Communicate Like A Boss

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Master effective communication at work. Learn the secrets of great communicators, overcome imposter syndrome & lead like a boss.

Course overview

Don't let poor communication skills hold you back. Uplevel your comms now.

Show me a great leader who isn't a great communicator. It's an essential business skill. In just three weeks with me, you will:

✅ Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome through intentional use of language (& body language)

🗣️Grasp the art of engaging with senior stakeholders in a persuasive and credible way

💡Develop your authentic & credible leadership voice to supercharge your career development

Who is this course for


Aspiring and new leaders who need to make an impact and want to improve their executive presence.


Professional women who may struggle to overcome limiting stereotypes in the workplace about how they communicate.


Corporate communications professionals who want to uplevel their own communications style and leadership presence.

What you’ll get out of this course

Practical, hands-on learning that makes a difference at work
  • Go at your own pace with hands on learning that you can implement in the real world
Improved confidence in your communication style
  • Learn from the experts and use your own insight to develop an authentic leadership voice.
Essential advice for overcoming imposter syndrome through effective communication
  • Identify the common phrases and communication styles that all leaders use to overcome imposter syndrome
Learn how to nurture stakeholder relationships
  • Learn the value of investing in stakeholder relationships at work and how effective communication creates meaningful connection

Course syllabus

2 live sessions • 10 modules • 13 lessons • 4 projects
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  • Post-Course


    • Beat imposter syndrome and develop an effective, authentic communication style

    • How to communicate with stakeholders at work

    • Develop your own authentic leadership voice.

    • Bonus module: how listening can transform your communication skills

Free resource

5 phrases to transform your communication

Do you struggle with communicating effectively at work? Banish these unhelpful phrases and unlock your impact in the workplace.

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Communicate Like A Boss


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Meet your instructor

Louise Caroline Thompson

Louise Caroline Thompson

Award-winning Director of Corporate Communications and Leadership Coach for the Communications sector

"Communication is the sister of leadership."

It's a fact that when you communicate better, you lead better. But it takes intentional action and ongoing practice. Just like any other skill.

With a twenty year corporate communications career behind me, I understand the unique challenges aspiring and new leaders face when it comes to communicating effectively and building executive presence.

I help you communicate with impact to ensure your voice is heard and you take your seat at the table.

I've worked at board level within the public and private sector, and have extensive experience in the UK and US, often managing global teams. So I'm highly aware of the importance of effective communication in order to lead well.

I found my authentic voice as a leader and I want to help you feel the same way too.

Let me share my insights and expert advice with you and let's take our seat as leaders!

Why I started this course

When I was starting out in leadership, I wish I'd had the benefit of a coach to support my development and help me improve my executive presence.

I've now taken what I've learned over the years and now teach as a leadership coach and designed this course to support your authentic communication style.

Course schedule

4 hours a week
  • Live sessions: Tuesday, 14th Nov and Tuesday 5th Dec

    7:00pm GMT

    Join me for a live session where I answer any of your questions about becoming an effective communicator at work. This is a bonus live session to capture any challenges you may be facing and to role-play if you need to in a supportive group setting.

  • Self-paced lessons

    2 hours per week

    Each week, you'll receive two pre-recorded video lessons from me. You'll be asked to watch these videos and then use the worksheet I'll provide to capture your thoughts and work through the exercises.

  • Put your learning into action (and log your reflections and feedback)

    1-2 hours per week

    Following each module, put what you've learnt into action at work, then use the reflective log I'll provide to feed back on how it went, how it felt and what difference it has made. This is a proven way to embed your learning and help you get the most out of your course.

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Communicate Like A Boss


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