Idea to Launch in 14 Days

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Guided by serial entrepreneurs, learn how to ideate, launch, and test a business or product idea in just two weeks.

Course overview

If you can't launch and test an idea in 14 days, you're overthinking it

Innovation Academy is an intensive two-week founder boot camp for anyone who wants to learn high-impact innovation skills by rapidly ideating, building and testing a product or business idea. The content and activities are inspired by our own entrepreneurial journey, extensive startup knowledge, and the exclusive workshops we run with Fortune 500 executives to help them build a founder mindset.

Demo Day Challenge 🏆

We are giving away 10% of our course revenue to the winner of Demo Day as seed funding to invest in their idea further beyond the 14 days (or go on a vacation with it, we won't check)

Example F500 Clients: McDonald's, HSBC, Bank of Montreal, Capgemini

Who is this course for


You are an intrapreneur at a large company and want to future-proof your career by gaining hands-on experience in taking an idea from 0 to 1


You are a founder and want to accelerate and de-risk your entrepreneurial journey by learning from experienced founders


You are an ambitious startup employee and want to supercharge your career by becoming a versatile problem solver


You want to bounce ideas off of, learn from, and grow your network with an ambitious community of founders and innovators


You want to build the skills to eventually launch your own startup or simply to unlock new income streams

Key Outcomes of Innovation Academy

Learn how to spot startup ideas everywhere you look

We provide the innovation frameworks that serial entrepreneurs and corporate innovation labs use today to inspire their next $1-100M+ business and product ideas. Practice it enough and spotting opportunities becomes second nature.

Experience the power of design sprints for rapid ideation and prototyping

Save both time and money by moving past prolonged indecisiveness and debates through time-boxed design sprint exercises. This process enables you to progress swiftly from strategy formulation to idea generation, prototype development, and testing, all within a matter of days.

Learn how to build an authentic, modern, and beloved brand

Learn how to establish a strong brand image to attract your first set of customers and build credibility for your early-stage idea.

Gain exposure to all the tools you'll need to launch your idea

You'll build experience using all the modern tools available to rapidly take an idea from 0 to 1. Tools use cases range from research and ideation to wireframing, prototyping and low/no-code development.

Ensure accountability by building alongside a cohort of ambitious innovators

Build your business idea alongside other innovators, reaping the benefits of collaboration, diverse perspectives, mutual support, shared resources, continuous learning, and accelerated growth.

Build your minimum viable product (MVP) and attract your first customers

By the end of the 14 days, you will create your no-code MVP landing page to launch and test your product or business idea. The goal is to showcase your idea in a compelling way for your target market and collect interest from your initial customers.

Make money by competing on demo day for the top cash prize

Yes, you read that right - you can literally walk away with more money than you spent by attending Innovation Academy. 10% of all the revenue we earn from each cohort will go towards a prize pool for demo day.

What people are saying

        Helen and Victor have been our experts for the past 6 years on bringing our global talent together to innovate and build new product ideas to core business challenges. They’re constantly keeping us up-to-date on emerging tech trends and have done a phenomenal job at equipping our employees to think like entrepreneurs and launch an MVP.
Kristin Swayze

Kristin Swayze

Global Technology Chief of Staff, VP Strategic Planning and Alignment at McDonald's
        Helen and Victor are the two people you want to learn from if you're looking to spin up a new business. They literally do this as a hobby. They know the craft exceptionally well and are who I go to for tough startup challenges.
Donald Koo

Donald Koo

Co-Founder at Tiny Health | 3x Founder | Angel Investor | 1x Exit (with Exponent)
        Throughout my tenure as Lead Technology Officer for BMO Insurance, I have had the pleasure of partnering with Onova on running our annual innovation sprint: Destination Digital. The event brought together 250 employees across North America to solve our core business challenges. Many ideas have since been integrated into our innovation pipeline!
Bradley Hadfield

