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6 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

A Revolutionary Alt Approach for Founders to Building Action & Mobilization Superpowers

Course overview

Master The Art Of Startup Leadership

🎯 In ELP, I will teach you radically potent and advanced leadership skills to communicate with power and thrive in leading high-performing teams and organizations. 

🤸‍♀️ Learn to orchestrate energizing moods, boost team engagement, foster trust, resolve conflicts, innovate in the face of breakdowns, and navigate work politics with ease. 

📈 Boost your career with the skills and sensibilities to seize opportunities, take larger responsibility, and expand your business.

📚 Initially built on communication and human potential research done at Stanford, Berkeley, and Cambridge and privately deployed at 250+ companies portfolio at a major VC network. Now for the first time, available publicly. 

😌 Our results speak for themselves. Upon exit survey, 94% of participants in our previous cohorts said they were deeply satisfied with the program, and 75% said they would “strongly recommend” it to their peers.

This Cohort Is For Startup Founders


Who want to: Resolve conflicts, turn breakdowns into opportunities, delegate, negotiate, and manage stress.


Who want to: Inspire their team to greatness by coaching each team member to perform at their level best.


Who want to: Innovate, create allies, deliver serious results, become dependable, and gain trust from stakeholders.

What you’ll get out of this course

Resolve conflicts powerfully

Learn to listen to and deal with conflicts and disagreements from a powerful new context that transforms adversity into collaboration.

Inspire your team

Acquire the tools to inspire, energize, and mobilize your team to unleash their full potential by recontextualizing your and others' biases and stuckness.

Develop personal resilience

Learn to manage stress, prevent burnout, and maintain a healthy work-life balance for sustained performance & productivity.

Communicate like a boss

Boost your communication acumen to listen and tap into what’s otherwise concealed, diagnose issues, negotiate effectively, and cause action to happen powerfully.

Transform Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs

Learn to spot opportunities in the midst of breakdowns, orchestrate generative moods, and turn your startup into a lean-mean-innovation-machine.

Make good decisions fast

Learn to make grounded assessments, and develop fast decision-making prowess under pressure, enabling agile navigation through complex situations with confidence.

Create powerful relationships

Navigate office politics effectively, fostering strong alliances and a collaborative culture for mutual success. Learn to build these relationships fast.

Navigate changing environments

Learning to learn is the master skill of the 21st century. Embrace an approach to rapid learning and entering into new domains with evolving business landscapes.

Cultivate emotional intelligence

Cultivate your own moods, emotions, reactions, and behaviors to produce powerful context and mobilization in your teams, peers, and investors.

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AI-Enabled Coursework:

You will have exclusive access to ✨ Saqibot 🤖

Your personal work AI; meticulously trained on highly specialized and proprietary methodology.

94% of graduates said they were "Deeply Satisfied" with the course!

        Saqib is a very sincere leader that has the intention to help and support all the participants. He brings a different outlook and forces all of us to think outside our norms.
Samira Shihab

Samira Shihab

CEO at Tinkerlust | Principal at AC Ventures
        As an emerging startup leader in a volatile world, it is important to me to navigate between moods and pressure from stakeholders and find work-life balance. The course helped me build fundamental skills to understand how to deal with all of this and invent new futures in effective way that I have not experienced before.
Claudia Backes

Claudia Backes

Chief of Products at Moss
        I learned that leadership is the act of navigating change and creating change to remove the feeling of being stuck. The distinctions gave me new power for myself and my peers. Now, I find myself regularly using this new vocabulary, and using the leadership virtues to create new possibilities for my team and the organization as a whole.
Adrian Latortue

Adrian Latortue

Portfolio Manager at 500 Startups
         In every session, I thought about the people that work with me and imagined how great it would be for them also to have the opportunity to take the course. I catch myself telling my husband repeatedly about what I learned, and for the first time in years, I feel engaged with my leadership, my career, and my self-development.
Guida Sampedro

Guida Sampedro

Head of Marketing at Moss
        In such a high-performance and dynamic industry such as VC, most people never take a moment to pause and reflect on themselves and whether they are performing at their best. Having a forum where you can pause and approach all of these challenges is really powerful. I definitely recommend this program for its content & for the fun space it creates.
Abel Bezares

Abel Bezares

Senior VC at Cometa
        This course was super useful in managing my team (both upwards and downwards) and also in approaching general life and work situations to avoid anxiety.
Lucia Montalvo

Lucia Montalvo

Principal at Salkantay Ventures
        There were some really good points discussed during the sessions that would stay with me hopefully forever. Especially having a starter mindset, context vs. content, thinking about care when giving negative assessment, etc.
Aparna Jindal

Aparna Jindal

Senior Associate at Capria Ventures

Meet your instructor

Saqib Rasool

Saqib Rasool

Program Leader

I am Saqib Rasool, the co-founder & CEO at Conceivian. As a Pakistani-American entrepreneur, coach, and author, I started my career at Microsoft as an engineer. Later, I co-founded several startups, from raising millions in funding to exits, and built a start-up accelerator that has evolved into what is now Conceivian, an academy for leaders.

I see work and entrepreneurship as a way of being to deal with change, locate waves, and learn to navigate towards a better future. My passion for cultivating and mobilizing emerging leaders and changemakers led me to study human potential, action, teamwork, innovation, entrepreneurship, and power.

Over the last decade, I've had the privilege of assisting thousands in elevating their careers and finding joy and purpose in their work. My journey has shaped my unique approach to leadership development, and I look forward to sharing these insights with you.

