Product-Market Fit for New Products and Startups

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Methods to achieve faster product validation and market traction. Ideal for new product introductions and early-stage startup leadership.

Course overview

Nailing product-market fit is the precursor to growth and go-to-market actions.

Do you think that growth is simply a function of more marketing and sales? Wondering why customers aren't beating a path to your door? Maybe you haven't achieved product-market fit.

I define product-market fit as tuning the product to meet the needs of the Ideal Customer Profile, while also tuning the Ideal Customer Profile to meet the product’s intended value. Fit is indicated by customer engagement and Sustainable growth.

This interactive cohort-based seminar focuses on the “How” of achieving and maintaining product-market fit (PMF) for B2B businesses – with 7 actionable techniques to use with your team. Whether you’re a senior member of an established company, or a founder of an early-stage startup, the principles and structures are the same.

Through a combination of light coursework, case-studies, group interaction, and 1:1 sessions, we will develop approaches to quantify the status of your current PMF, how to structure a precision-guided Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and how to determine / measure leading PMF indicators.  This course assumes you already know the basics of messaging and positioning.

You’ll return to your team with a set of tools, templates, metrics, and evaluation techniques to ensure that you can also maintain PMF for ideal market traction. That is, how to work cross-organizationally to continuously adjust products to meet ICP needs, as well as how to adjust your ICP to fit product benefits.

The course Includes:

How to construct precision-guided ICPs

Product, marketing, and organizational PMF readiness

Symptoms of (and corrections for) poor PMF

Templates & worksheets for team use

 Metrics and measurement guidance across teams

How to structure and optimize MarTech and instrumentation  

Building a balanced inbound and outbound marketing function

This senior-level workshop is for:


Founders - Needing to establish quantifiable market validation for a strong entry into Series-A/B funding. 


Product Leaders / CMOs - Introducing a new product or penetrating a new market; seeking a successful product introduction.


Senior Product Marketers or Product Managers - looking to improve market traction, to evolve your go-to-market strategy.

What you’ll take from the workshop

Building Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Developing a crisp approach and definition for your intended audience that perfectly meets your product's value.

PMF Tools and Templates

To use to structure customer research, instrumentation, experimentation, and inter-team collaboration.

Leading Indicators and Metrics

How to select PMF metrics, as well as early-indicator metrics that help guide your product and go-to-market motions.

Process and Collaboration Guidance

Repeatable feedback approaches for market-sensing, measurement and feedback, plus Team Models to involve the entire org to create a PMF focus.

Confidence, Direction, Agenda

You'll depart with the ability to create investor and/or management confidence in the success of your new product or venture.

Meet your instructor

Ken Oestreich

Ken Oestreich

I'm bringing to this course over 25 years of Product Marketing and Go-to-Market leadership for new product development, product introductions, and category creation in the B2B space. As a former VP and CMO, I've led cross-discipline teams at recognized companies like Citrix, EMC and Auth0, as well as smaller high-growth startups. Notably, I was part of the core team that took Citrix’s cloud platform from zero to what is now foundational to their billion-dollar business.

As a result of celebrated successes (and some startup failures!) coupled with an engineering background, I've developed and now use a methodical approach to achieving/maintaining product-market-fit.  My "super power" is applying engineering thinking to marketing - Creating clarity to achieve the right outcome-based metrics/goals that align teams.  

Today, I serve as consultant and advisor to marketing / product leaders of smaller firms, fulfilling a passion for coaching and execution. I'm a mentor for First Round Capital as well as for Techstars.

I hold a BSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Columbia University. 

What people say about Ken

        Ken has been instrumental helping our startup find product market fit... Ken took the lead and set us on a path to do customer discovery and test specific messages concepts and ideas. Several months later we have a clear message, deep understanding of our buyer personas and influencers, and are having success finding customers. 
Dan S

Dan S

CEO/Founder, Align Software
        Ken is a truly inspirational team lead. He's one awesome strategist and he gave direction to a team that very much needed it… Ken pushed all of us in the team to be better versions of ourselves.
Vichitra G

Vichitra G

Marketing and Communications Consultant
        Ken has the ability to think big. It's a vision thing. More than that, he works hard to bring those visions to reality. Along the way, people he interacts with get infected with his passion. Ken's personable and a pleasure to work with.
John T

John T

Sr. Engineer, Google
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Product-Market Fit for New Products and Startups


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When products fail when introduced to the market, poor product-market fit is the primary reason.
When products fail when introduced to the market, poor product-market fit is the primary reason.

 🗓 Workshop Schedule  🗓

3-6 hours per week over 2 weeks
  • Session 1) PMF Foundations

    Tuesday 5:00 - 6:30pm (US PT)

    • A pragmatic approach to product-market fit
    • Generally-accepted PMF metrics and variants
    • Early indicator metrics: Retention, DAU/MAU, TTU, NRR, etc.
    • Example diagnostics and cohort analyses
    • Group Workshop: Case-study discussion of participants' unique scenarios
  • Session 2) Organization and Culture

    Thursday 5:00 - 6:50pm (US PT)

    • Organizing for PMF: Collaboration between Product and Marketing
    • Team APIs: How to goal/structure teams to work bi-directionally
    • Group Workshop: Build and discuss Team API templates to use with organizations.
  • Session 3) Optional Office Hours

    Friday 12:00pm (US PT)

    • Open discussion / office-hours / Q&A
  • Session 4) 7 PMF Initiatives

    Tuesday 5:00 - 6:30pm (US PT)

    • 7 Swim-lane PMF actions
    • Map to differing products, services and growth stages. 
    • Maturity Model to achieve/maintain PMF
    • Use of maturity template + assessment  
    • Group Workshop: Assess and critique products and adaptation to each swim lane.
  • Session 5) Individual Case Discussions

    Thursday 5:00 - 6:30pm (US PT)

    • Final individual product case studies + critique 
    • Develop individual action plans to take back to respective teams; review and refine as a group
  • Bonus 1:1 Session - Individual Debrief

    To be arranged

    • Free 1:1 consultative session to discuss any questions, ideas or go-forward strategies following the workshop.

Included: Tools, Templates, Guides

Included: Tools, Templates, Guides

Tools for immediate use

Approaches to assessing product-market fit, as well as how to assess what areas need improvement

Templates for structured actions

Use to structure market-fit analysis, options, trends and assessments

Guides for your teams

To help maintain market fit, direction, goals, OKRs and inter-team alignment

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Product-Market Fit for New Products and Startups


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