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Authenticity in your leadership

12 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Success is made by taking the right decisions & actions. Create high self-confidence & awareness by clarifying your personal insight.

Course overview

Take deep concentration on yourself and acquire high clarity and discernment

We are all leaders! At least we lead ourselves.

Mainly we are used to focusing on the What, the Why or the How for achieving our projects, dreams and visions. But there is something highly important: Who is behind the decisions to be made and actions to be conducted.

Decisions give primary orientation in any moment and the quality and momentum are clearly essential to evolve our lives in the right way for us. It’s our responsibility to choose them rightly.

This requires a specific mindset and attitude of clarity and self-awareness, of self-confidence and discernment capabilities toward the situations we encounter. 

During the course “Who I Am!” designed as a journey*, we will work weekly on a 2 hours live event focused on these self-development aptitudes.

* all online sessions are led by Yanko, as well as the intermediate support


12 online sessions of 2 hours each in live facilitation for an individual work with 1 sessions per week during 12 weeks

• An additional session each week for absentees and those who struggle 

Support group on Discord, monitored and led by a facilitator or by Yanko

Personal confidential folder for each participant with upcoming writing missions on files each week 

Intermediate support for each participant between the sessions including overviewing the personal work and giving orientation to improve it by audio, video or message

Open community sharing in group or one to one with other participants

Certificate of completion for the participants that accomplish all the 12 sessions 

• For participants who have difficulty or scheduling problems to complete the entire program on time - possibility of completing it with other groups for 1 year with the same subscription

Free lifetime membership in our growing international community connected to this program that provides open connections, shares help and feedback, beginning common projects and create startup business ideas

For professional and personal purpose


People that need more clarity on their future and on themselves and have to take firm commitments - students, people into a life change.


People looking for better decision making, intuition and imagination aptitudes - decision makers, startups creators, self-development fan’s.


Managers and leaders who want to reach higher levels in understanding others, easily create meaning, find new postures in business exchange.


People with need to understand themselves and others, explore human mindset and behaviour, go deep into mindfulness of life and leadership.

What you’ll get out of this course

Concentration on yourself

You will find out more clearly what kind of person you are, how people perceive you, what qualities you have and what potential you carry - crucial topics that discovering never ends.

Improving self-confidence

Once you deepen your knowledge of yourself, you will more easily understand what can hold you back and learn to live better with who you are and where you are.

Finding your true path

You will choose your direction to take or continue in an improved way, how far you decide to go in your life, what you will have to learn and commit to do starting right after the course.

Increase your writing abilities

You will deepen your ability to concentrate and write according to your personality and creating your own style, enhanced by the advices of the facilitator

Clarity in decision making

You will develop additional qualities that will help you in making decisions and in the future choices that Life will present to you. I will share with you my experience and my philosophy that helps me find solutions to important problems in any situation.

Meaning making and intellectual enrichment

Every move forward in Life is about making sense and looking at the big picture. Thus, actions become highly motivated and perseverance in the face of difficulties leads us to success. Each participant will dive deeply into essential topics for himself.

Surprising personal discoveries

The past and current participants experienced artistic, inspiring, philosophical and ideation abilities that were unknown, hidden or non recognised for them and this is an unique enriching experience.

Course syllabus

3 modules
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What people are saying

        I engaged Yanko 2019-2021 to help us with the people management. He is an invaluable resource for any organization. His human qualities, his patience, his empathy are appreciated by all. Yanko is determined and structured in his approach. It changed us as an organization and set us on the right track. And for that I have only one word: Thank you!
Eric Durand

Eric Durand

GM at Lempriere Wool Bulgaria
        On several occasions, I had the opportunity to hire Yanko. For advice on my management. I appreciated the practical indications to personalize my communication. He helped me use simple communication techniques with obvious and immediate results. This practice helped me get to know myself from new angles. I recommend him as an expert in his field.
Fabrice Faucon

