The Art of Gen Z Engagement

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

They don't want kombucha. They don't want ping-pong. So how do you train, retain, and win with Gen Z employees?

Course overview

Don't manage your Gen Z team the way you were managed. Tell a different story.

The world has changed, and so has work.

Twenty-somethings today don’t just want a paycheck. They want transformation, purpose, and meaning. They want their work to matter, not to matter at work.

Lucky for you: you can give them that – easily.

With the team-building techniques outlined in this course, you'll enhance your relationship with younger employees, refine the processes you use to connect with them, and master the art of helping them succeed – so your company wins.

You'll leave not only with "ideas in mind," but hours of practice under your belt and a community of peers to practice with.

Who is this course for


Upper managers coaching middle managers on engaging & retaining younger employees.


Gen X & Millennial managers who want to unlock performance & prowess in their twenty-something teams.


Aspiring managers who want to know how to build & nurture younger talent for when they get a chance to lead.

What you’ll get out of this course

An easy, applicable framework for the what and why behind the way Gen Z work

There is no mystery behind what makes younger workers tick; this course will lay it out in black and white so all that guesswork will go the way of Facebook.

Tools, protocols, and resources you can use tomorrow with your Gen Z team

A binder full of smart ideas and simple-to-use activities takes the guesswork out of "managing" and makes it as simple as doing a TikTok dance (jk, way simpler).

Hours of live practice telling your "work story" and coaching others to tell theirs

You won't be watching PPTs or taking notes – you'll get your hands dirty with live exercises so you leave ready to apply each new skill to your real team tomorrow.

Access to a community of peer managers facing similar challenges and overcoming them every day

Why learn in a cohort? Because #community, ofc. Learn live and alongside other dynamic leaders so you can pressure test and refine your learnings as you go.

From tech to consulting, retail to K-12. Proven tools for managing young teams:

        Joey’s understanding of Gen Z is unparalleled & his strategies for effectively managing & engaging them have been extremely valuable for me. I've implemented many of his techniques and seen HUGE improvement in my relationships to my young employees. Joey's approach is practical, effective & easy to understand. Highly recommended!
Tamara Luna

Tamara Luna

Manager - Ethics & Compliance, PwC
        For years, I admired Joey's uncanny ability to mentor, coach, and connect with younger workers – until I realized it wasn't magic: he was just asking the right questions the right way to engage and invest the right people. I'm so excited that such wisdom is now in course form! Don't skip this if you work with/coach/manage young workers!
Katie Krackhardt

Katie Krackhardt

Principal & Co-Founder, Battleborn Academy
        As a millennial leading a team of Gen Z managers, the past four years have been a struggle. Joey’s help has given me the magic wand to get them relate to me, to get them on board with our org goals, and to get them be champions of our mission. 
Juanny Romero

Juanny Romero

CEO and Founder, Mothership Coffee Roasters & Sunrise Cafe

Meet your instructor

Joey Rubin

Joey Rubin

Expert in employee development and learning design

How can we help young people transition from learning spaces to professional spaces? How do we capture their innate enthusiasm and natural eagerness and guide these gifts to override their (equally natural) inexperience, uncertainty, and ignorance...

These are The Questions high school teachers, college lecturers, and early career managers are all asking. And I've been all of these things.

You could say my "introduction to Gen Z" was in 2014 – when they were 14 years old and I was their 9th grade English teacher.

(I'll help with the math: They're 22 now and you employ them.)

By the time I was managing teams and an officemate ran in holding a McKinsey report yelling "Gen Z is coming! Gen Z is coming!" I already knew them well.

By then, I was managing a cohort of 35-40 new employees – all straight out of college, wet behind the ears, and suddenly, not millennials.

Over the next 5+ years, I tried, failed, and finally succeeded in developing tools, frameworks, and protocols for understanding these young workers so I could coach them to become young leaders – and, ultimately, so they'd be reliable professionals in the classrooms, cubicles, and Zoomicles where they worked.

  • Tools, frameworks, and protocols that have since been successfully applied at tech start-ups, growth agencies, and even chains of coffee shops.

  • Tools, frameworks, and protocols all used to better understand, respond to, and capture the leadership potential of today's youngest (and most promising!) workers.

  • Tools, frameworks, and protocols that are all baked into this course.

So join us. After years developing young workers into young leaders, I'm lifting the curtain so you can learn to do the same.

It's simple, it's human, and it's guaranteed to help you win with Gen Z.

What else do I do? Learn more about me here, here, or here.

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The Art of Gen Z Engagement


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Course syllabus


Understand –

Teams are grounded in connection. But you can't connect to – or build connection with – people you don't know. In this module, we'll build the muscle you need to get to know your young workers and to ensure they get to know you, in a way that makes sense. Includes: storytelling, dynamic interviews, and a short "History of Generation Z."


Invest –

Gen Z has no reason to trust you – and they have no reason to work hard "just because that's how we did it in our day." In this module, you'll learn what it takes to build trust & get buy-in from a skeptical generation (hint: it's not kombucha). Includes: 121 frameworks for investing in people, techniques for tracking & measuring that investment.


Win –

If you know who you’re working with, why they're there, and what they want, you're halfway to winning. Now’s the hard part: you have to walk the walk. In this module, you'll receive guidance and practice how to be a true leader of your young team. Includes: charted course for mutual benefit, win+win protocol, success mapping.

Course schedule

2-4 hours per week
  • Monday – March 6, 2023

    2:00pm - 3:30pm PST

    Understand: A Short History of a Young Generation

    • I do: Storytelling vs. storyhearing – the difference & why it matters.
    • You do: Storytelling/hearing practice

    • I do: Dynamic interviewing – who I'm speaking to & why it matters.
    • You do: Interviewer/ee practice
  • Optional: Practice @Home

    1-2 hours per week (async)

    • Tell a story with a teammate
    • Hear a story of a teammate

    • Interview a teammate
    • Be interviewed by a teammate

    • Write up / audio record your notes
  • Monday – March 13, 2023

    2:00 - 3:30 PST (Bonus: 3:30-4:00 Q&A)

    Invest: Get Gen Z to Care

    • I do: Gen Z has no reason to trust you – & how to change that.
    • You do: 121 framework practice

    • I do: How to make investment concrete – & ensure it's not ephemeral
    • You do: Measurement and tracking practice

    • Bonus: Q&A
  • Optional: Practice @Home

    1-2 hours per week (async)

    • Run 121 framework w/ a teammate
    • Write up / audio record your notes

    • Set up measurement and tracking system
    • Write up / audio record your notes

    • Bring questions to next call
  • Monday – March 20, 2023

    2:00 - 3:30 PST (Bonus: 3:30-4:00 Q&A)

    Win: So now you have a Gen Z team...

    • I do: Define your "win" and map it
    • You do: Success mapping practice

    • I do: How to win by ensuring your teammates win
    • You do: Win+win protocol practice

    • I do: Ensuring success long term
    • You do: Course charting / Goal setting

    • Bonus Q&A

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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The Art of Gen Z Engagement


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