Mortgage Hacking

5 Days


Cohort-based Course

Search and customize mortgage deals to make homebuying more affordable. Take control and live the American dream. Build wealth.

Course overview

From novice to expert homebuyer

🏠 Gain confidence to become a homeowner amidst uncertainty

🎙 Cut down payments by 40% and save cash upfront to settle-in

🔍 Reduce interest rates up to 1% with factors within your control

💰 Leverage your largest purchase to build generational wealth for your family

Who should become a mortgage hacker


First-time homebuyers. Make the best financial decision for your family and become a home-owner. "You want to know this."


Millennials who are starting families, but delaying a home purchase due to high interest rates. "Marry the house, date the rate."


Preparing for a live event? Job change, sending kids to college, or preparing for retirement. Mortgages can help.

Learn for a week, save for a lifetime.

Analyze rates across 3 channels: banks, brokers, and marketplaces

Mortgage rates can vary as much as 1% by lender. Some show fees, while others include them in the rate. We'll use rates, APR, and Loan Estimates to compare apples to apples. Reducing rate variance is critical with mortgage rates above 5%. It's just the first step.

Control loan factors that matter. Save 0.5% with proactive actions.

Mortgages undergo price adjustments based on borrower & loan factors. We'll use the same LLPA matrix used by lenders to understand the sensitivity of each variable like FICO scores, Down Payments, and Mortgage Insurance Premiums. Then take proactive actions to move the needle.

Defy convention. Customize your mortgage with 7-12% down and "bona fide" points

Discount points help lower interest rates permanently. They follow non-linear trends and breakevens can vary from 18 months to 5+yrs. Know exactly how much to buy, when to stop, and make your mortgage more capital efficient. Save cash upfront & pay less interest over time.

Accelerate pay-off by 5-10yrs. A little bit of slope can make all the difference

Learn techniques for fast refinancing and how to stay "in the money" by tracking rates. Create optionality to lower payments without restarting your loan. Explore time-weighted extra payments to accelerate debt pay-off and take advantage of principal compounding.

What homebuyers are saying

        We learned how to reduce our down payment to 10.1% and were able to keep & convert our existing home into a rental. The creativity & unconventional approach to mortgages was amazing.
Thomas Hickey

Thomas Hickey

Product Manger, Healthcare
        We saved $70,000 by reducing our interest rate and downpayment at the same time. We could have purchased a home 3yrs earlier. Our home is on track to be paid off 6yrs faster now.
Vaibhav Srivastava

Vaibhav Srivastava

Data Science Expert
        This course has made me aware of opportunities I never knew existed. Now my retirement plans can stay on track despite rising mortgage rates. This has been a game changer for me!
Paul Dietz

Paul Dietz

Chief Engineer, Heavy Industry
        Sukesh takes what others make purposely confusing and helps literally save tens of thousands of dollars. I was in awe of things consumers can do, but just don't know how to, until now.
William Schoeffler

William Schoeffler

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Meet your instructor

Sukesh Shekar, Ph.D.

Sukesh Shekar, Ph.D.

Founder, CEO - Altgage

As an immigrant, I am passionate about the American dream. Every person, parent, and child deserves a place to call home. The mortgage process is not transparent or optimized. Small changes can alter the trajectory of wealth over decades.

As a McKinsey consultant, I improved the bottom line for big corporations. Now, I'm dedicated to helping every household improve its mortgage. Mortgages should not just be a large liability, but leverage to build a better life.

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Mortgage Hacking


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Course syllabus


Mortgage Mechanics: Build Wealth with Leverage

  • Why US mortgages are essential to building wealth
  • Who are the players in primary & secondary mortgage markets
  • What determines mortgage rates: factors you can & cannot control
  • How to breakdown Loan Estimate costs to compare apples to apples


Mortgage Math: Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

  • Credit scores and how to change them before applying
  • Product selection based on time horizon & rate spread: Fixed vs. ARMs, Jumbo vs. Conventional, 15 vs. 30, Cash-out Refi vs. HELOC
  • Tune down payments to conserve cash upfront
  • Optimize the use of "bona fide" discount points to reduce rates


Mortgage Management: A Smarter Way to Autopay

  • Learn low-cost "Fast" Refinancing to always stay "in the money."
  • Understand "rate arbitrage" to shorten loans or improve cash flows.
  • Accelerate mortgages by 5-10yrs with time-weighted contributions to the principal. It's 2x better than one extra payment a year.

Course schedule

5-6 hours total
  • Monday | Wednesday | Friday

    1:00pm - 2:30 pm EST

    We'll cover important topics, do breakdowns, and spend 30 mins for Q&A

  • Oct 31, 2022

    Cohort kick-off. Come ready to learn and look up your credit score

  • Office Hours

    90 mins

    Q&A to review specific scenarios or deep dive into mortgage math.

Mortgage hacking is better with others

Mortgage hacking is better with others

Active hands-on learning

We'll compare our estimates with others to find even better deals

Interactive with models

We'll use a few simple inputs to guide our decisions, understand constraints, and challenge misconceptions

Learn with a cohort of homebuyers

Homeownership is the quintessential American dream. Together we'll go far.

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Mortgage Hacking


Bulk purchases