Hiring Hacks - Build Your Best Team

Cohort-based Course

Learn how to find the best talent and how to choose from candidates at any level and under any circumstance.



Course overview

Secret tips and tricks to find and land star talent

Course Content:

(1) Finding the best talent - Sourcing channels

- Maximize the quantity and quality of hiring by targeting the top sourcing channels

- How to leverage employee referrals

- How to ask for referrals

- What an effective referral drive looks like

- How to increase the diversity of candidates

- How to engage new college graduates, industry hires, reskilling, internal transfers,

(2) Finding the best talent - Sourcing process

- How to manage recruiting like a sales funnel

- How to write a clear and compelling job description (JD)

- How to best work with HR

- How to patrol your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

(3) Finding the best talent - Working well with recruiters

- How you work with recruiters determine your results

- Learn the secrets of what recruiters love

- Learn the process I used to make 2-3 tech hires per week and conduct 225 interviews per year

(4) Assessing candidates (interviewing) - Methodology

- Learn what an effective interview process looks like

- Be clear on interviewing specifics to avoid mistakes

(5) Assessing candidates (interviewing) - Team

- How to create great interview teams

- Know the role of other assessment tools

(6) Assessing candidates (interviewing) - References

- Interviews have many limitations, references are your safety net, learn how to maximize this

Material you get:

- Video recording of all live sessions available via Maven platform

- Class slides as a PDF

Advice is based on Ethan's personal experience from 12+ years at 3 different startups and 15+ years at Amazon as a Senior Manager, Director, and Vice President (including as an Amazon Bar Raiser and Bar Raiser Core Leader, responsible for training and maintaining Amazon's group of interview outcome facilitators.)

Who is this course for


Hiring managers who want to stand out as capable leaders who know how to find and hire the best talent


New and first time managers who do not want to make costly hiring mistakes


Recruiters who want to continue honing their skills

What you’ll get out of this course

How to find the best talent

Go in-depth on sourcing channels, standing up an effective sourcing process, and how to work well with HR and recruiters

How to interview and asses candidates

Go in-depth on standing up an effective methodology, how to create great interview teams, and how to use references as your safety net

Learn from Ethan's personal experience and stories (not theory)

Hear Ethan's experience first hand and learn from the specific actions Ethan took

Live Q&A with Ethan

Get your top questions answered immediately after lecture

This course includes

Interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

In-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

Projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Course syllabus

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    What people are saying

            This is a fantastic, information rich class. Ethan is a highly engaging speaker with a lot of first hand experience. He does a great job presenting the information in a relatable way. I would highly recommend this class to anybody building out and leading teams.
    Joshua Harris

    Joshua Harris

    Engineering Leadership, Stripe
            Ethan's hiring class is concise, straightforward, and easily understandable. It delves into various aspects of hiring, such as candidate sourcing and closing, which I hadn't considered before. The tactics and methodologies taught by Ethan have equipped me with the tools to enhance my team's performance and gain a competitive edge.
    Dmytro Klymenko

    Dmytro Klymenko

    Engineering Manager, Adobe
            A must for those who want to raise the bar on the talent they're bringing in. Ethan offers insights gained interviewing thousands as a Amazon Bar Raiser, a best in class practice for ensuring hiring is balanced, unbiased, and equitable -- and provides the data that shows how this directly impacts ROI, employee experience, and brand perception.
    Sara Yates

    Sara Yates

    Sr. Lead Design Operations, BILL
            Ethan's course is a masterclass in how to run an effective, efficient hiring program. Even experienced leaders will learn something new or find ways to improve their existing hiring process.


            This was an excellent class and understated how important this is, nobody teaches this to the managers who come into position of hiring. I hired 50+ myself and still got a lot of great, great perspective here.


            Ethan's stories of what to do and what not to do as a hiring leader are chock full of wisdom. Take this course and you'll come away with actionable steps to scale your impact and your team's.
    Director of Product Management

    Director of Product Management

            This course should be mandatory for all new hiring managers.
    Amazon Bar Raiser

    Amazon Bar Raiser

            This class should be a mandatory class especially for first time managers.
    Director of Product Management

    Director of Product Management

    Meet your instructor

    Ethan Evans

    Ethan Evans

    Retired Amazon Vice President; now Coaching Leaders to become True Executives

    In my 15+ years at Amazon, I led global teams of 800+ and invented well-known businesses and products such as Prime Video, Amazon Video, Amazon Appstore, Merch by Amazon, Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime), and Twitch Commerce.

    • 10,000+ resume reviews.
    • 2,500+ live interviews.
    • 1,000+ hires.
    • Was an Amazon Bar Raiser and Bar Raiser Core Leader, responsible for training and maintaining Amazon's group of interview outcome facilitators.
    • Ran recruiting and HR in 3 startups over a 5 year period.
    • Hired for all roles: executive level and functions I could not do myself (e.g. video game artists, lawyers)
    • 70+ patents.
    • Helped advocate for and draft the Amazon Leadership Principle (LP) “Ownership” — the words, “They never say ‘that’s not my job.’” are mine.

    I've promoted 8 reports from Senior Manager (Amazon L7) to Director (Amazon L8), contributed to 25+ Director promotions, hired 10+ Directors internally and externally, drove the promotion of 3 engineers to Principal, and of my former reports 2 are current Amazon VPs (L10) and 5 are C-Suite outside of Amazon.

    I retired from Amazon as a Vice President in September 2020 to allow me to focus on paying forward my good fortune to others.

    Prior to Amazon, I spent 12 years at 3 startups.

    Follow me on LinkedIn.

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