Customer Marketing For Growth-Stage Leaders

9 Days


Cohort-based Course

Transform Your Marketing Strategy For Sustainable Growth: Harness Customer Engagement, Secure Buy-In, Foster A Thriving Community.

Course overview

Transform your marketing org into one that puts customers first, driving growth.

Customer Marketers play a pivotal role in building and nurturing essential company connections that drive impact. Especially in growth-stage companies, they wear multiple hats, from cultivating relationships with highly engaged clients and fostering vibrant communities to creating content for ongoing campaigns, aiding in securing customers for company needs, and providing crucial support to the sales team through high-end references. All of this is done while maintaining a long-term, strategic perspective.

Balancing these demands is a complex task. Customer Marketers are constantly innovating, creating programs to engage customers, launching campaigns that shape brand perception, influence product development, and open doors to new business opportunities. In addition, they navigate intricate relationships and collaborate across various functions within the organization.

I specialize in fostering communities and cultivating customer relationships that drive sustainable growth, particularly in early-stage startups and growing tech companies. My track record includes being the first customer marketing hire at Anaplan, where I led the community launch and successful rebrand, contributing to the company's IPO. Most recently, I built the advocacy team at Asana, where I established an Executive Engagement strategy, launched the first Customer Advisory Board, and played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth and IPO readiness. My strategies have helped companies, including Asana, generate millions in annual revenue, as recognized by Forbes, earning me a spot on the Forbes 30under30 list for my customer-centric approach.

Over the course of my career, I've coached numerous founders and customer-focused professionals, aiding companies in achieving valuations of over $1 billion, scaling from under 50 employees to over 1,000.

In this cohort-based course, I'll provide you with the playbook for customer-led growth, equipping you with the methods to drive revenue, cultivate enduring customer relationships, and nurture a community that profoundly impacts your marketing efforts.

You'll gain leadership skills in just two weeks through a combination of self-paced course content, live feedback and discussions, Q&A sessions, and ready-to-use customer-led growth templates and resources. Join us on this transformative journey to unlock your marketing potential.

Who is this course for


Mid-to senior-level customer marketing ICs ready to find your path to leadership and uplevel your orgs marketing function.


Marketing or CS leaders at early & growth-stage startups

building out/optimizing your customer-first strategy alongside founders & C-suite


Founders & experienced marketing leaders seeking to drive growth and impact through their customer base

What you’ll get out of this course

5+ real-life templates for elevating your customer marketing program to a world-class level, which you can start implementing immediately.

You'll get free access to my paid and unreleased CLG templates, created from the frameworks I've developed over 10+ years of operating customer marketing at growing tech companies like Asana, Talkdesk, Anaplan, and Adobe—plus my in-depth voiceover & context on how leverage them.

Create the buy-in & alignment you need to build a thriving customer community that drives growth

Apply actionable customer-led growth strategies at all stages of growth, yielding results you can use. Navigate conversations with senior leadership so they invest in customer marketing programs, keeping the customer front and center throughout organizational shifts & planning.

Build award-winning, recognizable customer programs and campaigns that will drive customer loyalty and influence revenue —preventing churn.

Analyze and level up your team's abilities in developing and executing global, customer-led growth campaigns that involve all key marketing sub-functions: PMM, content & brand, and growth marketing—with or without agency support.

How to measure success and optimize strategies

You will learn how to implement effective CLG marketing strategies across multiple channels. Understand what tools to use to give you the best reporting and results. You will also learn to analyze metrics and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Confidence in launching—and piloting—critical executive customer programs

Master tactical leadership for major company milestones: 1st CAB launch, strategic pivots, fundraising, rebranding, audience changes. Customer influence and feedback are critical resources companies need to scale, and your programs will help provide the necessary information.

Course syllabus

7 modules • 7 lessons
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    • 🔓 Bonus: Access my customer gifting vendor roster

What people are saying

        Kalina has been a phenomenal advisor to us and to me personally in activating our customer base in our early efforts to build a community. Her insights were instrumental to us launching our customer advisory board and using a data-driven approach to deepening our engagement with our users and customers.
Amit Bhatia

Amit Bhatia

Co-founder of Datapeople
        Having had the chance to work with her in a couple of 1:1 sessions, her innovative perspective challenged us to rethink our community strategy, and her hands-on guidance felt like an integral partnership rather than a consultation. Kalina's passion and insightful direction not only improved our community program but also reshaped our mindset.
Joe Teo

Joe Teo

CEO & Co-Founder at Hey Orca
        Kalina worked with Asana's CRO to establish the Executive Engagement strategy for Asana’s strategic and enterprise businesses, launching Asana’s first Customer Advisory Board and roundtable series. Kalina is a big-picture thinker, storyteller, & connector with vision and creativity. Executive teams continue to benefit from Kalina’s approach.
Kayla Vatalaro

