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The Great Imitation Challenge

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Master the style of your favorite native English speaker in 21 days! Don't have one yet? Discover who it is in this exceptional challenge.

Hosted by

Jill Diamond

Former actor/singer turned speech coach, favored by professionals since 1997.

Course overview

Is your spoken American English leaving you behind in your career and life?

Get the dream job and community you desire by learning the secrets of public speaking through imitation. Yep, that's right! You're going to apply The Diamond Method speaking frameworks to one of your most admired public speakers. And guess what? You're gonna crush it!

Who is this course for


You're a seasoned professional who speaks English as a second language at an advanced level.


You're frustrated when asked to repeat yourself. You lose sleep over presentations. And you feel unpolished when answering questions.


You have professional and personal dreams that you know you can reach if only you found a way to master the way Americans speak English.

Key outcomes

Model your preferred native English speaker through imitation

When it comes to acquiring proficiency in a second language, copying the sounds and speech patterns of native English speakers is your best bet for achieving success and tackling your fluency challenges. Join The Great Imitation Challenge and model your way to success!

Experiment with the 6 frameworks inside The Diamond Method

Have you been working on your American accent without the results you desire? Join The Great Imitation Challenge and experiment with applying thought chunking, emphasis, rhythm, melody, diction, and flow so that you master your speaking skills.

Dissect your (and your peers') speech and build an incredible ear for English

Having an intellectual understanding of a foreign language is different from speaking with amazing skills. You need to become the speaker and listener at the same time. Join The Great Imitation Challenge, fine-tune your self-awareness, and become that amazing speaker yourself!

Feel rewarded by your hard work resulting in enhanced English-speaking skills and confidence

When you put in the time required to be successful in The Great Imitation Challenge, your hard work will take you inside deeper conversations and greater opportunities. The end of the challenge is just the beginning of many more rewards to come.  

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The Great Imitation Challenge

See what people are saying

        Thanks to Jill, I can now identify the way native English speakers "play" with their own language using intonation, melody, stress, volume, pausing, and more. This will contribute to my improved business presentations in English without a doubt. Plus, Jill's an excellent teacher!!!"
André Almeida

André Almeida

VP, Enterprise Sales & Market Development at Voxy
        Jill Diamond embodies extravagant mentorship. I've been through several of her programs and her methods really help me to understand and acquire the rhythm and flow of spoken English. As a result of Jill's coaching, I have discovered my spoken English voice and learned to love it.
Roselle Gale

Roselle Gale

Community Manager at The Keystone By Homestead
        Jill comes to every session prepared with a wealth of ideas and materials to use. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her on your communications needs. She has a true passion for what she does.
Esther Rombaut-Enriquez

Esther Rombaut-Enriquez

Managing Director, Investor Relations at CVC Capital Partners
        I am grateful for Jill’s unique methodology of working. She makes you do things you didn’t know you could do. She succeeds in improving your speaking skills through her great professional experience and powerful human skills.
Marion Pohu

Marion Pohu

Leather Goods & Accessories Designer at Marni



Part One: Who's your guru?

You'll begin your challenge by choosing the native English speaker you'd like to model for the next three weeks. We'll call this person your "Guru." During this phase of the challenge, you'll also learn The 6 Diamond Method Frameworks that will enhance your communication skills in English.


Part Two: Get inside your guru's head

You'll spend a significant amount of time observing how your Guru uses The Diamond Method Frameworks in their speech. This will get you inside the head of your Guru as you begin to take on their speaking style.


Part Three: Feel your guru's courage

After you've got an intellectual understanding of how your Guru applies The Diamond Method to their communication, it's time for you to imitate their speaking style through their words. In this next step, you worry less about the "language" and more about the application of the frameworks.


Part Four: Find your guru's magic

Now that you have successfully applied The Diamond Method frameworks to your Guru's speech, it's time for you to imitate their speaking style and apply the frameworks to your own thoughts and words. Are you ready to feel the magic?

Polish. Speak. Shine.

The Diamond Method gives you the speaking skills you need to succeed in English.

Thought Chunking

Pausing and pacing communicate confidence, facilitate thinking, and establish trust with listeners.  


