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Marketing Bootcamp for Small and Emerging Businesses

5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Reach your potential! Grow sales and build your brand with powerful, cost-effective, and proven marketing processes you can execute.

Hosted by

Gary Marmer

Owner, ForceTen Marketing | Ex-Reebok | Start-Up Leader | University Professor

Course overview

High-Powered Marketing Designed Exclusively for Small and Emerging Businesses!

Whether you are a sole proprietor or running a business with 30 employees, this course is essential if you're trying to get off the ground or take it to the next level!

Learn effective (and easy to understand) marketing processes for small business.

Traditional marketing planning is designed for large enterprises. This course teaches marketing that is "right-sized" for your business. Learn the formula for creating plans that get you and your team focused on what's most important - getting the right customers to buy from you and turning them into loyal, repeat buyers.

Maximize the impact of your marketing spend.

You will understand in advance what marketing tactics will work, and be able to quickly discard ideas that won't bear fruit for your business. As a result, your marketing dollars will deliver sales and loyal customers, rather than being an uncertain expense.

Proven success in the real world. It's all about the results!

ForceTen Marketing has helped all types of consumer and B2B businesses find their path to success - whether selling direct, through intermediaries, or to retailers.

The reality is that most companies like yours never achieve their full potential. This course is the most important tool to ensure you reach yours!

This Course is Perfect for Small Business Leaders, Sole Proprietors, and Start-Up Entrepreneurs


Small business leaders responsible for growing the brand into a meaningful enterprise.


Sole proprietors excited about their products or services and need customers to feel the same way.


Start-up founders looking to maximize marketing impact while ensuring every dollar counts.


Aspiring entrepreneurs with great ideas seeking to increase the chance for success.

Learn to Grow Your Small or Emerging Business and Maximize Return on Marketing Spend

Significantly Increase Your Probability of Success!

Gain a deep understanding of how effective marketing strategy will improve your probability of success and efficiently guide your day-to-day tactics.

Write Your Marketing Strategy in Five Simple Steps

You will be taught how to structure your marketing plans so they are straightforward to write and easy for your team to understand and execute.

The Best Story Always Wins - Tell Yours!

You will learn how to create powerful marketing communications that "teach" prospective customers to "desire" your product and buy from you.

Uncover the Best Marketing Tactics to Reach Your Customer

You will understand which tools in the marketing toolbox will be most effective for your target customer, and be able to design your marketing communications for maximum impact!

Make Your Marketing Work and Your Spending Pay Off

Learn how the "marketing umbrella" will keep the organization on track for success, coordinate your marketing for maximum impact, keep your costs under control, and energize your team!

Gary is a Marketing Expert Who Will Help You Achieve Success!

        Gary is a marketing and branding genius. He has a deep understanding of how to position products to best market them to consumers.
Patrick Pittaluga

Patrick Pittaluga

Chief Revenue Officer/Co-Founder, Grubbly Farms
        Gary has been invaluable to our success and has improved our results markedly. His "system" is easy to understand and implement.
Brian Ford

Brian Ford

Managing Partner, Best Tile
        Gary is far and away the best brand marketer and builder I have ever encountered. He has played an integral role in helping us build multiple brands.
Greg Ehrlich

Greg Ehrlich

President, Beck Suppliers
        Gary is a marketer I trust to provide valuable strategic and tactical marketing insights. He delivered an impactful strategic brand narrative that we brought to life in our marketing.
Kelly Healy

Kelly Healy

Director of Marketing, NY State Restaurant Association

Meet Your Expert Instructor

Gary Marmer

Gary Marmer

Owner/President, ForceTen Marketing; Brand and Product Marketing Veteran; Adjunct Professor, Vermont State University

Gary Marmer is a highly energetic and recognized marketing expert after three decades in positions of responsibility at Reebok, Boston Whaler, start-ups, and his own consulting business.

Gary now works closely with a select group of small and medium-sized consumer and B2B companies, helping them reach new levels of success by providing expert guidance in marketing and sales.

Professor Marmer is also a popular adjunct at Vermont State University where he teaches courses in Marketing, Brand Advertising, and Selling.

Gary's passion is to share the knowledge and experience he has acquired throughout his career and looks forward to working with course participants who seek to grow their business' revenues and profitability.

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Marketing Bootcamp for Small and Emerging Businesses


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Oh the Things You Will Learn! Let's Grow Your Business.


Defying Gravity (Growing Your Business) is as Easy as ABCD

Discover how marketing strategy will lift your business, and learn our proprietary formula (ABCD) for getting prospective buyers to desire the product or service you're selling!


Workshop: Connecting Dots (Discovering Opportunities) is FAB

Together, we will zero in on your greatest opportunities, determine who your best customers are, come up with your top strategies for success, and understand your features, advantages, and benefits (FABs)!


The Best Story Always Wins - Learn to Tell Yours!

Learn how to construct a brand narrative so that it engages your customers and creates the desire to buy. Your narrative will follow a template that is proven to help tell your best story!


Workshop: Write Your Brand Narrative (Your Best Story)

Together, we will develop your company's brand story so that your target customers will want to buy and come back for more! This narrative becomes your "content stock room" for all your marketing executions.


Put Your Marketing Under the Umbrella (Make it Work for You!)

Use our proprietary "Marketing Umbrella" to choose the right marketing executions (print, digital/social, personal selling, POP, email, etc) that will grow your sales, build your brand, and get your business defying gravity!

Course Schedule

2 hrs/class & some homework for 5 weeks!
  • Monday Classes - Start Your Week Energized!

    12:00pm - 2:00pm ET

    Discover insights and new skills you can put to use right away. Two hours of mind-expanding learning and live Q&A each week!

  • Workshopping Your Plan!

    2 Mondays Devoted Just to Your Business

    There are two classes where you will present to your instructor and fellow students for feedback. Your work will become the cornerstone of your marketing strategy and plan!

  • Friday One on One with Instructor! (optional)

    Schedule Your 15 Minutes (9am - 3pm ET)

    Two private meetings where you will receive focused marketing consulting. We will discuss your business and plans before liftoff! Offered the Friday after the first and third class.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Marketing Bootcamp for Small and Emerging Businesses


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