Mastering Innovation Methodology

Cohort-based Course

Discover the systematic, scalable and repeatable way to identify, validate and scale new ideas quickly.

Hosted by

Jacob Dutton - Co-Founder & CEO @ Future Foundry & Creator of the Velocity™ Innovation Operating System.

Innovation coach to executives at Walgreens, Hilton, NBC, Microsoft and HSBC.

Course overview

Stop risking your company's future and disrupt from the inside out.

We live in a rapidly changing world of customers, competitors and technology where every established company needs to find new ways to unlock growth, find efficiencies and make customers happier. But most organisations lack the frameworks, processes, and capabilities they need to create and capture new value. 

Join a group of other corporate innovators and learn the methodology that has helped thousands of change-makers inside today's biggest corporates to break down internal barriers and invent the ventures, products, and services of tomorrow.

This cohort-based course includes teaching, projects, peer discussions, feedback from Jacob, Q&A's with leading innovators, case studies & resources, and access to our global Slack community.

Mastering Innovation Methodology is for you if...


Your approach to innovation feels unstructured, chaotic and ineffective.


Senior stakeholders company lack confidence in your ideas.


You're taking too long to get new ventures, products and services to market.

Overcome your biggest blockers in 6 weeks

Get buy-in from your whole company

Most corporate innovators find that the core business prevents them from doing their best work. Discover how to put the fundamentals in place that engages your whole organisation in your innovation program and create a bullet-proof business case for change.

Focus on going after the biggest opportunities

Companies rarely have a lack of ideas problem; they often have a focus problem. Implement the simplest way to identify new opportunities and establish 'company/opportunity fit' through horizon scanning, categorisation and prioritisation.

Easily test and de-risk ideas

90% of new corporate innovation ideas fail. Break down the fastest way to validate new ideas and establish 'problem/solution fit' through more effective customer research, solution storyboarding and proposition prototyping.

Rapidly get your initiatives into the hands of customers

Only 6% of CEOs are happy with the impact their innovation team has. Ship new initiatives and establish 'product/market fit' through easy-to-execute go-to-market, product and business model experiments that get your ideas into the hands of customers faster.

Move beyond innovation theory into practice

Today's innovation teams have read too many competing theories on how to get from idea to value. Simplify the hundreds of approaches, frameworks and tools I've learned and tested over 15 years into a single, codified, practical system.

Course syllabus


Orientation (Week 1)

To get the most out of the course, you'll want to understand the expectations, how the platform works and who you're working with. In this first session, we'll cover:

  • What to expect during the experience
  • Guided tour of your workspace
  • Meet and network with peers


Method Fundamentals (Week 2)

Before we get into the methodology, you must understand how each component fits together to create one seamless process with clear entry and exit criteria. In this module, you'll learn how the Velocity™ Innovation System turns:

  • Insights into opportunities
  • Opportunities into ideas
  • Ideas into value


Opportunity Identification (Week 3)

To be a successful innovator, you have to pursue the right opportunities. In this module, you'll learn how to use the Velocity™ Identification Sprint methodology to:

  • Turn market insight into opportunities
  • Assess the relative attractiveness of your opportunity set
  • Create a winning innovation roadmap


Idea Validation (Week 4)

Great innovation starts with ideas that are desirable to customers, technically feasible and commercially viable. In this module, you'll learn how to use the Velocity™ Validation Mission methodology to:

  • Conduct meaningful customer interviews
  • Rapidly develop potential solutions
  • Test and iterate on propositions in record time


Initiative Scaling (Week 5)

Innovation means nothing unless you can actually get new ventures, products and services to market. In this module, you'll learn how to use the Velocity™ Scale Accelerator methodology to:

  • Develop the right MVP in the right way
  • Run critical go-to-market, product and business model experiments
  • Build a bullet-proof business case to scale your idea


Methodology Implementation (Week 6)

Building a world-class corporate innovation engine requires more than a proven methodology; key fundamentals need to be in place for your new knowledge to turn into impact. In this module, you'll learn:

  • How to engage your whole company in your innovation program
  • The 10-tenets of effective innovation teams
  • How to benchmark your performance

Course schedule

2.5hrs/week (all sessions are recorded)
  • Weekly labs

    1.5hrs/Week: Wednesdays 16:00-17:30 GMT

    • Presentation from Jacob
    • Breakout groups to discuss topics & for peer reviews
    • Q&A and group discussion
  • Assignments

    1hr/Week: Self-guided

    Set aside an hour weekly to complete your module's pre-work and reflections.

