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Sell your Business Bootcamp

Cohort-based Course

Learn about the planning, preparation, and execution necessary to get the best outcome when selling your business.

Hosted by

Cole & Guillaume

Started an award winning LED company, grew it to $60M rev/year and sold it.

Course overview


This live cohort will provide you with the foundational knowledge to prepare you for selling a company,

The course will focus on the planning and preparation prior to and during the sale.

Also, we will cover how to avoid the main pitfalls during the process.

Who is this course for


Entrepreneurs thinking about or in the process of selling their business


Investors considering selling a business or divesting shares


Board Members preparing for the sale of a business

What you’ll get out of this course

When to sell & how to prepare for it

Understand that being ready to sell does not mean you just want to sell. You will understand that the entire company, organization, strategy, finance, and the team have to be set up

Involved parties internally & externally

Set-up the best team within your firm, but also leveraging the right external sources such as bankers, lawyers and financial advisors for a fruitful outcome

Timeline & sales process

Going through the milestones and key timelines to coordinate with all parties involved. Addressing the full process from preparation to sale.

Understanding the buyers

Understand the vision, sensitiveness and financial goals of Private Equity Vs Strategic buyers so targeting and execution are optimized

Key materials from deck to due diligence

Get a clear and detailed vision of all items to prepare, present, review and execute at each stage of the process

How to evaluate the best deal

Learn how to vision a deal from beginning to the end, including the transition, roll over and communication to all parties involved in the business and negotiate with the buyer

Professional Experience

        Cole and Guillaume brought me up to speed on selling my business, there were so many things I had no idea about. It was like being taught a sport by a professional athlete.


        I personally saw these guys expand to become an industry leader and eventually sell to a prominent firm. It's amazing to have access to them through their consulting and other businesses.


        Working with Guillaume and Cole, I was impressed with how they managed extensive international due diligence and were able to successfully sell, all while profitably growing the company. Impressive!


Private Equity
        It was interesting to see how Guillaume and Cole removed themselves from the day to day in order to focus on the sale. It paid off and they managed to exit the business.



Meet your instructor

Cole & Guillaume

Cole & Guillaume

Cole and Guillaume started GREEN CREATIVE, a commercial LED lighting company while living in Shanghai, China. 

Bootstrapped, they grew the business from scratch to more than $60 million in annual revenue and exited it to a private equity fund within seven years.

As a new entrant against industry giants, the two managed to gain tremendous market penetration, achieve industry-wide brand awareness, and was recognized for its innovation. 

Guillaume and Cole work with entrepreneurs across a diverse array of industries to help navigate the complexities of a sales process.  

In collaborating with entrepreneurs from YPO and EO, it became clear that in many cases, entrepreneurs selling their business have a massive disadvantage when going into a process, which can impact the outcome. 

This is how the Sell Your business boot camp was born. 

Guillaume is a French entrepreneur and investor who is hooked on marketing, product management and R&D. Having spent 15 years in Asia, he has now settled in Los Angeles, California. 

Cole Zucker is an entrepreneur and investor who has founded, scaled, and sold two companies, largely focused on sales.  Originally from the East Coast, Venice beach is now his home. 

Learn more about our current business: www.zuvi.fund

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Sell your Business Bootcamp

Course syllabus



When to sell & prep for it 

Involved parties internally & externally 

Timeline & sales process



Buyers Targeting

Key items from deck to due diligence  

Best Deal Understanding 

Course schedule

90 Minutes per Session
  • 9am-10.30am PST

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can’t make a live session?
How can I get more details on some topics?
Is this relevant for my business size and industry?
Can I get a specific consulting for my business sale?
Will I meet other entrepreneurs in the selling process?
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Sell your Business Bootcamp