A Practical Training to Develop a Winning Pricing Strategy

7 Days


Cohort-based Course

Practical guide on value-based pricing methodologies, data sources, analytics and implementation by a pricing consultant

Course overview

Course Description

I have created this training based on my experience of delivering 50+ pricing strategy consulting projects to clients across software, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and automotive sectors. The impacts of these consulting projects range from 15% to 40% increase in revenue.

This course is a very practical training on pricing toolkits - methodologies, sources of data, analytics and implementation -that you can take back to your office and apply. This course is for marketing, sales and finance professionals, business owners and start-up founders who want to leverage the power of value-based pricing for a higher profit. This course is relevant to all the businesses regardless of the sector, business model, size, and the growth stage.

Apart from the basics of pricing, you will master three key things in this course:

1. Different approaches to pricing and how to tailor a pricing approach based on your business

2. Different intelligence, tools and analytics required to effectively develop a value-based pricing strategy (differentiated for B2B and B2C companies)

3. Key success factors to successfully execute a newly developed value-based pricing strategy

Throughout this training you will apply these concepts on real-life cases.

Who is this course for


Pricing managers and aspiring pricing professionals who want to master structured approach to building a winning pricing strategy


Sales, marketing and finance professionals who overlook pricing function


Start-up founders and business owners irrespective of business size, growth stage, sector and business model


Operation managers of Private Equity firms who overlook value creation initiatives of portfolio companies

What you’ll get out of this course

Tailor a pricing approach based on business context

Select the right sources of data to build pricing strategy

Master different value-based pricing tools & analytics

Apply price differentiation to target different customer types

Master the art of pack, price and portfolio optimisation
Learn the differences between B2B pricing and B2C pricing
Learn how to successfully implement a new pricing strategy
Discover the traits & skills of successful a pricing professional

What people are saying about Nihit's course on Pricing Strategy on other platforms

        5 star course, for sure. Highly recommended! After watching the classes I had many insights to immediately implement at work.
Múcio Batista

Múcio Batista

Pricing Manager, Vindi
        Highly recommended pricing course! Very informative. Covers an exhaustive range of pricing methodologies.
Thomas Lange

Thomas Lange

Head of Marketing, Infineon Technologies

Meet your instructor

Nihit Ningthoujam

Nihit Ningthoujam

Nihit founded Pricing Stratz, a consulting firm that specialises in providing pricing and packaging support primarily to software/tech (B2B & B2C), consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and automotive players.

With a focus on the Design-to-Value approach, Nihit leverages the entire range of pricing tools, including machine learning, economic value calculations and survey-based tools like conjoint analysis to derive pragmatic value-based pricing strategies that deliver predictable impacts on volume, sales, and/or margin.

He has supported over 30 businesses across the US, Canada, UK, and France, resulting in impacts ranging from 15% to 40% increases in revenue.

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A Practical Training to Develop a Winning Pricing Strategy


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Course syllabus




Why pricing is important?


What are the different approaches to pricing?


What is the most powerful pricing approach?


What are the different sources of data/information available to develop a pricing strategy?


What are the different tools available to develop a pricing strategy?

  • Basic analytics
  • Advanced analytics (AI/ML)
  • Value matrix
  • Economic value estimation
  • Value chain analysis
  • Semi-quantitative expert judgement
  • Experiments, A/B test
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Gabor Granger
  • Van Westendorp PSM


How can we conduct price-product differentiation to target different customer types simultaneously?


What are the key success factors for a successful implementation of a newly developed pricing strategy?


What are the key differences between B2B pricing and B2C pricing?


Conclusion and practical tips including traits required to be a successful pricing professional

Course schedule

3 sessions of 2 hours
  • Two live training sessions

    9:00am - 11:00am EST on Sep 11 & Sep 13

    We'll meet for two live training sessions (two hours per session).

  • Offline project

    2 to 4 hours

    You will be assigned a real-life pricing project to apply the pricing concepts learnt during the live training sessions. Feedback will be given by email.

  • Review of offline project

    9:00am - 11:00am EST on Sep 1

    We will review the solutions/recommendations of the real-life pricing assignment

Free resource

Free webinar: Mastering B2B SaaS Pricing in a Dynamic Market

During this informative one-hour webinar, you’ll discover how to:

1. Optimize your pricing by leveraging cutting-edge tools like AI and Neuropricing

2. Understand the impact of inflation & macroeconomic environment, competition & the market, product & customer characteristics on your sales performance and pricing

3. Incorporate historical and prospective data to make informed pricing decisions

4. Validate pricing decisions to ensure maximum profitability

5. Stay ahead of the competition with advanced pricing methods

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Learning is better with cohorts

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A Practical Training to Develop a Winning Pricing Strategy


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