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Become More Than Your Job Title

Change your work identity and career value forever with the person who coined the term "Hybrid Professional"

Dr. Sarabeth Berk


Dr. Sarabeth Berk

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Don't niche down!

If you wear a lot of hats, it's time to define who you are at the intersection of your work identities.

Become more confident and effective at attracting the right career opportunities and showing your true value.

See what people are saying

        The results have been pretty magical. I felt like an alien the first time I called myself a Conscious Evolutionary Designer. Then I met a woman who it deeply resonated with, kismet! Now, when I get asked what I do for work, people's ears perk up, they ask me to repeat myself because they want to know more. It's working!
Conscious Evolutionary Designer
        Beyond the job search, I find that unearthing my identities has helped with my self-awareness. It makes me want to understand my unique gifts better rather than taking them for granted. I really love how Sarabeth uses the Venn diagram to find identity, and how she provided great examples of questions to ask to be more concise.
Instructional Designer, Researcher
        This method is helping me rebrand as I dive back into consulting. I've found that branding myself as a hybrid professional was soooo helpful for a recent interview process, and I landed the gig!
Storyteller, Strategist, Designer
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Become More Than Your Job Title

Watch what's in store for you!

This course is for you if...


You're undergoing a career transition


You struggle to belong and can't express your unique value prop


You constantly say "I wear a lot of hats" or "I'm a jack-of-all-trades"


You're not being seen for your full value. You feel like a misfit.

By the end, here's what you'll know...

Your core professional identities

If you don't know your professional identity, we'll validate this to determine your core identities.

The unique value in your intersections

Who are you at the intersection of your multiple professional identities? This is a tough question, and it's key to revealing who you really are!

What to call your hybrid professional identity

Instead of wrestling with being either this or that, you'll find the perfect way to describe WHO you are and WHY you do what you do in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

How to claim your hybrid expertise

To attract your dream career path, you must realize you are the expert of your hybridity. Work is about more than transferrable skills, it's about telling the story of what makes you YOU.

Look at everything that's included!

Look at everything that's included!
Access to two online courses

You'll get all the videos and activities that inside of Sarabeth's online courses: Professional Identity Decoded and Brand Your Hybrid Identity

One-of-a-kind tools and activities

There are many custom resources like the Identity Gold Mine, DIVINE framework, Professional Identity Math and First, Best, Only prompts.

Copies of the Book and Workbook

Author signed paperback copy of the book More Than My Title and an 80 page PDF workbook

Weekly Guidance

There are live sessions with Sarabeth once a week (all recorded) as well as a private virtual community to keep interacting with the group

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Become More Than Your Job Title

Meet your instructor

Dr. Sarabeth Berk
Dr. Sarabeth Berk

I've been in your shoes.

My career was stalled. I didn’t feel seen, I was undervalued, and I thought I was a misfit.

I didn’t realize I was undergoing a professional identity crisis.

So, I started studying professional identity through formal research to restart my career and understand who I was.

Through this process, I discovered the secret to being seen for my full talent and realized I was actually a hybrid professional!

I even wrote a book called "More Than My Title: The Power of Hybrid Professionals in a Workforce of Experts and Generalists"

Since then, I've landed three different hybrid jobs that perfectly fit my hybrid identity, and it has completely changed my outlook on my career path and what I do for work.

Learn more about me at

Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Orientation- May 2
    1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

    We begin with an optional orientation session.

  • Tuesdays- Live Group Sessions (May 3, 10, 17, 24)
    1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

    We meet weekly for 1.5 hour live sessions. (Total of 4 sessions)

  • Office Hours w/ Dr. Sarabeth Berk
    1 hour

    This is usually scheduled between the 3rd and 4th live session for additional support.

  • Individual Work
    As much time as you need

    There are activities and assignments each week that follow the on-demand videos and workbook.

Course syllabus


Let the Decoding Begin

We'll start with your current work identity and use a validation framework to explore all of your professional identities.

  • The goal is to get clear on your core identities that make you YOU in your work.


Investigate Your Intersections

This is the messiest, most fun, and truly mind boggling step. We'll dig into your Venn diagram and notice what you’re really doing in your intersections. There will be guided visualizations and storytelling exercises.

  • The goal is identify three work memories of you in your hybridity.


Hybridize with Professional Identity Math

Apply math formulas to your professional identities and play with keywords to create a hybrid title. Use the DIVINE framework to nail an effective brand for yourself.

  • The goal is to mine your identity keyword bank and brainstorm a list of possible hybrid titles


Define Your Unique Value and Put Your Hybridity Into Action

See how the definition of your hybrid title becomes your personal brand and unique value. Practice using your hybrid title for professional purposes.

  • The goal is to have a hybrid title you feel confident using and gain tips on how, when, and where to use your hybrid identity in real life

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Become More Than Your Job Title