  • Throughout the course

    Any time

    • Contact Jacob on Slack for direct feedback
    • Access to your cohort through the Maven community space
    • Full library of case studies, resources and tools
    • Guest speakers from world-leading innovation teams
    • Practical learnings you can take back to work from day one
  • Graduation

    End of course

    Celebrate everything you've accomplished and get access to your certification in a well-deserved graduation ceremony.

You're in great company

You're in great company

What people are saying

        This method is essential as it adds discipline and rigour to our ideas. We can have exciting, divergent, thought-provoking ideas, but putting them through this process helps to stage gate them across desirability, feasibility and viability, which is really important for us.
Dr. Taran Toor

Dr. Taran Toor

Group Director of Wellness Innovation, Holland & Barrett
        We’ve found the methods so helpful because it’s given us killer evidence in showing our key stakeholders the story of the opportunities we’ve identified, how we’ve categorised their potential and how we’re proceeding to get the most value out of what we’ve discovered.
Marni Allen

Marni Allen

Head of Consumer Healthcare Futures, Walgreens
        There's definitely been a step change for us internally from how we were before to now. We've shifted our internal culture around innovation to having this structure in mind of, first of all, testing customer desirability, then looking at whether we can actually do it and finally, whether it will create a return.
Sophie Lynch

Sophie Lynch

E-Commerce Propositions Lead, M&S
        The approach is really focused on data-driven decisions, testing and using that insight to inform the next round of iterations, so there's a real focus on continuous iterations. You really are progressing significantly as you move through the process.
Tiffany Bain

Tiffany Bain

New Ventures Lead, John Lewis & Partners
        There's no shortage of ideas at our company. The challenge lies in knowing which ones to pursue and how to move quickly. We get choked with deciding which ideas should get the investment and what ideas we should leave behind. What drew me to this was that refreshing perspective, new tools sets and an agitator voice at the table.
Mike Charyk

Mike Charyk

VP Global Innovation, Experian
        Internally we struggled to build a system capable of delivering our ideas. Instead of being able to implement them, we are often left with so many uncategorised ideas it’s honestly paralysing. This has given us the process and structure that we lacked. We’ve learned a lot!
Alina Sisianu

Alina Sisianu

Head of Digital, World Vision

Transform the way you innovate forever


Move faster by learning how to prioritise efficiency over anything else.


Gain more focus through better prioritisation and data-driven decision-making.


Demonstrate impact through a portfolio-led approach to innovation.

Meet your instructor

Jacob Dutton - Co-Founder & CEO @ Future Foundry & Creator of the Velocity™ Innovation Operating System.

Jacob Dutton - Co-Founder & CEO @ Future Foundry & Creator of the Velocity™ Innovation Operating System.

I've spent the last 15 years helping today's biggest companies like Hilton, NBC, Walgreens, HSBC and Microsoft to overcome innovation inertia and invent the ventures, products, and services of tomorrow. My deep-rooted belief is that innovation is a learned skill, not an innate talent and that with the right people, processes and platforms - every company on the planet can innovate with more speed, focus and impact. 

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Mastering Innovation Methodology

Learning is better with friends

Learning is better with friends

Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops, AMAs with industry leaders who have been in your shoes and hands-on projects so you leave with new friends and a working innovation system.

Your community in lockstep

You'll be part of a highly curated set of peers who'll support your journey and act as a sounding board well after class ends.

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Can't make a class? They're all recorded and available. Need help cracking a problem? Hop into our exclusive Slack channels and get help from me and the broader community.

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Mastering Innovation Methodology

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