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Refocus Your ADHD Brain


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3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Neurotypical advice doesn't work for ADHD brains. Learn how to work with your unique brain, not against it.

Hosted by

Jesse J. Anderson

Author of the upcoming book, Refocus: A Practical Guide to Adult ADHD

Course overview

Refocus Your ADHD Brain

You always had "great potential" but were never given the tools to reach it.

This cohort-based course will help you build the tools and strategies to make the most of your unique brain.

Work alongside a like-minded community of others with ADHD.

Who is this course for


You start lots of creative projects, but never seem to finish any of them.


You procrastinate and can't find motivation to get things done.


You make ambitious plans, but rarely follow through with them.


You feel like you fight against your brain, rather than working with it.


You work harder than most, but still feel like you're always behind.


Your brain is always busy, but never focused on the right things.

Outcomes and Bonuses

Become an ADHD Pro

Deep dive on ADHD fundamentals like time distortion, rejection sensitivity, executive dysfunction, memory deficits, inhibition, perfectionism, shame spirals, and more.

Master Your Motivation Sparks

Stop waiting and hoping for willpower to magically show up.

Refocus with an ADHD-focused mindset—use Motivation Sparks to get started, build momentum, and drive forward into action.

Build a Brain Strategy Playbook

Stop wasting time with strategies that weren't designed to work with your neurodivergent brain.

Create a toolbox of strategies unique to your brain—so you can find the right tool whenever you get stuck.

And more...
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Refocus Your ADHD Brain

What this course is about

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You aren't lazy, selfish, stupid, or crazy.

You just need a new understanding of how your neurodivergent brain works.

Refocus and live a better life with ADHD.

August cohort schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Kickoff & Orientation

    Time TBD

    Let's get the party started!

    We'll get to know each other and go through the details for how to get the most out of the cohort. We'll also cover the basics of ADHD, how your neurodivergent brain works differently, and set personal goals for the cohort.

  • Live Workshops

    Times TBD

    Once a week we'll meet up to work through lessons and discuss how to apply different strategies during the week.

    • Motivating Your Brain
    • Distorted Time & Memory
    • Living with Intensity & Sensitivity
    • Building your Brain Strategy Playbook

Course topics


ADHD Fundamentals

Setting foundations for understanding the ADHD brain.

  • ADHD is a Terrible Name
  • Presentations of ADHD
  • Neurochemical Differences
  • The Pursuit of More
  • Your Brain's Assistant
  • Diagnosis
  • Become Your Own Advocate


Motivating Your Brain

A new approach to finding motivation with ADHD.

  • The Four Cs of Motivation
  • Important vs. Urgent
  • Build Your Momentum
  • Developing Habits and Routines
  • Understanding Executive Function


Living with Intensity & Sensitivity

The rollercoaster of a hyperactive brain.

  • Living with Intensity
  • Rejection Sensitivity
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Escaping Shame Spirals
  • Impulsivity & Inhibition
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Perfectionism & People Pleasing


Distorted Time & Memory

Neurological differences that matter in a neurotypical world.

  • Time Distortion
  • Always Late or Always Early, Never On Time
  • Working Memory
  • Remembering to Remember
  • Missing Hindsight and Foresight
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind


Building your Brain Strategy Playbook

Bringing it all together and into practice.

  • Finding What Works For Your Brain
  • ADHD Strategies Deep Dive
  • Putting Your Playbook Into Action
  • What's Next
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Refocus Your ADHD Brain

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other ADHDers through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Refocus Your ADHD Brain

Meet your instructor

Jesse J. Anderson

Jesse J. Anderson

ADHD Creative—writer, designer, developer, and maker of things

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my mid-thirties and it rocked my world. My own behavior finally made sense. Like many with ADHD, I thought that all my mistakes and failed willpower were moral failings—that I was just lazy, selfish, stupid, or crazy. But those words never felt right to me, and I finally knew why.

Since my diagnosis, I've made it my mission to help others learn what ADHD really is and how to work with it. I write about ADHD regularly online, I have a weekly newsletter Extra Focus, and I also host the ADHD Nerds podcast.

For the past year, I've been writing the book this course is based on, Refocus: A Practical Guide to Adult ADHD. It contains all the knowledge and strategies I use to live a better life with ADHD and find motivation to get more done.

This course is a passion project for me to help others with their ADHD. I know how difficult it can be. ADHD can sabotage your dreams and your goals, sending you into negative shame spirals and making you feel like a failure.

I want to teach you to work with your brain so you can stop feeling like wasted potential. Learn why your ADHD brain works the way it does and develop the tools and strategies to put yourself back in control.

In this course, we'll do a deep dive on ADHD and learn the foundations of how our brains work differently than neurotypical ones and work together to build ourselves a better brain strategy playbook.

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Refocus Your ADHD Brain