Jumpstart Your Design Career

Develop the mindset and the skills to lead with integrity, communicate with confidence, and grow a fulfilling design career with intention.

Yuan Wang


Yuan Wang

Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) | Instructor at CCoA

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A 4-week program thoughtfully crafted by Yuan Wang, leadership coach and design educator.

Design Career Jumpstart empowers early and mid-career designers with the mindsets and skills required to lead with confidence, advance in their careers, and become influential leaders.

What alumni are saying...

        I wish I had joined those coaching sessions earlier to guide and equip me when it comes to my career trajectory. It helps me uncover and understand myself better. The questions during the sessions often trigger deeper reflections of who I am and what I want to become.
Designer at Automattic
        Yuan helped me tap into how I mesh my personal fulfillment into actionable steps to take in my career and structure a plan around it. She really gave me the courage and empowerment I needed.
Designer at Instagram
        Yuan helps me identify my cognitive blockers and provides actionable techniques to dissolve them. Yuan has helped me to think with optimism, speak with confidence and achieve bigger goals.
Senior Designer at Autodesk
        Finally, I found my tribe in this community. Thank you, Yuan, for creating this for all of us. Very grateful to be part of this. Finally finding my voice. Yuan is a Rockstar!! 😍🙏
Senior Designer at Handshake
        I love how Yuan's program was divided by different topics focusing on design and a whole full experience. For example, we learned how to define our goals and have a strategy to achieve them; we also learned about business and its importance in the design process. All of these have been helping me at my current job as a Lead Product designer.
Lead Designer at Bttr
        Yuan has taught me to look inwards to find my own answers and desires. Her ability to help you envision your goals and find tactical steps in order to reach them is magical. After her coaching, I've been able to have more clear & strategic thinking about my role as a designer and my career path. Highly highly highly recommend Yuan as a coach!
Designer at Mercury Bank
        Yuan's workshops give me the method to understand my unique superpower, my self-defeating behaviors, and where I want to go. Those helped me reshape my daily work behavior and be better prepared to practice collaboration, storytelling, and business strategy skills. All of them combined, I am empowered to grow into a more advanced product designer.
Designer at Dropbox
        Yuan has made such a great impact on my career journey. Her encouragement is so powerful and challenged me to go beyond and above. With her guidance, I can truly learn to express myself and continue to grow as a designer. It has been the best investment I had all year and will continue to bring Yuan's guidance with me throughout my life.
Designer at Work & Co

Who is this course for


Early-career Designers

You're a few years into your design career and want to continue growing your skills and confidence.


Mid-career Designers

As a senior designer, you feel confident with your craft skills, but want to level up, and lead with integrity.




You're the sole designer at a startup and desire to better advocate the business value of design.

Meet your instructor

Yuan Wang
Yuan Wang
Leadership coach & design educator

I’m passionate about supporting designers to grow their careers with intention. I’m a leadership coach and an adjunct professor at California College of the Arts. Previously, I have led design at Airbnb, Twitter, and Mozilla. 

I have supported hundreds of designers to level up their careers. My clients are design professionals from creative agencies, startups, and high-growth companies such as Facebook, Autodesk, and Slack. Recently, I led custom workshops for the inaugural cohort of the On Deck Design program and created a mentorship program for the Airbnb design team.

In this program, I'll teach and coach you the mindsets and skills required to lead with confidence, advance in your careers, and become influential leaders. I want to help you achieve a career that aligns with your highest values.

Learn with a comprehensive curriculum


Inner Critic

Imagine what you would be capable of if you stop listening to the voice of self-doubt? In this workshop, you'll apply strategies to identify and quiet your inner critic, so that your self-doubt no longer holds you back.


Core Values

You’ll uncover your core strengths and values so that you can align your career growth and everyday priorities with your highest values. 



People forget facts but remember stories. In this workshop, you’ll write a personal narrative that showcases your leadership strengths, and apply techniques to craft presentations that inspire actions and create buy-in.



You’ll design engaging online and in-person workshops that reflect your creative process, own the room, and ask great questions consistently.


Business Acumen

Business-aware designers have the superpower to influence outcomes. In this workshop, you’ll deepen the understanding of the business impact of design and create a compelling vision that generates buy-in.



Credibility is the foundation of leadership. In this workshop, you’ll reflect on your credibility gap and implement actionable strategies to establish trust with your team.



No one achieves success on their own. Strong relationships help you navigate career challenges, open up new doors, and grow towards better outcomes. In this workshop, you’ll reflect on your relationships and grow your network in a way that will pay dividends for your future career.


Career Vision

Setting a vision motivates us to strive for something each day. In this workshop, you’ll align your core values with your design career growth. You'll complete the program with an inspiring vision and an actionable plan to reach your future career milestone.

Cohort One Program Highlight

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active Learning, not Passive Watching

You’ll engage in a series of interactive workshops, reflection exercises and breakout discussions.

Mentoring Circle

Learn from seasoned designers and program alumni who successfully transformed their growth.

Special Guests

Yuan often invites respected design leaders to the program. Past guests include design directors from Airbnb and Faire.

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