Pausing and pacing communicate confidence, facilitate thinking, and establish trust with listeners.  


Using syllable stress correctly ensures clarity of speech and being understood by native English speakers.


Applying the musical patterns of American English allows for dynamic communication that engages others.


Shaping the vowels of important words correctly elevates your English and helps you stand out with professionalism.


Connecting and reducing words like an American helps you sound fluent and natural when you speak.


Minimum of 5 Hours Weekly = Your Success
  • Challenge Workshops

    3 WEEKS: Mon-Fri 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST

    Show up to our 30-minute workshops Monday-Friday to think quickly and implement the 6 Frameworks from The Diamond Method. The next challenge runs from January 9th-January 27th.

  • VIP Sessions

    3 WEEKS: Mon-Fri 10:50 AM - 12:00 PM EST

    This special invitation will take you backstage for 10 minutes before and 30 minutes after each workshop so you can accelerate the application of The Diamond Method. Sign up for the VIP upgrade in your welcome email after you enroll and gain extra time with Jill and your peers.

  • Daily projects

    30 minutes daily

    To succeed at The Great Imitation Challenge, make sure your schedule allows you to add a minimum of 30 minutes daily to assignments outside of our challenge workshops.

  • Office Hours

    Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:00 PM - 3: 30 PM

    Have questions or want to run something by Jill and the group? Stop by the daily office hours scheduled each afternoon for 30 minutes. PLUS, special weekend sessions.

  • Special Weekend Sessions

    Saturdays 11AM - 12PM

    Meet us on the first and second Saturdays for special office hours and review. Plus a grand finale 90-minute workshop on the last Sunday.

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The Great Imitation Challenge

Meet your instructor

Jill Diamond

Jill Diamond

As a former actor and singer, I know that self-expression is at the heart of every great communicator.

And when it comes to speaking a foreign language, I know that it isn't so easy to accomplish "public speaking" greatness in a second language.

That's why I've taken my life's work and created The Diamond Method. In just 6 easy-to-use frameworks, you'll accelerate your spoken American English and be speaking like a pro in no time.

I've had the great fortune of bringing my methodology to thousands and thousands of working professionals since 1997 and I am passionate about adding you to the list.

Want to know more about me? Check me out here.

Otherwise, enroll in The Great Imitation Challenge today (or get on the waitlist to be the first to know when the next challenge opens.)

And remember, the advancement of your English-speaking dreams is just one challenge away.

In addition to the daily instructional videos, worksheets, and encouragement, you'll get:


Instead of just working solo watching videos and reading documents, this challenge builds on live workshops and hands-on projects so that you can feel change each and every day.


You'll be joining a community of like-minded people who want to enhance their advanced English and who will grow alongside you and hold you to higher standards than if you did it alone.


The Diamond Method's speaking tools are organized into six easy-to-use frameworks. You'll dissect them all: Thought Chunking, Emphasis, Rhythm, Diction, Melody, and Flow. 


There's nothing better than having access to an expert when you are mastering a new skill. That's why there are daily office hours to have your questions answered by Jill.

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The Great Imitation Challenge

People LOVE Jill. See why.

        This is not the first educational course for me. I've had tens, maybe hundreds of English courses in my life, but your course is very specific because of the atmosphere you create, your energy and your passion. Thank you for that!
Alexander Belin

Alexander Belin

Business Analysis EMEA Regional Director
        I just want to say thank you Jill for your generosity and dedication to getting all of us together. I'm so impressed by the progress everyone made. I really enjoyed working with everyone. Such a special group!
Jenny May

Jenny May

        The atmosphere that Jill creates in her program makes all the difference.
Claudia Mollin

Claudia Mollin

English Teacher
        What a terrific group. I really thank everyone for their support. Thank you Jill for all the tools and techniques!
Mary Joy Garcia-Dia

Mary Joy Garcia-Dia

Program Director, Nursing Informatics, Institute of Nursing Excellence and Innovation, Corporate Nursing New York-Presbyterian

Frequently Asked Questions

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In what ways will I apply my learning to the real world?
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How could I get this course reimbursed by my company?
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The Great Imitation Challenge