Transition from Data & AI Practitioner to Executive


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Our course equips Data and AI professionals like you to transition from individual contributor to a successful and effective executive.

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Course overview

Get out of the Practitioner Rut and Become a Successful Data & AI Executive

Are you an individual contributor in data who can't seem to get out of the practitioner rut?

Are you striving for career success, with an eye on being an executive (maybe the C-Suite)?

Do you want actionable, real-world, and battle-tested lessons and coaching from people who've actually done what they teach?

Our goal is to help you avoid making common mistakes that stalls your career progress and the never ending doom loop of professional frustration and despair that comes with it.

This course is for you if

😭 You were passed up for a promotion

😭 You are tired of not being heard in the professional setting

😭 Have a strong desire to move up in the world, but feel stuck in your role

😭 You can't seem to develop a strong enough business case for your data initiatives

😭 You have great ideas but can't seem to get the support to get them launched

😭 Want to communicate better because you know its the key to building capabilities, driving impact, creating value


⚡ You want to be a better data leader

⚡ You're ready to 'level-up'

⚡ You want to have presence & impact

⚡ You're trying to avoid making the same mistakes people make time and time again

By enrolling in our course, you'll learn real-world, battle-tested skills (no theory or BS) needed to pivot from a practitioner to leadership, including:

⚡ Learn the fundamentals: Build a strategy, develop a business case, amplify influence with techies & non-technies

⚡ Drive organizational growth through scalable technical and non-technical strategies

⚡ Know the difference between Leading vs. Contributing: The mindset shift required and avoiding mistakes people often make

⚡ Organizational Architecture: Impact on scalability of systems & architecture

⚡ Develop your EQ, BQ, and SQ to complement your IQ for effective communication

⚡ Conway's Law & Team Topologies: Exploring the relationship between organizational structures and software and data architecture

⚡ Roles, Skills, and Work Methods: Defining roles, skill sets, and ways of working for successful teams

+ Live Q&A with Sol and Joe

Who this course is for ...



Data scientists, analysts, data engineers, architects, developers, etc who are interested in progressing in their career


Team Leads & Managers

Who want to learn the skills needed to 'level up' and learn what it takes to rise to VP and C-Level positions



Who want to learn how to scale their business, attract investors, grow & manage teams

What you’ll get out of this course

Learn the difference between Leading vs. Contributing and what the transition requires.

How do you pivot from getting guidance and being led to setting the direction and motivating others towards achieving common goals, establishing a vision, strategy, business case, and with the ability to inspire. Its more difficult than you think!

Learn to develop your EQ, BQ, and SQ to compliment your IQ

To help you become impactful with your presence, your communication, and develop a strong network of trusted advisors, peers, teammates, investors, leaders, and more.

How to scale your Organizational Architecture, Data Architecture, Software and Systems.

Exploring the relationship between organizational structures and software and data architecture and how the 2 go hand in hand to scale your operations.

Frameworks for Roles, Skills, and Working Methods

Learn about the different roles, skills, and work methods needed to lead and scale and the various ways of working successful teams.

Eliminate the frustration that comes with being a Data & AI Practitioner

Learn how to communicate what we do into business jargon to avoid being misunderstood or not being heard, get stakeholder support to launch your idea, learn

This course includes

3 interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

29 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

2 projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

Course syllabus

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    Meet your instructors

    Sol Rashidi

    Sol Rashidi

    Former CDO, CAO, CDAO, and CAIO.

    With 8 patents, and named Forbes 'AI Maverick of the 21st Century' , 'CAO of the year', 'CDO of the year', 'Top 100 Innovators in Data & Analytics', and 'Top 100 AI Thought Leaders' , Sol Rashidi is an esteemed executive, leader, and influencer within the AI, Data, and Technology space. Having helped IBM launch Watson in 2011 as one of the earliest world applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Sol was the 1st 'Chief Data & AI Officer' appointed back in 2016, has held over 4 C-Suite positions across Fortune 100’s, and has been at the forefront of ideation & development of Data & AI applications.

    Joe Reis

    Joe Reis

    Data Practitioner, Author, "Recovering Data Scientist"

    Joe Reis, a "recovering data scientist" with 20 years in the data industry, is the co-author of the best-selling O'Reilly book, "Fundamentals of Data Engineering." His extensive experience encompasses IC and leadership roles in data engineering, software engineering, data architecture, machine learning, and more. Joe also holds 2 patents. In his free time, Joe speaks around the world, hosts popular data podcasts, and writes new books and articles to push the data industry forward.

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    Transition from Data & AI Practitioner to Executive

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    Join an upcoming cohort

    Transition from Data & AI Practitioner to Executive

    Cohort 1

    $748 USD


    June 17—20, 2024

    Payment Deadline

    June 14, 2024

    Bulk purchases

    $748 USD

    4 Days