Bradley Hadfield

Lead Technology Officer at Bank of Montreal
        People typically take decades to master their craft but Victor somehow hacked his way to profitably playing high-stakes poker, starting a fund, and building numerous businesses at a fraction of the time.
Chris Lu

Chris Lu

CTO & Co-Founder at | Angel Investor
        Not only are they highly skilled professionals, but working with Victor and Helen is incredibly fun. Their positive attitude, open communication, and collaborative spirit made the entire partnership a highly enjoyable experience. It's clear that they genuinely care about the projects they lead and seeing the people in their programs succeed.
Rick Pollock

Rick Pollock

Director of Innovation at Capgemini
        I have weekly advisory calls with Helen because she's one of the few people in the industry whose opinion I trust. Both her and Victor's founder's intuition is truly astounding.
Andrew Oh

Andrew Oh

VP of Product and Design at Pluang | Ex-TikTok | 4x Founder
        Victor's impeccable product and strategy intuition and ability to break down concepts in a way that just makes sense is the reason why he's one of the people I go to for founder advice.
Rakan Al-Shawaf

Rakan Al-Shawaf

CEO & Co-Founder @ Makeship | Forbes 30 Under 30
        Helen and Victor's ability to balance multiple companies and continue to launch at speed is seriously impressive. They are my inspiration and work goals!"
Lyn Chen

Lyn Chen

COO & Co-Founder at | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Thiel Fellow | YC S20

Meet your instructors

Helen Yin (2x Founder, Growth Marketer)

Helen Yin (2x Founder, Growth Marketer)

Founder at Inoki Bathhouse | Co-Founder at Onova

Helen is an ex-management consultant, founder, and viral growth marketer. She ideated, designed, and launched her DTC e-commerce company in 24 hours and amassed 150K+ social media followers within a year while working on the business part-time. She has taught and advised C-Suite leaders on how to rapidly ideate and build multi-million dollar products, as well as led global innovation sprint programs for ambitious innovators.

Victor Li (4x Founder, Startup Investor)

Victor Li (4x Founder, Startup Investor)

Co-Founder at Onova | Founder and General Partner of the Winning Together Fund

Victor is a serial entrepreneur, startup investor, and high stakes poker player. He co-founded Onova, a 7-figure innovation consultancy helping the world's largest companies, such as McDonald's and HSBC, rapidly scale their idea generation and build innovation cultures that last. Additionally, Victor has built tech products in the B2B and B2C space, an e-commerce brand, and an investment fund investing in early-stage tech startups in edtech, fintech, insurtech, web3, future of work, and more.

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Idea to Launch in 14 Days


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Program Schedule

5+ hours per week
  • Live Design Sprint Workshop and Lecture Series (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

    June 13, 15, 20, 22 @ 5-7 PM EST

    Each workshop is designed to be highly interactive with lecture components and design sprint exercises. During these workshops, the goal is to provide tangible learning outcomes for how to ideate and launch an idea and help you actively build your business and product idea.

  • Group Q&A and Mastermind Sessions (Fridays)

    June 16, 23 @ 3-4 PM EST

    A mastermind session is a structured and collaborative gathering aimed at fostering creativity, sharing knowledge, and providing support to each participant in their entrepreneurial journey. Participants will be placed into smaller breakouts for their mastermind session.

  • Demo Day - The 15th Day

    June 27 @ 7-9PM EST

    By the end of the two weeks, all participants will showcase their MVP and compete for the top cash prize!

Why take this course?

Why take this course?

Learn from Real Founders

Learn from experienced founders who have extensive knowledge in building within the startup and corporate innovation space.

Experience a High Performing Live Learning Experience

This isn't just a lecture series, you will get to experience what we put ourselves and our Fortune 500 C-Suite clients through to generate tangible outcomes.

Build Alongside a Community

Meet ambitious innovators across North America and learn from one another through our exclusive offline Slack community.

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Idea to Launch in 14 Days


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