Finance for Founders

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Make better decisions by mastering budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and storytelling.

Hosted by

Christian Wattig and Taylor Davidson

We combine 12 years FP&A leadership with 20 years helping 44k founders and VCs.

Course overview

You started a company and you need to understand finance. What do you do?

Finance can be confusing for founders to understand and requires learning a new set of terms, processes, and tools.

Creating a process to budget, forecast, analyze, and report the key metrics for your business is hard. We'll teach you what to care about, and how to do it.

Who is this course for


Founders who need to build their company's internal financial capabilities.


COOs, Chief of Staffs, Head of Operations, and anyone managing budgeting and forecasting.


Anyone who needs to tell the financial story of their business.

What you’ll get out of this course

Measuring financial performance

How to determine the key metrics for your business, and how to use them to guide your narrative and strategy. How to create processes around data, analysis, and reports, and how to use them to drive decision making.

Reporting and storytelling

How to communicate key insights about the financials of a business with stakeholders, focusing on how to tell a story with numbers.

Building a budgeting and forecasting process

How to get more out of your budgeting process than numbers that are outdated the minute they are published. Learn the different types of budgeting approaches. Create a planning process that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and sets you up for organizational learning.

Creating a financial modeling capability

What types of financial models you need as a founder, and how to use them for analyzing business cases, understanding scenarios, and making business decisions.

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Finance for Founders

What people are saying

        [Finance for Founders] This course was a great kickstart to understanding what a startup should think about in terms of financial processes and building meaningful models to guide decisions.
Xavier Friel

Xavier Friel

        [FP&A Bootcamp] Chris' course was fantastic! It was the perfect refresher I needed to start a new job in FP&A. I thoroughly enjoyed the Zoom class sessions along with the exercises that we did in class.
Helen I.

Helen I.

Senior FP&A Manager at Citi
        [FP&A Bootcamp] I recommend this to everyone who is interested in understanding FP&A. I'm transitioning to an FP&A role and this course helped me get a jumpstart to prepare myself with the skills required to succeed.
Joey J

Joey J

Senior Accountant at Hala
        [Cap Table Masterclass] Taylor's classes, videos and resources were very helpful as I further navigate cap tables. My understanding of dilution and waterfall modeling has greatly improved as a result of his class. Taylor was quick to respond to questions and provide updated resources based on class responses / questions.


        [Cap Table Masterclass] There is no other way to put it; Taylor knows his stuff. From his financial model (which I have been using for years) to this course, his work always exceeds expectations. This course covers everything I expected and much more. The detail on SAFES, option pools, and exit waterfalls was the refresher I needed.


Meet your instructor

Christian Wattig

Christian Wattig

Founder and Managing Director, FP&A Prep

Chris held various FP&A and leadership roles at Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Squarespace, and Datarails, He has been responsible for career development, coaching, and daily tasks of over 20 direct reports during this time. 

Chris discovered his passion for teaching when he led the Finance Learning and Development team at Unilever, creating Finance courses for his colleagues.

To continue developing his own skill set, Chris earned his MBA at NYU Stern School of Business, specializing in Leadership and Change Management.

He created FP&A Bootcamp, a live online course to help Finance professionals master FP&A. He has 250+ happy students and 35k+ followers who learn from him on LinkedIn.

He is partnering with Taylor to create Finance for Founders to help founders learn how to create an FP&A process at their companies.

Contact him at or via LinkedIn.

Taylor Davidson

Taylor Davidson

Founder and Managing Director, Foresight

Taylor Davidson is the founder of Foresight, which helps entrepreneurs use financial models for business decisions.

Through his template financial models and strategic advisory services, he has helped over 35,000 entrepreneurs from 116 countries on financial planning, projections, fundraising, valuations, and business strategy.

Taylor has also worked with over 600 angel investors and venture funds on investment strategy, portfolio tracking, capital planning, and fundraising.

He created the Cap Table and Exit Waterfall Masterclass to help founders and VCs learn how to understand and build cap tables and exit waterfalls for their financing rounds.

He is partnering with Chris to create Finance for Founders to help founders learn how to build an FP&A function at their companies.

Contact him at or @tdavidson on Twitter.

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Finance for Founders

Course schedule

~ 4 hours per week
  • Mondays and Wednesdays

    11 am - 1 pm EST

    Four 2-hour long workshops, and always available for questions and support through the online community.

  • No required homework

    The time commitment is manageable for busy professionals. Actionable takeaways that you can use in your businesses today.

  • You have to miss a session?

    All sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at your own time if you can't attend

Your investment is 100% risk-free

Your investment is 100% risk-free

If you attend the sessions, actively participate, and still don’t find the course valuable, we’ll happily refund your full payment until 7 days after the end of the course.

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Finance for Founders

Learning together is more effective - and more fun

Learning together is more effective - and more fun

Active learning, not passive watching

This is a live online course, meaning you’re learning from Chris and Taylor in real-time via Zoom. Our two+ weeks together will include in-workshop small group discussions and guided brainstorming sessions.

A community of peers

This course brings together a community of people just like you - professionals who want more out of their careers and are ready to work hard for it. You’ll make new connections who can support you throughout this course and beyond.

Tactics, cheatsheets, and frameworks

Don't expect just theory and principles. We share best practices that he has seen work across industries. Expect to walk away from each workshop with tools and resources that you can immediately apply to your day-to-day at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to attend all the sessions in real-time?
I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?
How can we cover that much ground in eight hours?
Will there be a community attached to the course?
How long will I have access to the content?
I have more questions, who do I contact?
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Finance for Founders