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Product Market Fit Bootcamp

Cohort-based Course

Speed up your market success by building a comprehensive PMF plan using the Five Factors Framework 

Hosted by

Anurag Wadehra

ex-Google, P&G, CMO @ 2 public SaaS co., Founder or operator @ 6 tech startups

Course overview

Gain insights on how to sharpen your product market fit - and execute smarter

Top rated by tech CEOs from U.S., U.K., Israel and India who took this course outside of Maven.

Avg rating 9.1/10; Median rating 10/10 across two cohorts


Many early stage companies hustle to find product market fit hoping to get lucky. They launch the tech, get a bunch of early customers - and hope that they find the market. Hustle without a plan, hope without a strategy, doesn’t work. 

This bootcamp offers an alternative.

Master the PMF Five Factors Framework, a market driven structured approach to:

1. Figure out the right customer to target

2. Position your product offering, not just tech

3. Establish your category point of view

4. Lay out your go-to-market pathways

5. Assess the key talent you need 

Tie it all together with a plan ready to test in the market. 

This cohort-based course includes teaching, peer feedback, frameworks, worksheets & resources in live sessions with Anurag to prepare your value story and an actionable PMF plan.

This course is for you IF...


You're an early or growth stage B2B Tech Founder who knows the hustle.

You need to speed up your PMF plan for lean times.


You’re a Product Leader that has a product [MVP] in market - but not enough user traction yet.


You’re a GTM Leader (Sales or Marketing) with early customers.

Though you are not sure of the ideal profile or the best GTM to reach them.

Key Outcomes

Confidence in planning and iterating for your PMF
  • Master the new Five Factors Framework - and learn how to apply it to your PMF Journey
  • Start with a baseline scorecard of your current PMF state - exposing areas that need improvement
A calibrated compass of your PMF factors with frameworks & worksheets
  • Customer - Common customer types & value frameworks in tech
  • Product - Your whole product offering, not just features
  • Category - Where to play in a tech/market category 
  • Go-To-Market - Maps for Product Led, Sales Led, Channel or Community led etc
  • Talent - Skills needed for PMF
A company narrative (brand story) that unifies your PMF factors
  • Your brand story created inside-out from your “product magic” and outside-in from your market
  • Versions to test with customers, partners, employees & investors

An actionable PMF plan, ready to execute
  • PMF metrics you need to achieve, factors to improve, risks to mitigate
  • Build, Measure, Learn loop and the cycle time in which you have to execute 
A community of peers to help you in your PMF journey
  • Meet and learn from other tech founders & leaders with different backgrounds and skills 
  • Stay connected with peers for ideas, accountability and support

What CEOs | Tech Founders are saying

        This course helped me stitch everything together. The most important part - it brought clarity.
Saurabh Moody

Saurabh Moody

Founder & Chief Data Scientist - Super AI
        Clarity, Confidence, and Discipline in how to execute quickly and reach PMF.
Noemi Kis

Noemi Kis

Founder & CEO - Monittor
        The structured framework for evaluating PMF and the supporting material/pre-work …allowed me to self learn and prepare.
Amir Shub

Amir Shub

Founder and CEO - Celero
        Not many founders have gone thru this much rigor in PMF. They absolutely need to.
Navneet Singh

Navneet Singh

Co-Founder & CEO - StepFunction
        A blueprint for navigating the future of the product and how to communicate the value.
Vinay Mamidi

Vinay Mamidi

Founder - Whiteswan Security
        Dramatically helped with every aspect of our company, and subsequently, with fundraising.
Nawar Alsafar

Nawar Alsafar

Founder - Bytez
        The course forces you to rethink your GTM and Product strategy while giving you actionable frameworks to help find PMF.
Nisarg Shah

Nisarg Shah

Co-Founder & CEO - Affable.ai
        This is not a play book from a limited perspective, the framework is broad…in easily understandable format.
Sekhar Rao

Sekhar Rao

Founder & CEO - AShield

Meet your instructor

Anurag Wadehra

Anurag Wadehra

Growth Coach & Advisor

I have 35+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive at companies like Google and Procter & Gamble

Now, I am an advisor to fast growing tech companies across the globe. I’ve coached 100+ tech founders, product & GTM operators. My two passions are storytelling and sense making. These help me generate insights and create frameworks to help others grow their business. 

I’ve done six startups ranging from zero-$100MM+

I have been a tech founder, run P&L, owned product management, built global marketing teams and created solutions up-and-down the software tech stack: from cloud [Google Cloud] to data infrastructure [Siperian:Informatica], to APIs [Apigee] to SaaS apps [LivePerson, Omada Health]. 

Beyond startups, I was the CMO at two public SaaS companies (LivePerson, Apigee); and have been part of one IPO and two M&As

You can find my thinking at Growth Matters newsletter www.anuragwadehra.com

Why I started this course 

In my experience, entrepreneurs take on the PMF challenge in two ways. An inside-out approach: build an MVP and then test it with a few users or customers. Or outside-in: find a few customers and build what they want. Both have their blind spots. 

I’ve created this course based on my experience in combining inside-out and outside-in approaches which speed up market discovery and reduce risks.

I have profound respect for tech entrepreneurs. They are the brave souls who dare to innovate. I love the experience of guiding them through the PMF terrain, since I’ve done it many times.

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Product Market Fit Bootcamp

Course syllabus


PMF Bootcamp: Orientation to the Five Factors framework 

Learn the framework and how the five factors (customer, product, category, GTM and talent) interact in your PMF journey. Begin with a baseline assessment of your current value story and PMF plan. And, practice how to ask sharp questions to clarify and speed up your journey.   


WORKSHOP: How to calibrate your customer factor

Learn how to go deeper in your customer discovery with the power of customer archetypes and value frameworks. Sharpen your current customer personas. Learn the drivers of building customer loyalty early in PMF. 


WORKSHOP: How to calibrate your product & category factors

Learn how to go deeper in your product exploration. Define your whole product offering. Practice a new framework to create product differentiation that combines inside-out tech perspective with outside-in market point of view.  Reassess your category POV and positioning. Stitch a company narrative that is more than your product story.


WORKSHOP: How to calibrate your go-to-market & talent factors   

Learn how to go deeper in your go-to-market (GTM) strategies. Define your GTM pathways: product led, sales-led, channel led. Figure out how and when to mix these pathways. Determine the role of the community to your GTM. Learn how talent affects your GTMs. And map the critical talent you need for PMF.


WORKSHOP:  How to build your story & PMF plan

Learn how to build a company narrative that maps to your strategy.  Build a PMF plan that puts your five factors together from your calibration scores.  And identify the key PMF metrics and cycle time that you need to target in your market execution.  


DEMO DAY & Graduation: Present your story & the calibrated PMF plan

Share your PMF plan and the company narrative with your peers. Celebrate the work you are ready to take to market, and the clarity you have achieved. Learn how to keep your PMF plan calibrated through pivots.  Connect with your cohort for support in your future journey. 

Course Schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • 6 Live Workshops, Tuesdays

    8am-10am Pacific Standard Time

    Live Workshops - Zoom Sessions

  • Weekly projects

    2 hours per week

    You will have workbooks for each module. You are expected to complete these on your own, and share your learnings with your cohort in class. While not mandatory, you are expected to share your updated PMF plan in the last session of the course.

  • BONUS: 4 Live Q&A Sessions, Thursdays

    8-9am Pacific Standard Time

    Spread out through the course, there will be FOUR live Q&A sessions with your instructor and the cohort where you can bring your questions and worksheets to make progress

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You will have frameworks and worksheets to guide you. You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Market Fit Bootcamp