Building B2B Marketing for Founders & Business Leaders

4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Marketing starts before you hire your first marketer. Learn how to build your initial marketing strategy & hire marketers.

Course overview

Build a high-impact marketing strategy and team

The best products and founders don’t always win. You need to win at marketing to succeed. But most founders and early business generalists, don’t have a marketing background, don’t know where to start, or how to hire and manage marketers. This course can fix that.

Learn everything you need to build a marketing strategy, hire your first marketer, start creating content, and choose the right channels, in 4 weeks.

This cohort-based course is limited to 15 students and includes teaching, peer feedback & discussion, feedback from Kathleen, Q&A, templates & resources, and a Slack group.

For Early & Growth Stage B2B Founders


Technical founders building out or optimizing their initial marketing strategy.


Business founders adapting to the economy, budget constraints, and learning GTM as they go.


Business leaders who are running marketing in the interim and making the first hires.

Why take this course?

Gain confidence managing & planning across all of marketing
  • Get a crash course in setting a strategy that works for your audience, market, and product
  • Learn who to hire as a first marketer-—and how to scale your team across all marketing sub-functions in the future
Create an actionable marketing strategy, plan & OKRs
  • Understand how to plan & set goals that help you build your brand and drive growth throughout the funnel
  • Write brand perceptions & positioning to better tell your story—and get feedback
  • Learn how to map your funnel and choose the right growth levers
New frameworks for planning, prioritizing & executing
  • We'll bring the frameworks, concepts, and examples in MKT1 Newsletter to life
  • How to use MKT1s Fuel-Engine framework to build a more efficient marketing machine
  • Master MKT1's Goals-Audience-Creative-Channel (GACC) framework for aligning your team and company
A network of peers to help you become a founder who excels at marketing
  • Uncover blindspots so you can learn and improve your skillset
  • Meet founders at B2B early & growth stage startups who are struggling with the same GTM challenges
  • Get peer feedback

What people are saying

        "MKT1 has been one of the most value-add investors because of their expertise on all things go-to-market and the ability to jump in and give strategic AND technical advice."
Alexa Grabell

Alexa Grabell

Co-Founder & CEO, Pocus
        Kathleen & Emily [of MKT1] are seasoned experts, having led marketing at some of the most varied & iconic companies in marketing, across multiple stages of growth. Their advice is always candid and actionable–and exceptionally hands on.
Lisa Wallace

Lisa Wallace

Co-Founder at Assemble
        MKT1 has been invaluable for building our marketing strategy at Stable. They've brought great expertise to help us move faster.
Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad

Co-Founder & CEO at Stable
        Working with MKT1 was one of the best growth-hacks for our early-stage company.
Ashley Kemper

Ashley Kemper

VP of Marketing
        Building B2B Marketing does a fantastic job at opening your eyes to the scope of what it means to build and lead B2B Marketing Strategy.
Liam MacCormick

Liam MacCormick

Head of Growth
        Absolutely fantastic learning experience! Can't recommend it highly enough. 
Brian Aoyoma

Brian Aoyoma

VP Marketing & Strategy, Learn to Win
        Was truly the most practical and useful course I feel like I've taken in years (or ever). 
Eva Tang

Eva Tang

Marketing Leader at Practice

Meet your instructor

Kathleen Estreich

Kathleen Estreich

Co-founder @ MKT1 Capital & Ex Marketing & Ops leader at Scalyr, Intercom, Box

Hey, I'm Kathleen. I've worked with 100s of founders on marketing strategy. I'm a former marketing and operations leader turned Co-Founder & GP at MKT1 Capital. We help early and growth-stage B2B startups build marketing teams, set a high-impact GTM strategy, and hire marketers.

Prior to starting MKT1, I spent 15 years at high growth startups. Most recently I led Marketing & Operations at Scalyr (acquired by SentinelOne) where I helped grow the business and team from seed stage to Series A, owning marketing, recruiting, finance, HR and business operations. Prior to that I was on the leadership team at Intercom where I helped the company scale from ~100 employees to over 270. I ran the Platform Business team at Box, where I oversaw platform marketing, programs, and partnership, and started and ran the Box Developer Conference. I started my career at Facebook, where I worked in various marketing roles in my six years there, including roles in corporate communications, platform marketing, and engineering marketing, as the company grew from 15 million to more than a billion users.

Why I started this course

Most founders don't come from a marketing background, but getting marketing right can change the trajectory of your startup. I started this course to give you the tools, templates, frameworks, and confidence to build marketing right, from the start.

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Building B2B Marketing for Founders & Business Leaders


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Course schedule

3-5 hours per week
  • 4 Weekly Workshops on Wednesdays

    10:00 am - 12:00 pm PT

    • Presentation with Kathleen
    • Breakout groups to discuss topics & for peer reviews
    • Q&A and group discussion
  • 3 Bonus Sessions (optional)

    Fridays at 10 AM PT

    Bonus sessions:

    • AMAs with Kathleen & Emily Kramer (Co-Founder MKT1)
    • Peer networking sessions
  • Throughout the course

    1-2 hours per week

    • Slack conversations with Kathleen and peers in your cohort, including direct feedback from Kathleen
    • Each session will have pre-reads, including MKT1 newsletters & slides
    • By the end of the course you'll have the foundation of an improved marketing strategy

Course Syllabus


Marketing strategy drivers

To build a successful marketing function you need to build the right foundation, produce great “fuel”, and craft a well-running “engine” for your specific audience. This session will make sure you have the basics in place so you can can move fast on executing.


Hiring, org chart, goal setting

Hiring, managing, and planning in marketing is more like product than sales. You'll get a better understanding of various marketing sub-functions and profiles.

You'll also learn how to set goals that help you grow in the short-and long-term and how to hire part-time and full-time marketers to help you achieve these goals.


Positioning, Story, Content Strategy

If you don't know your story, you won't be able to product content that resonates with your audience. You'll write basic positioning and learn what content is best suited to your business.

We'll also do a bonus session for website feedback from your peers.


Growth levers, funnel mapping, and metrics

You'll learn how to choose channels, distribute content, and map your funnel to improve efficiency across your GTM org. Plus, we'll discuss how to build a culture that aligns marketing and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Building B2B Marketing for Founders & Business Leaders


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