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Design Your First Cohort Based Course


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2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

CBCs are transforming online education. Apply proven tactics from experts in the CBC domain to improve student outcomes and scale revenue.

Hosted by

Dr Aruna K | Educator, ex-Harvard and Gautham | Founder, $10M+ ed-tech startup

Course overview

Switch to Cohort Based Courses and 10x Your Course Revenue

By the end of this course you will have

  • the first draft of your CBC-ready micro lesson
  • had experts handhold you through the best practices of CBC creation and delivery
  • had rich interactions with other fellow CBC creators
  • attended Q&A sessions with CBC creators

Who is this course for?


Experienced educators who wish to create their first online cohort based course


Creators of MOOCs and other online courses who wish to launch their first live premium CBC


Domain experts looking to launch their online teaching career

Topics covered

Curriculum Design

Use backward design methods to thoughtfully craft a student-centered curriculum that enables achievement of specific learning outcomes.

Active Learning Techniques

Today’s students have fleeting attention spans. Learn creative and effective methods to collectively engage students with the course material, their peers and you, the instructor.


Assessments provide valuable feedback about teaching effectiveness.

Learn innovative and fun methods to assess learning outcomes.

Online Native Teaching

Modern day tooling allows you to deliver immersive online learning experiences and create ‘aha’ moments for students. Discover and learn to use the best tools of the trade.


(3 ratings)

See what people are saying

        Aruna and Gautham teach you in a quick format on key aspects of engaging online course design. Excellent combination of theoretical input and applying the knowledge yourself. I designed a micro lesson according to backward design theme incl. learner outcomes and got valuable feedback on how to improve. Highly recommend taking this course!
Kira Gai

Kira Gai

(January 2022 Cohort)
        This course empowered me to take my own CBC to the next level with tons of easy to apply knowledge. It is fast-paced and intimidating at first, but forces you to get ideas down on paper so you can start building your options, which I appreciated. Peer feedback and 1:2 with Aruna and Gautham were very helpful. I highly recommend this course!
Rachel Hoeft

Rachel Hoeft

Mindset Coach, IMG Academy (January 2022 Cohort)
        My company is interested in offering CBCs so I attended this course hoping to understand the process to design one, and also learn best practices of running it. I learned both of these in a very short amount of time - Gautham and Aruna are amazing instructors and they have packed a wealth of knowledge into this course. Highly recommend it!
Shanak Rahman

Shanak Rahman

IMG Academy (January 2022 Cohort)
        Overall the course was a great experience. The level of demand and pace of the classes was just right for a first-time CBC course creator. Both Aruna and Gautham were very involved in my personal learning. The office hours, their personal follow-up and feedback on the workbook were very useful. I now feel more confident about running my own course.
Rodolfo Sagahon

Rodolfo Sagahon

Corporate Impact Venturing. Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico. Former UN Global Compact and ANDE. (December 2021 Cohort)
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Design Your First Cohort Based Course

Course Leads

Dr Aruna K | Educator, ex-Harvard

Dr Aruna K | Educator, ex-Harvard

Co-Founder, HowToCBC

Aruna has taught STEM courses at college and high school levels both in the US and India for 7+ years. In her previous avatar, Aruna was an astrophysicist and lecturer at Harvard University.

Aruna takes an active interest in evidence-based teaching, active learning, neuroscience and all things education & technology.

Gautham | Founder, $10M+ ed-tech startup

Gautham | Founder, $10M+ ed-tech startup

Co-Founder, HowToCBC

Gautham has been a serial entrepreneur in the ed-tech domain for over 8 years.

After launching his first Cohort Based Course back in 2015, he went on to start Pupilfirst.org where Cohort-Based Courses (CBCs) in over 10 different domains have been launched. Over 5000 students have been trained by Pupilfirst across 16 cohorts till date.

At HowToCBC, he's now on a mission to enable 10,000 creators design and launch their first Cohort Based Course.

Course Structure


Find Market - Course - Teacher Fit

Meet your cohort.

Let’s start off with the essentials. Learn how to choose your area of expertise. Hone in on your target audience. Create a compelling course offering for your target audience so you’re ready to bring your course to the world.

  • Distill specific target student persona
  • Describe course offering


Enlist Course Learner Outcomes and Develop your Syllabus

Time to map out the transformational journey your students will take. Define course objectives and use your course objectives to outline a course syllabus.

What will the student be able to demonstrate

  • by the end of the course?
  • by the end of each lesson?


360-degree Evaluation

Creating systems of feedback is essential to continue improving your course. Apply frameworks for evaluating the course and instructor metrics. Assess student performance and create rubrics.


Design a CBC Ready Micro Lesson 1: Content

Begin mapping out your micro lesson

  • Create a micro lesson outline and content plan
  • Split into asynchronous and synchronous parts
  • Choose the learning methods you want to use
  • Design one activity to teach one topic of your interest


Design your CBC Ready Micro Lesson 2: Facilitation and Delivery

Delivery and engagement are key.

  • Learn best practices for creating safe spaces
  • Optimise tech tools to create impactful online native teaching moments
  • Effectively engage student community online


Demo Day & Graduation!

The best learning always happens through doing. Present a small sample of a real class you would conduct in your CBC and get peer and instructor feedback.

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Design Your First Cohort Based Course

Join us on an exciting journey!

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course focuses on live, interactive sessions and hands-on projects

Learn with your peers

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms, discussions and an engaged community

Grow with your cohort

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow alongside you

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Design Your First Cohort Based Course