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Master the 4 Core Habits for Valuable Feedback

1 Day


Cohort-based Course

Discover how to have effective feedback conversations that build trust and confidence with teams.

Hosted by

Matt Cici

Feedback Educator @ Apple

Course overview

Cultivate a Culture for Feedback in the Workplace in 1 day

Join this fundamental course for teams to elevate your work and client relationships.

Uncover how valuable feedback behaviors lead to building stronger relationships with your team.

Then, apply your newly learned behaviors in your personal relationships.

Who is this course for


team leaders in any industry wanting to increase their overall performance.


business owners to uncover how to cultivate better client relationships.


individuals who want to develop better communication, listening, and teamwork skills.

Key outcomes

Assume positive intent in your interactions with others

Become more aware of how you enter feedback conversations. Take the first step in creating a safe environment for you and your peer to give and receive feedback.

Respond effectively to difficult situations and maintain composure under pressure

Build skills on how to engage your current, most stressful situations. You'll gain calm by identifying how to retain your composure.

Build trust and respect among team members

Cultivate a supportive environment for growth for yourself and your team. We'll explore the topic of trust-building through Brené Brown, and apply it directly to your workplace relationships.

Grow exponentially by giving and receiving feedback effectively

Become your best self and empower your team to do the same, by learning best how to create a strong culture for feedback.

Remove the fear of feedback

Let's get over the taboo word of what you think feedback means. This course goes beyond any fearless feedback methods, and instead trains your brain and your team to think about feedback as a way to grow, trust, and thrive.

See what people are saying

        I am so glad I found this course! I am a new manager, and I am trying to make my team members feel comfortable giving feedback. This course really helped me understand the importance of feedback and how to build trust within the workplace. I learned valuable feedback behaviors that will help build better connections with my team members.
Gabriel S.

Gabriel S.

Founder, Sierra Productions
        I am currently working in a nonprofit and I have been struggling to get my team engaged in feedback conversations. This course not only helped me identify what my team needs to be a more successful workplace, but it also taught me how to ask for feedback in a way that my team feels comfortable participating.
Laurelle W.

Laurelle W.

Managing Director, Nonprofit
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Master the 4 Core Habits for Valuable Feedback

Meet your instructor

Matt Cici

Matt Cici

👋🏼 Hey, I'm Matt Cici.

I am excited to learn alongside you in this course, and look to be a supportive resource throughout your career.

I have 15+ years experience building impactful communities and educational curriculum for Wix, Block, NFFTY, and Apple — informing & connecting millions worldwide.

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Master the 4 Core Habits for Valuable Feedback

Course syllabus


Identify Effective and Ineffective Feedback

Build a framework for effective feedback by recognizing how most feedback conversations can go wrong. Then, shape your own conversations toward more effective feedback.


Discover the 4 Core Habits of Effective Feedback

Uncover the 4 biggest tools for any effective feedback conversation. Learn with examples, share your own, and approach your next conversations with ease.


Live Coaching and Q&A

Practice in a safe environment on the newly learned tools, and get feedback on your feedback — meta I know.


Community for Ongoing Support

Remain in a collective for questions, support, and continued safe practice.

Course schedule

3-hour interactive workshop
  • 3-hour interactive workshop

    Times TBD

    Set aside part of your day to connect, collaborate, learn, and have fun.

    We'll incorporate time to practice learned skills inside the session and afterward through feedback.

  • Feedback

    upon request

    Receive feedback on your performance from Matt and other participants in our cohort.

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Master the 4 Core Habits for Valuable Feedback

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Get reimbursed by your employer

Get reimbursed by your employer

Your company may fund this course

Many companies have a personal development budget allocated for each employee. It's worth asking.

Ready-made template to request funding

We drafted this template for you — listing the benefits to you and your company.

🌟 Download the email template

Frequently Asked Questions

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Master the 4 Core Habits for Valuable Feedback