Kayla Vatalaro

Global Head of Social Impact, Asana
        Her guidance has played an instrumental role in the launch of Datapeople’s inaugural customer advisory. Throughout our collaboration, Kalina has focused our team on actionable strategies that proved successful. Kalina brings a wealth of expertise. Her unique ability to bridge the gap between theory and execution sets her apart as a trusted advisor.
Janna Biagio

Janna Biagio

VP of Customer Success @ Datapeople
        She helped me build confidence, chart a career path, and present my unique set of skills to potential employers. I was impressed with Kalina’s ability to take my thoughts, turn them into insights, and help me find a path forward. The result was a new role any professional looking for a coach will will see massive ROI working with Kalina
Stephanie Graham

Stephanie Graham

Program Manager, Scaled Customer Success at Udemy
        Kalina was an incredible resource during the planning, launch, and execution of Prepared's inaugural Customer Advisory Board. She is full of great ideas but goes beyond brainstorming and assists with actual execution. Kalina provided helpful templates and examples. Working with Kalina was a great experience and she was instrumental in launching CAB
Madeline  Mariuzza

Madeline Mariuzza

Head of GTM at Prepared 911
        Kalina was transformational in my career journey. Kalina helped me build confidence, realize my value, ask for what I deserve, and present my unique skills. She was such a positive influence in helping me to identify a new career direction, write my resume and profile, and engage with potential employers.
Courtney Fagan

Courtney Fagan

Customer Campaign Manager at Procore Technologies 
        It was a great pleasure to have Kalina Bryant conduct a workshop with my Customer Success MBA students at the University of San Francisco. Kalina's background includes significant experience in customer-facing roles at rapidly growing technology firms, and she was really effective in providing insights about different roles, company types, and sear
Vijay Mehrotra 

Vijay Mehrotra 

Professor, Business Analytics and Information Systems, University of San Francisco

Meet your instructor

Kalina Bryant

Kalina Bryant

Former Head of Customer Advocacy at Asana, Director of Customer Marketing at Talkdesk & Signifyd, Customer Marketing Lead at Anaplan & Adobe

Kalina, who previously held the position of Global Head of Customer Advocacy at Asana and served as Director of Customer Advocacy at Signifyd and Talkdesk, as well as Customer Marketing Lead at Anaplan and Sales Development Lead at Marketo (Adobe), possesses a wealth of expertise spanning over a decade. Her extensive experience encompasses renowned B2B and B2C tech brands, and she provides valuable guidance to numerous early-stage startups.

Kalina's customer-oriented initiatives have yielded millions in revenue, earning her recognition in Forbes' prestigious "30 Under 30" list. Her innovative programs have garnered attention in prominent publications such as Businesswire, First Round Review, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Blavity, the Success League, and the Drum.

Furthermore, Kalina assumes the role of marketing advisor to numerous tech startups and an expert in residence at a leading venture capital firm, First Round, where she offers strategic counsel to nascent startups in the realms of customer marketing, community building, and advocacy development. Her extensive knowledge is also documented in a comprehensive customer advocacy playbook featured on the First Round Review platform.

"Successful marketing organizations, in today's dynamic landscape, must navigate complexity while prioritizing customer value and delivering exceptional service. Companies that excel in customer marketing consistently prosper and expand. Business success hinges on active customer engagement, and possessing a well-crafted customer-centric growth strategy is the key to fostering sustainable growth."

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Customer Marketing For Growth-Stage Leaders


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Course Schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Self-paced lessons

    2-3 hours per week

    3 modules per week, plus bonus content, with lessons walking you through the major aspects of building brand alignment, insights, and strategy. Each module includes recorded lessons and Notion templates with video instructions for getting the most from them

  • Playbook development & projects

    1-2 hours per week

    Each module will pair with a practical, bite-sized project to help develop your playbook, bring the course content to life, and provide opportunities for live feedback and discussion.

  • Office hours

    2 hours per week

    Each week, join Kalina and the rest of the cohort for a 90-minute live call for real-time feedback, Q&A, and a deeper dive into that week's topics. Kalina will also respond to questions and provide feedback throughout the cohort async.

Free resource

Download my Executive Engagement Strategy Program Glossary Template for free ($10 off)

I love this Layout—I wish I'd had something like this when I was earlier in my career as a customer marketer! I still reference these frameworks on a regular basis. When you need to pitch an idea, a strategy, or a goal on why customer marketing is valuable, use this simple but effective glossary, easy to pop into any customer marketing launch doc, campaign brief, or other project where you need to get a point across.

Get this free resource

A live inclusive learning experience designed to give your results!

A live inclusive learning experience designed to give your results!

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

You will get to know and interact with an exceptional cohort of your peers in Slack, on Zoom chat, and in breakout groups. Many students have said that this is one of the best parts of taking the course.

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Customer Marketing For Growth-Stage Leaders


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