many questions I had and providing quick thorough feedback. I highly recommend taking his course if you are interested. 
Shae Arnold, PMP

Shae Arnold, PMP

Project Management Consultant
        Very few people reach Justin’s level of brilliance and professionalism. He is absolutely fantastic to learn from, has a great sense of humor, and provided the critical insight and input necessary for projects.
Shanon Cooper

Shanon Cooper

Business Strategist 
         Justin's session was very insightful. His application of real-world scenarios in time management, budgeting, problem solving, decision-making, risk assessment and mitigation truly stood out. I came away with a heightened appreciation for AI's role in elevating project management capabilities. A big thank you to Justin for such an impactful session
Nitin Chawde PMP

Nitin Chawde PMP

Sr. Advanced Project Engineer
        Despite several months of experience using ChatGPT extensively for professional and personal tasks, I really enjoyed this online course. It is full of new tips and ideas that you can immediately put to work. Thanks to Justin Bateh for the content!
Alessandro Rugge, Ph.D.

Alessandro Rugge, Ph.D.

Senior Technical Project Management, Intel