The Four Hour Product Vision Sprint


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A strong product vision is at the heart of any great product. We will take four hours (including a break!) to strengthen your product vision

Course overview

Create your own vision storyboard today!

This workshop is great to do solo but also can have more impact in your company if you do it with multiple people from your product team - e.g. if a founder brings their CTO and head of product. Product is, after all, a team sport. So if you are multiple people from one organization, the additional people are half price. Contact me at

It's easy to build a product. But building the right product is more important.

And building a strong product always starts with the product vision.

We'll combine the power of a Google Design Sprint with product management know-how and storytelling skills. And then condense that down into four hours (including a break!) to make a fast-paced impactful workshop where we hone your product vision.

You will walk away with a vision storyboard: The vision storyboard is a visual narrative based on the customer experience you are driving towards. It is a cartoon storyboard that conveys a memorable narrative that you can use to quickly share and communicate your product vision.

This is a four hour version of my highly successful week long Product Vision Sprint. You can find out more about the week long version at

Who is this course for


Scale-up founders who have grown to the stage where they need to align their team around a strong product vision.


Product Managers and Leaders who want to take their game to the next level. A strong Product Vision is at the heart of any great product.


Startup founders who need a strong pitch. The product vision will hone and craft what you want to bring to life.

Benefits of a Strong Product Vision Storyboard

Build better product decisions

A strong Product Vision provides the Product Trio (design, engineering and product managers) healthy constraints around how to define value from a customer and business perspective.

Scale Without Too Much Process​

It’s easier to scale with people rather than with process. When there is a strong product vision, people are more likely to be on the same page - they can understand what you are trying to do and why. 

Motivate and Inspire

A strong Product Vision inspires your team, stakeholders, investors, and customers. We want to work with 'missionaries not mercenaries' (because when the going gets tough, the mercenaries are out while the missionaries double down). 

Drive Strategy

Your strategy is a plan to achieve your vision while including the business impacts you need to get there. The product vision is a benchmark against which you can evaluate your strategy - ask yourself, “Are we getting closer or further away from our Product Vision?"

Build Your Own Leadership

A strong vision is a starting point for leadership. Leadership is about taking people somewhere. A strong Product Vision also helps leaders avoid the trap of self-aggrandizement. The leader becomes a servant of an important vision, not an important leader who needs to be served

Align People

A strong Product Vision becomes an invisible guide helping people make every day decisions. Without it, your team is either asking you about everything or making decisions in a vacuum.

Help Recruit

As Marty Cagan says in his book Inspired, "When done well, the product vision is one of our most effective recruiting tools, and it serves to motivate the people on your teams to come to

Easier time prioritizing ​

Many people struggling to choose between two great ideas don't think that the root cause of this inability to choose is a weak product vision. But having a strong Product Vision provides a rubric. 

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(18 ratings)

What students are saying

Vision Storyboards are a powerful communication tool

Vision Storyboards are a powerful communication tool

What people are saying

        We invited Janet to host a workshop for our product org team event with 25+ attendees including product leaders. The workshop was everyone's favourite! Our attendees mentioned that Janet made the workshop so fun with lots of practical learning - which I agreed 100% as I was also participating It was certainly the highlight of the 2-day event!
Jo-Shan Lee

Jo-Shan Lee

Product Operations Manager, Adevinta
        Janet was, with her experience and practical approach, a fantastic guide in helping us to find a way we all felt comfortable with. We also have seen that how we structured customer feedback gave us an immediate return on investment in the development process. More to the point and happy customers. We can highly recommend Janet and her approach!
Frank Schuyer

Frank Schuyer

CEO and Founder, Xinaps
        Eye opening workshop to connect and align the team and very inspiration evoking strategical thinking.
Alexander Suma

Alexander Suma

CEO and Founder, IBIS Power
        Janet took us by the hand and led us towards a better outcome than we could have achieved alone
Jasper de Vries

Jasper de Vries

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Cool Gradient

Meet your instructor

Janet Bumpas

Janet Bumpas

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my class.

I come from Silicon Valley where I was part of three startups: one went public, one was acquired by eBay, and one crashed and burned hard. So I have seen all sides of growing and building a product (some less fun than others...)

Currently, I am an independent product advisor and coach. I help large companies and entrepreneurs launch and scale their business ideas.

I have delivered over 100 workshops and run accelerator programs for entrepreneurs and intrapraneurs. I also work 1:1 with teams who bring me in when they are stuck.


I have advised many of the world’s leading organizations on growth and profitability strategies. After receiving my MBA from The Harvard Business School, I worked at BCG before jumping into the start-up world.

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The Four Hour Product Vision Sprint


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One Four Hour Fast-Paced Session
  • Wednesday

    11am-3pm Eastern, 4pm - 8pm CET

    And this will include a break!

  • January 10th, 2024

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A 2014 survey of 1,600 B2B and B2C companies in more than 40 countries​ found that the majority of companies do not have Willingness To Pay conversations with their ICP (Ide

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Learning is better with cohorts

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The Four Hour Product Vision Sprint


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