How Women Can Create World-Changing Companies

2 Days


Cohort-based Course

Success is not about what or who you know -- it’s about identity, mental models, and mindfulness practices.

Course overview

Your Mindset Can Cost You MILLIONS

If you find yourself:

1. Building your business in survival mode (constant anxiety and overwhelm = suboptimal performance and finances in flux)

2. Second-guessing every decision (analysis paralysis)

3. Almost getting the next big opportunity but it ALWAYS seems to fall through

4. Feeling like success is a constantly moving target

5. Feeling small in rooms with big names (imposter syndrome); not building the relationships that could unlock scale

6. Costing yourself 5, 6 and 7-figure deals sitting in your inbox, out of fear that you can't deliver

7. Rejecting revenue by settling in negotiations out of fear that you'll miss out

8. Imposing your own glass ceiling by not going for the INSANE opportunities

This course is for you.

If you're ready to become the woman of your dreams and live a life far beyond anything you could have imagined for yourself, it's time.

First presented as a keynote at Harvard, this two-day course will rewrite your future as a world-changing woman.

Who is this course for


Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Changemakers, Creators, and Leaders


Ambitious, high-performing women that love achievement but hate the hustle & burnout culture


Women that want to feel confident in their identity as a world-changing entrepreneur and play a bigger game

What you’ll get out of this course

Master mental models that help you 10X your life and business

Unlock greater capacity for creativity, innovation, and execution to achieve unbelievable levels of success and connect the dots looking forward

Abundance mindset principles rooted in high-performance psychology 

Experience safety and ease handling more money. Train your brain to create and optimize opportunities for wealth and always go for gold

Mindfulness practices that can make or break your business

Master your mind and experience a powerful surge in self-belief, accelerate identity shifts, and scale yourself with the power of compounding habits 

Get crystal clear on your vision & mission to unlock luck and scale for impact

Frameworks for masterful execution to double your output in half the time

Remove self-sabotaging behaviors from the root and leave burnout culture behind with frameworks for prioritization and targeted deep work.

Build self-trust to enable you to transform big ideas into rapid RESULTS

Access to a community of like-minded women that will cheer you on

Discipline is the greatest act of self-love — let accountability accelerate you.

Surround yourself with humans that don't let you cheat yourself out of what you're capable of.

What people are saying

        What an incredible human being. Her work ethic and positive energy, infectious. Arooj is ambitious and courageous, which is complemented by her humble and fun-loving nature. She’s the cheerleader you want on your side to challenge you.
Samson Lei

Samson Lei

Kastner LA
        I have never felt so seen as the person I always knew I could be. Not only did Arooj help me transform the way that I see myself as an entrepreneur, I see this reflected back to me in my business. I find myself landing more clients, having confidence in charging what I'm worth, and finally feeling like I'm playing at the level I have always wanted.
Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee

YOU Women's Wellness

Meet your instructor

Arooj Sheikh

Arooj Sheikh

CEO of COVO Venture Studio + Wealth Visionaries Collective Think Tank

As the CEO of COVO Venture Studio, Arooj helps entrepreneurs achieve the impossible. She invests in and helps scale meaningful businesses.

Additionally, Arooj has been involved in building, launching, or growing over 20 companies to date. She is a futurist, podcast host, author, keynote speaker, and seasoned startup advisor.

An adventurer at heart, Arooj lives abroad seasonally and loves slow travel. She's lived in Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, San Francisco, Austin, and Singapore. She loves all things wellness, language learning, and dancing.

📗Author of "The Fundraising Strategy Playbook"

👠"Woman To Watch" - Austin Woman Magazine

🔊International Speaker - Harvard University, Startup World Cup, Women’s Venture Summit, Women's Entrepreneur Summit, Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit, BigVU, The Ortus Club, Diamond Challenge, and many more

🌎World Traveler - summers in Europe, winters in South America

Connect with Arooj at:

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How Women Can Create World-Changing Companies


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Course schedule

10 hours total
  • Saturday & Sunday

    11:00 AM - 5 PM Central Time

    9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

    12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time

    Two full days of transformation... with ample rest time to keep you refreshed and recharged!

  • Virtual Weekend Retreat

    Woo hoo!

    This course takes place over a weekend to accommodate busy work schedules. Community-focused and fun, this course is designed to be a mastermind-style virtual weekend retreat!

  • Interactive Live Sessions & Resources

    Interactive live sessions + resources for you to integrate into your mindset rituals.

    Limited spots available!

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How Women Can Create World-Changing Companies


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