Quality-Driven Software Development

5 Days


Cohort-based Course

Set up and manage efficient software development and testing processes to reduce the risk of delays and critical production issues.

Course overview

Deliver High-Quality Software Faster

Equip yourself with a system of quality, value and time-based management practices for fewer bugs, shorter release cycles and happier teams.

Don't fail fast. Instead, grow your software business fast but safe and continuously deliver high quality to your customers.

This course is for you, if


You are a Software Quality or Test Manager who has to build the testing process and establish the quality assurance culture.


You are a Product Manager who is never confident if a feature will be done as expected, as estimated, or as promised to the stakeholders.


You are an Engineering Manager and you lose your sleep over deadlines and how to keep motivating your team to deliver on time.


You are the CTO of a software startup, holding your company's infrastructure, code and team together with your bare hands.


You're the CEO of a young startup, joggling between operations, pitches and budgets, never knowing what and when your team will release.

Key outcomes

Outline a built-in quality strategy that best suits your business and team

What level of quality do your customers need?

What level of quality are they willing to pay for?

What level of quality are you capable of delivering to them?

How to assemble the testing efforts without creating silos?

Define as a Team

The only thing that delays your Launch day is the waste in your workflows - poorly written stories, handovers, waiting for feedback instead of asking for feedback.

Learn how to identify the critical Use Cases as part of your User Stories to drive your development efforts.

Synthesise the essential qualities of your software

Gain a deep understanding of software quality and use it to prioritise your features.

Predict quality risks early using a Quality Checklist to identify crucial qualities for your software features and spare yourself unmanageable production issues.

Deliver as a Team

No one can test better than your users. They have a goal, various skills and imagination. So does your entire team.

Master the testing techniques and make collaborative testing sessions a daily routine that catches bugs on the fly to decrease your time to market.

Clean your task board to speed up your releases

Quality means fast too. If your backlog and development workflow is a tiny mess, you cannot expect quality or speed at the end.

Design the optimal workflows to reduce the invisible cost of inefficient processes.

BONUS #1: Numbers don't lie, but you need to know how to read them

You need transparency to keep everything up and running at a healthy rhythm and continuously improve.

Adopt data-driven workflow management for your self-organised teams and open space for the innovation that will accelerate your business growth.

BONUS #2: Two months of continuous expert guidance, support and mentorship

Even with the best instructions, implementing quality and test strategy is not the easiest thing to do. That's why within the course community, I'll be providing continuous help and guidance until you're comfortable with the first version of your better development processes.

BONUS #3: Two slots for Office Hours every day

You have my full attention during the course, and I'll be answering any questions each day (GMT+2). Formally, 2 x Office Hours sessions are scheduled daily during the course.

My only goal is for you to make the most out of the course, so I'll be there for you.

BONUS #4: State-of-the-Art User Story Analysis workshop included

The User Story Analysis is the missing link in modern software development. 

Get your team ready to deliver software with great confidence, considering all vital software characteristics and revealing critical risks early in the process. Enough with the bugs and rework.

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Quality-Driven Software Development


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Learning objectives


Implement a software quality strategy that is the right for your business, product, and team.


Manage software risks before they turn into facts by building a culture of collaborative development and early detection.


Design efficient software development workflows that reduce waste and increase delivery speed.

Course syllabus


Quality Goals

Quality is context-dependent. Your context is your ideal customer, team size and structure, technology stack, business age and organisation, and funding too. 

Define what quality means for you, given your business context and outline the quality strategy to make your customers happy with your product in the long run.


Prioritise for Quality

Today, we prioritise features based on one criterion - what is the minimum amount of software we can build ASAP? 

Like there is no tomorrow. 

However, the first thing tomorrow morning is a temporary log that floods a disk and makes your status page blood red. 

It's time for a quality-based prioritisation system...to replace your planning poker.


Define as a Team

Decrease your delivery times by adopting tight collaboration and heavy analysis practices.

Collapse the dozens of steps of your current software lifecycle into a 2-step process of Define&Deliver As A Team.

Clean your backlog, build a design system, fix your tech debt, work together, and speed up your high-quality software releases by 70%


Deliver as a Team

Enough with most of the bugs!

Get together, test, fix and release as a Team.

The solution is Daily teardowns of anything that can be demonstrated. Show it to the team and let them play with it. They will probably find most of the bugs right there. 

+ the 4 testing techniques that can test anything 

  • CRUD combo
  • Decisions tables
  • EP/BVA
  • I/O validation


Clean Workflow is Fast Workflow

Entangled processes are an enormous source of waste and delays and guarantee production bugs and a high churn rate.

You have to clean your workflows.

Map your software development value stream and validate each step against the following criteria: is this step helping you to:

  • deliver value?
  • deliver quality?
  • deliver on time?
  • if not, fix it!


BONUS: Data-Driven Improvements

Do you really know how long does it take for a feature to reach your customers from the moment you define the story? 

Do you really know if you're on track, or does it just feel ok?

Do you really know where all your time flies?

Let's look at your data and figure it out. Then we'll identify the bottlenecks, eliminate them and keep improving.

Course schedule

1 week - 3 hours per day
  • Live Sessions - Monday to Friday | 2-hour sessions

    6 pm to 8 pm GMT+2

  • Weekly projects

    1 hour per project

  • Optional Office Hours

    10 am - 12 pm | 5 pm - 6 pm GMT+2

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The best quality assurance tools are heavy analysis for early risk detection and tight collaboration.

Meet your instructor

Hristina Koleva

Hristina Koleva

Process geek and software tester, currently a founder of a one-person process improvement consultancy

I'm a bug-hunter by heart. 

Throughout my 15+ years of experience in the Software industry as a QA and an Auditor, I've realised that Software Quality is not guaranteed only by testing but by a full-picture process approach implemented via efficient practices.

I've built this course because I keep seeing startups that are lost in translation about software quality. Regardless of their stage, companies keep wasting their valuable assets, often unaware of the fact. Don't be one of these companies.

I don't want you to:

  • keep wasting time in back-and-forth; 
  • figure out missing requirements when you're already on production; 
  • never feel confident about meeting deadlines; 
  • sweep testing under the carpet and pray that there will be no issues; 
  • be uncomfortable asking if and how it was tested; 
  • lose your sanity in the last-minute testing and fixing madness right before you release;
  • prioritise features based on coding estimations, not based on actual value for your customers and your business; 
  • keep piling up and undermining tech debt because there's no time for it when you actually don't know where your time flies; 
  • keep excluding each other from business and technical conversations...

If you also don't want these and all other absurd issues, all startups are dealing with nowadays, then I'm here for you.

This course is your guide to establishing reliable development and testing processes that result in high-quality software, a highly predictable development lifecycle, higher team engagement, and more time for innovation. 

Educated as a software engineer and project manager, I've had the luck to work as a tester in large and complex teams and projects and to learn that cross-team collaboration and open but clear communication interfaces are the keys to efficiency. The most successful companies operate as one team, regardless of their size.

Modern startups need modern QA strategies.

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Quality-Driven Software Development


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