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Emerging Leaders Program - ELP


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ELP Curriculum: Four Virtues for Leadership


Transforming Breakdowns

Breakdowns are inevitable. Your power and quality of work, career and life, depends on how you deal with breakdowns Learn how to deal with breakdowns powerfully and produce breakthroughs.


Becoming a New Beginner

This virtue prepares leaders to learn quickly and act effectively, in new and challenging situations, by developing a particular kind of mood that is a blend of humility, intense curiosity, and openness. Cultivating this mood is especially important if you are responsible for starting and managing important undertakings.


Generating New Contexts

Leaders and teams need meaning and context to thrive and produce unprecedented results. How you view your life & work and your role in it shape the reality you live in. The virtue of Generating New Context gives an emerging leader the ability to see and bring forth a new possibility in stuck and resigned situations.  


Navigating Moods

This virtue is about building personal and team resilience and optimism and growing the capacity for dealing with change powerfully. Moods are our opinions about our future and are generally invisible to us. Our ability to navigate complicated challenges very much depends on our capacity for navigating moods in the situation.


Making Grounded Assessments

The virtue helps emerging leaders wake up to their blindnesses and biases and clear the way for making critical judgments — assessments — about where they are stuck, how to move in a situation, who to listen to, whom to trust, and what actions to take.


Mobilizing Action

Action moves worlds. However, Action is not what you might think—being busy, running around, etc. Here, you will learn a powerful language and a framework for taking action and generating results.

Course Schedule & Delivery

2 hours per week
  • Step 1. Pre-Survey

     Conducted ASAP after registration

    Prospective participants start with a short survey to self-assess and determine areas for growth. This gives us a baseline on where participants stand in the leadership virtues covered in ELP. 

  • Step 2. The ELP Community

    Joined ASAP after registration

    Participants are invited to join the private course community, where they can review the discourse video ahead of each live group call and connect with other participants.

  • Step 3. Pre-recorded Discourses

    Before each live group call

    Drawn from 20+ years of leadership in enterprises & startups, combined with extensive coaching experience, ELP offers four potent leadership virtues. Each video discourse, grounded in linguistic ontology and evolutionary biology, opens new possibilities and insights.

  • Step 4. 1:1 Coaching (Optional)

    Available upon request

    Welcome to schedule a call with any of our coaches throughout the program and up to 2 weeks after. Bring to the table a pressing concern, and go to work on it.

  • Step 5. Weekly Live Group Call

    10am - 12pm PST or 5pm - 7pm PST

    Join a 2-hour Live Weekly Group Call by Zoom. We offer 2 live sessions each week to accommodate participants from globally diverse regions. Join either session. Each session begins with a short discourse and is followed up with a lively Q&A.

  • Step 6. Post-Survey

    Conducted upon graduation

    After completion, we provide a follow-up evaluation to measure progress against the ELP objectives, listen to participants’ assessments, and make recommendations for follow-on leadership coaching opportunities.

Free resource

Article: Kill Being Nice

You may or may not have already realized that being nice does not get you very far in life. If this is something you suffer from, you may have accepted it as a part of your personality. So, let us investigate this business of being nice. Is “being nice” a mood or a part of personality? I propose to you that there is no such thing called personality, that is fixed, that is natural and about which you can do nothing much. What you may call personality is really a jumble of opinions about how life is, and how life is going to be...

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Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Immersive Learning Experience

Dive into a rich blend of live workshops, pre-recorded videos, and assignments, accentuated by stimulating dialogues for an engaging learning journey.

Dynamic, Issue-focused Community

Collaborate with your cohort in breakout rooms, exchanging perspectives and strategies on real-life work scenarios, fostering a shared learning experience.

Empowerment through Peer Learning

Step into a vibrant community of ambitious individuals committed to growth, fostering camaraderie, shared understanding, and lasting connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Emerging Leaders Program - ELP


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Theoretical Underpinnings Behind Our Work

Select References on Linguistic Ontology + Evolutionary Biology + Computer Science

Built on the decades of work done on human potential, communications, and coordination at Oxford, Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and the US Naval Academy, Conceivian programs stand in the traditions of evolutionary biology, linguistic ontology, and computer science.  

Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela

The Tree of Knowledge: The Biological Roots of Human Understanding. Shambhala, 1992

Martin Heidegger

What Is Called Thinking? Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1954.

J. L. Austin

How to Do Things with Words. Harvard University Press, 1975.

Hubert L. Dreyfus, and Stuart E. Dreyfus

Mind over Machine: The Power of Human Intuition and Expertise in the Era of the Computer. The Free Press, 1986.

Fernando Flores

Management and Communication in the Office of the Future. Doctoral dissertation, University of CA Berkeley, 1980.

Fernando Flores and Terry Winograd

Understanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design. Addison-Wesley Professional, 1987.

Charles Spinosa, Fernando Flores, and Hubert Dreyfus

Disclosing New Worlds: Entrepreneurship, Democratic Action, and the Cultivation of Solidarity. MIT Press, 1997.

Chauncey Bell

Mobilize: Dancing In The World - Navigating Questions, Commitments, and Contingencies, Harvester Press, 2020. 

James Flaherty

Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others, 3rd Edition. Routledge, 2011. 

Gemma Corradi Fiumara

The Other Side of Language: A Philosophy of Listening. Routledge, 1990. 

Saqib Rasool & Victoria Ruelas

The Discourses of Power - 60+ Private Papers on Ontological Design, Communications, and Human Potential