Stop Losing Deals, Start Presenting Like a Boss!

Use the power of voice and visuals to become a killer online SaaS seller and close deals without being boring.

Alistair Davis


Alistair Davis

Over 5000 SaaS Professionals Trained in the last 3 years with a NPS of over 88%

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In this 3-week bootcamp, you will learn & network with the best to:

  • Power your voice & body language to influence and demo to any audience
  • Sell with skilful storytelling & visual elements that captivate
  • Perfect your production so that you stand out from the crowd

See what people are saying

        “Easily one of the best soft skills training sessions I have ever had on any topic. I haven’t seen a presentation skills course that provides this sort of insight & coaching for your entire “performance” in a virtual meeting, including voice, body language & eye contact.”
Richard Achee
Richard Achee
Global Technology Partnership, Chrome Enterprise, Google
        Really enjoyed this course. Alistair is a very entertaining presenter. The content was very insightful but also fun and playful. Certainly kept me engaged!
Chantal Lourens
Chantal Lourens
Senior Property Sales Professional
        When bringing in a consultant and their knowledge, I look for two key factors. Is it insightful, can I implement it? Happy to say that these boxes are more than amply ticked here. Alistair took our broader sales, success, and implementation teams through several detailed training sessions, and the impact was immediate and executable.
Jamie Peers
Jamie Peers
VP of Business Development & Partnerships at Synatic
        Alistair’s new training combines learning with significant time for practice. Alistair demonstrates through video, his 6 components of powerful speaking and presenting. The focus on practice after each step enables and encourages the learner to build and develop their skills. Congratulations on developing learning to elevate business performance!
Christine C
Christine C
Senior Learning & Development Professional

This course is for you if:


You are part of a SaaS customer facing team and you are struggling with pipeline creation, meeting engagement and making demos come alive.


You are a SaaS enablement professional fighting to keep audiences captivated and engaged and/or experiencing low attendance rates.


You are a SaaS sales manager looking for creative ways to motivate your under-performing sales teams to increase revenue & digital presence.

Key outcomes

Power Your Non-Verbal Cues of Vocal Tone & Body Language

How you say things matters, an engaging tone and assertive body language will make you a high trust individual. You will learn the 6 components of good vocal tone and how to improve each one when presenting, persuading and negotiating. An engaging voice makes people want to liste

Perfect Your Production & Visuals

The Jabba 7-point home office architecture consultation that ensures you are presenting in a professional and engaging environment. Don't be average, understand how to look and sound exceptional.

Captivate With Storytelling & Powerful Visuals

Have 6 of your existing sales presentation slides redesigned by one of our professional designers in either Google Slides, PPT or Prezi. Visual elements significantly enhance digital presence and engagement when combined with a compelling storyline.

Expert Feedback & Community Support

Practise makes perfect. Reinforce your new skills with expert one-on-one video feedback from a Jabba coach via VideoAsk at your convenience, or if you like get feedback from the peer community.

Trusted by SAP, Salesforce & Google

Alistair Davis
Alistair Davis
Chief Speaking Officer

The difference between a bad presentation or demo and an outstanding one is noticeable.

In my 24 year career spanning software sales(Oracle), acting, voice acting and coaching, I have learned that:

A good presentation can mean the difference between making your quota or not.

The purpose of this course is to make sure that you WOW your prospects and clients every time.

When you sign up, you will experience why over 5000 professionals have consistently given me a net promoter score of over 88% and above. My clients include SAP, Salesforce, Google to name a few.

I make learning fun, engaging and always practical.

If you are in SaaS and deal in sales or product demos in any way, this course is for you.

What you will learn, practise and DO.


The Theory of Non-Verbal Communication

  • Why are your non-verbal cues so important?
  • The Engaging Communication Trifecta and why it matters when presenting. TRUST & ENGAGEMENT.
  • Mr Rational & Mr Intuitive and how you can appeal to the limbic brain when presenting.
  • Templates for outreach, presenting and demoing so you can engage the limbic brain for maximum engagement


Power Your Voice So You Always Captivate and Inspire

  • You will learn how to build a voice that inspires and captivates in 90 minutes.
  • I have taught over 5000 people a simple 6 step vocal power framework that works.
  • How to build rapport, increase tension and negotiate like a pro
  • In this module we will do just that and get you to wow any audience WITHOUT slides.


Look Good & Sound Good On Camera

  • Hollywood secrets to make you shine on camera
  • People often don't pay attention to these concepts, but they are easy to fix and make a huge difference to your on screen presence
  • You will be given an overview of technology to help your production
  • Students can also do a home office architecture audit so that they understand where they can improve.


Presentation Tools That Help You Connect and Shine

Gone are the days of boring Powerpoints

We will go over:

  • OBS
  • mmhmm
  • Prezi Video

During each live session, I will be demonstrating the use of these tools myself.


Templates Templates Templates

We want to make things easy for you so that the learning sticks

Students will be given templates for

  • Video outreach
  • Linkedin posting
  • Storytelling
  • Slides
  • Voice


Optional Co-Working Labs

Students will be able to attend optional co-working labs on

  • OBS, Prezi Video & mmhmm
  • Slide design best practises
  • Linkedin Marketing


Presentation Idol

The culmination of all you have learned.

  • Students will get the chance to present live to their cohort peers and get feedback.
  • Spot prizes will also be given to students to bring some FUN into it!

3 Week Course schedule

2.5 Hours Per Week Including Live Calls
  • Power Your Presenting Voice
    90 minutes

    Monday July 25th at 9am PDT

    What we will discuss:

    • Welcome
    • eLearning tools
    • The Power of The Voice
    • Templates you can download
    • Accountability worksheet & teams
    • What the final practical entails & if you want to enrol in Pitch Idol?
  • Production Design - The Visuals
    90 minutes

    Monday August 1st at 9am PDT

    In this live call:

    • Structure of your presentation
    • Storytelling framework
    • Physicality and body language
    • What does next level look and sound like?
    • Ability to play with mmhmm
  • Optional co-working lab
    60 minutes

    August 4th at 9am PDT

    In this co-working workshop you will be shown some more features of OBS, Prezi Video and mmhmm

  • Optional co-working lab
    60 minutes

    August 8th at 9am PDT

    In this co-working workshop students will be encouraged to share their stories and slide decks with fellow students in anticipation of "Pitch Idol"

  • Final Practical - Pitch Idol where "Iron sharpens Iron"!
    90 minutes

    August 11th at 9am PDT

    In this live call:

    • Students will get the chance to showcase(voluntary) their new production environment, slides, storytelling and get live feedback from their peers
    • Students will learn from their peers to understand what good looks and sounds like in a sa

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops and hands-on projects

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms and an engaged community

Learn with a cohort of peers

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow alongside you

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