Building Emotional Intelligence

10 Days


Cohort-based Course

Learn how to channel your emotional intelligence to accelerate career success, build influence and achieve stakeholder buy-in.

Course overview

Business is always personal.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) accounts for 58% of your professional success. Are you using it in the right way?

This course will give you tactical tools and frameworks that you can leverage everyday to build relationships, manage conflict and advocate effectively.

We will work through each pillar of what forms our emotional intelligence and understand how to best apply them to help you communicate more effectively and grow your influence within your teams and organisations.

This course is for you if you are:


A people leader looking to use your influence to build high-functioning teams to drive better outcomes


A high potential team member who is struggling to self-advocate and use your influence


A founder who is recruiting or building a team, and you need to achieve team buy-in

What we'll cover in the course

What EQ is, isn't and how to build it

Let's start by debunking our first myth: EQ nice. This section of the course will teach you exactly what EQ means, ways to grow it and how to avoid using it in the completely wrong way.

Influence and how to grow it

Many decisions are made when we're not in the room. This section will be focussed on tactical ways to leverage EQ for building advocacy, driving influence and achieving buy-in.

Psychological safety and how to create it

The highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety — the belief that you won't be punished if you make a mistake. Here, you will learn how to create this team environment, tactfully.

Frameworks for effectively receiving and giving feedback

Feedback is a gift, if you know how to unwrap it. Here, you will learn how to determine which feedback to internalize (and which to ignore!) to drive the most positive outcomes in yourself, and your team.

Course schedule

3 hours per week (2 weeks)
  • Mondays & Wednesdays

    5:30pm - 7:00pm EST

    This will be a live session where we will discuss course materials as a group, and apply to real-life scenarios.

  • Take Home Case Studies

    ~30 mins

    Students will be provided with a take-home case study to use for applying core concepts from the course for personal reflection and optional discussion with the instructor.

Meet your instructor

Yashvi Shah

Yashvi Shah

Upon graduating with a degree in Psychology from McGill University, I started my career at Deloitte Consulting. Over the past 5 years, I have grown from an analyst to senior management, and have built and led teams across Canada and Australia. I have worked directly with emerging team leaders and seasoned C-suite executives on growing their emotional intelligence to accelerate their career and build more resilient teams.

I am currently leading product strategy for an all new product and work directly with stakeholders from our Executive Leadership Team through to cross-functional teams to Customer Success. I believe that influence and communication are some of the most critical skills for success as a product manager.

You can take a sneak peek at what's to come in the course at my blog here. If you have any questions, please reach out - I'd love to chat!

What people are saying

        Yashvi brings a refreshing approach to modern day emotional intelligence. Her methods enforce a cognitive awareness that makes one truly learn to assess a situation and think how different perspectives and responses can lead to various outcomes. I place Yashvi as an emerging leader in this space and valued the opportunity to work with her directly.


Managing Director APAC, Management Controls Inc
        From understanding how to better authentically advocate for myself to processing critical feedback, Yashvi's resources on EQ has been critical in shaping how I approach and navigate my career. Having a better understanding of EQ has enabled me to confidently navigate leadership opportunities, influence senior executives, and build stronger teams.


Senior UX Researcher, Google
        Yashvi's insights into emotional intelligence kickstarted my journey into understanding how taking a more active role in the way I can communicate with and respond to others can help me build better and more influential relationships. The practical approach gave me tools to know how to apply my EQ in a professional setting.


Consultant, Deloitte
        Yashvi's practical advice on leveraging my EQ has allowed me to create a better environment for my team to challenge and be challenged in a positive manner. It's also helped me manage upwards more effectively and allowed me to self-advocate for my own professional needs.


Manager, Deloitte
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Building Emotional Intelligence


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Learning is better with cohorts

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Building Emotional Intelligence


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