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Mastering Tense Conversations For Senior Tech Leaders

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Save expensive cycles with a firm but empathetic conversational mindset. Drive results even in high-stake situations.

Hosted by

Mounica Veggalam

Leadership Coach | 100+ hrs coaching tech leaders on challenging conversations

Course overview

A practical high-integrity method to accelerate your career.

As a smart and caring leader, you might face 2 problems in your conversations:

🛑 Abrasive posturing: Pushing too hard

🛑 Empathetic collapsing: Letting them take over

Learning communication strategies and reading about executive presence may not help you shift the underlying cause-- your defense mechanisms that enable this.

The secret is in the conversation framing methods executive coaches use for behavior change.

Speak with executive-level confidence in every conversation so you can...

✔️ Make quick decisions by getting to the meat of the matter.

✔️ Never have people come to you after a failure and say, "I had a feeling about that."

✔️ Develop the mental resilience to speak on point despite your impostor syndrome.

✔️ Feel energized even after a full day of back-to-back alignment meetings.

(even if you're an introvert).

In this course, we'll create your personal methodology for creating safe spaces and result-driven conversations. You'll work with your mental blocks by practicing conversations in real time.

This is Radical Candor 201.

This course is for you, if...


You're an experienced manager in a tech company driving alignment conversations daily.


You silently shiver or avoid the next difficult conversation that could enhance your leadership position.


You want to challenge and influence in a way that feels good without using backdoor politics or pushing hard.

Manage up, down, and across with conversation frameworks employed by executive coaches.

Create your leadership manifesto that has you take a powerful stand

You'll create your set of leadership principles that act as a compass for all conversations. This will help you hold your team to high standards and avoid you push too hard or collapse with empathy.

Inspire support in daily conversations to manage up and across

You'll deconstruct the mechanics of an impactful conversation that inspires commitment and support, whether in 1:1 or group meetings. You'll practice with a partner using my commitment container framework.

Learn the psychology of handling pushback and criticism with grace

You’ll distinguish the core mental narrative that keeps you from responding objectively to your stakeholders, reports, and bosses. You’ll leave with inquiry methods to remove the emotional burden and help you reframe your mindset to data.

Understand the mechanics of building trust so you can detect and move past resistance

You'll reframe building trust and understand the psychology of resistance. You'll practice how to make people feel heard, seen and acknowledged, even if you disagree with them.

Get intentional about your conversation behaviors with Live Feedback & Coaching

You'll get nuanced feedback so you can bring awareness to the automatic behaviors you tend to use. You'll also get live coaching to start creating a change.

A network of peers who facilitate new insights

You'll work with a partner to role-play conversations and keep you accountable. With consistent group work, you'll uncover your blind spots and bring different learning angles to the frameworks.

What people are saying about Mounica:

        Having uncomfortable conversations became easier through her process. I have grown really confident in speaking about what I want and what I am not willing to compromise on.
Janani Vasudevan

Janani Vasudevan

Director of Engineering, Twilio
        I got the role I wanted. Apart from that, the work I did with Mounica helped me understand my fears and build the ability to lean into them. I started leaning deeply into my fears.
Reetch Reddy

Reetch Reddy

Principal PM Manager, Microsoft
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Go beyond just tactical skills.

Rewire your candid communication mindset to scale your leadership impact.

Meet your instructor

Mounica Veggalam

Mounica Veggalam

Hey, I'm Mounica. I'm a former introverted engineer turned leadership coach and advisor. I help ambitious, people-first tech managers land senior leadership positions.

I spent more than 100 hours coaching people on transforming these patterns. My clients landed functions and situations that they thought were a stretch-- Executive Director, Doubling the team they lead, and Better work/life balance.

One conversation at a time.

I trained rigorously in ICF-approved transformational techniques. I'm also a long-time student of eastern spiritual traditions that dig into the nature of the mind. Using these breakthrough methodologies, I've been helping leaders for the past 2 years to cause a deep transformational change in their survival patterns.

Why I started this course:

I'm passionate about the power of conversations for career growth.

I remember the time when I coached a manager for a job interview. They had been leading people for more than 15 years. They were brilliant, had the credentials, and knew all the right communication strategies.

"But Mounica, I don't want to come across as too pushy," they said. So we dug in and role-played.

2 weeks later, they told me they got that executive job.

That's when I knew I was onto something.

So now, I help experience leaders, who put their people first, to advance in their careers by mastering the art of leadership conversations.

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Mastering Tense Conversations For Senior Tech Leaders


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Here's what we'll cover:


How to create your Leadership Manifesto

Pushing or collapsing happens when you are not clear on the foundation of your leadership. In this lesson, you'll draw out your own set of leadership principles that will serve as the compass for all your conversations.


Digging into your psychology

Though you're brilliant and have answers most times, what has you tongue-tied in certain situations? We'll dig into the core mental narratives to cause a mindset shift in the way you think about your presence.


Building strong conversation containers

You'll learn and practice the container framework executive coaches use to cause behavior change and drive commitment.


Making people feel seen and heard

The ability to create psychologically safe spaces that has people open up and trust you is a game-changer in leadership. In this lesson, we'll understand how to handle pushback even when you disagree.


Live practice and Coaching Sessions (x2)

It's one thing to learn about frameworks but completely another level to put into practice in-the-moment. You'll learn actively with role-play, live critique, and feedback from your peers and me. We'll address some nuances personalized to your situation. This module is based on some of the best leadership trainings in the industry.

Course schedule

4 hours per week
  • Wednesdays & Fridays

    10:00am - 11:30am PST/1:00pm- 2:30pm EST

    Plus, it's highly recommended to start using the frameworks you learn in your daily conversations.

  • March 15, 17, 22, 24

    2 weeks, 2x week, x90 minutes

    2 weeks to practice, dive into your mental blocks and get feedback.

  • Weekly projects

    1 hour per week

    Projects will include connecting with a partner for practice conversations and reflections.

  • Live Community

    Always on

    Get feedback and answers from the community and me in-between sessions in your Maven student hub.

We don't just learn. We practice the art of leadership conversations.

We don't just learn. We practice the art of leadership conversations.

Active hands-on learning

In this course, we do a little bit of a lecture, but a lot of learning by role-playing and exercises.

Interactive and project-based

You'll be practising conversations and figuring out your leadership approach. You'll leave transformed in the way you think about conversations and receive feedback.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded tech leaders who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Mastering Tense Conversations For Senior Tech Leaders


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