Fabrice Faucon

CFO at Calvin Klein Europe
        With Yanko, in 2009 I built my vision. It helped me to create a long-term conceptual, systematic and strategic thinking. An ability to see the big picture, perseverance, discipline and confidence in my own abilities. It inspired me, was for me a source of motivation, commitment, passion and energy. I have already accomplished it and even surpassed.
Miglena Tzvetkova

Miglena Tzvetkova

Human Resources Director Talent & Development - Central & Eastern Europe at Molson Coors
        What really impressed me was his individual approach, the application of techniques that were flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of the participants. During the sessions, theoretical statements were skilfully combined with concrete cases and exercises adapted from daily practice, which helped me develop my leadership and decision making.
Angel Georgiev

Angel Georgiev

Production manager at D.S.Smith Bulgaria
        I was so intrigued that I registered with my daughters. The program gave me a different perspective, on myself and on the world around me. I gave myself the value I deserve with the help of the facilitator and the people in my group. I became more confident in my actions and developed my intuition and my sensitivity towards the field of possible.
Svetlana Bogdanova

Svetlana Bogdanova

School administrator & future entrepreneur - cerified participant
        I'm Chillmaw, a 19 year old rapper and musician and I lost a little my direction. The program helped me clarify my path and become clear about who I want to be. It inspired me also to create a new song about life and helped me to find more meaning for me and my future. It’s a very different experience from what I’ve known so far.
Chris aka Chillmaw

Chris aka Chillmaw

Professional musician - certified participant
        I feel extremely good about this focus on myself. Thank you for creating this program, I will be happy to recommend it. I could never have imagined that exercises that seem so simple could provoke me in such a way and make me rediscover myself so clearly. It helps me truly a lot.


Marketing specialist - current participant
        I like it and it amazes me. With each exercise, I appreciate the consistency of work on myself. If you fail the previous exercise, it becomes more difficult to continue. It's like climbing your own peak.


Film assistant - current participant
        This work clarifies what you want to do in life. It’s a ray of light in my daily life. Usually it's hard to concentrate on something at my age. Whereas this job is very different. I can't wait for the next session.


Student - current participant
        More and more frequently I notice that the fear of failure is transformed into a desire to escape the spiral. Since I started, we have been working together with my friend on my project and now it is becoming a common one.


Self employed - current participant

Meet your facilitator coach

Yanko Mihayloff

Yanko Mihayloff

Coach, consultant & group facilitator +20y / manager, entrepreneur & innovator +10y / writing & ideation +40y

Each day is a response to the question « Who Am I? ».

Leadership starts with a deep knowledge of ourselves. It’s expressed by clarity of the aim, the meaning, the abilities, the feelings and emotions, the core values, the connections to others. Therefore it is especially powerful to dive into ourselves before making big choices, as well during our chosen path. This connects our personality to everyday actions and choices.

I worked with thousands of persons on improving their abilities and leadership. Some of them skyrocketed their business or career and some others made improvements with relatively significant results. All their successes were based on right choices and relevant actions. My contribution was to help them to find, imagine, create, conceive, inspire the decisions and startup the actions. But my aim was always to find how to increase deep motivation, especially to less confident and focused people.

My experience in consulting started in 1992 and in coaching in 2002 with Dale Carnegie in Paris, France. I worked both with multinational companies and small businesses and startups, as well with individual persons obtaining significant results on their professional and business performance. My speciality is to facilitate and manage group meetings in order to create value for each participant. As well topics as decision making, interactions management, envisioning, impact through communication and win-win exchanges, creative thinking and meaningfulness.

Using daily writing and self-concentration to move on my personal path, I appreciate working with people that look for a deeper meaning and long term vision, committed to succeed not only for themselves, but for the society. This is also the purpose of the community that started to emerge around the program Who I Am! where people share values, ideas and projects.

My true passion as entrepreneur is innovation and I have launched three startup businesses, learning from various situations and taking important lessons that I share frequently.

All my professional and personal experience pushed me to create this unique journey in order to help people create stronger base no matter where they are at this moment. This is what all the participants shared with me during the last 9 months in the programs started in Europe.

If you recognise yourself into it, be very welcome.



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Authenticity in your leadership


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Course schedule

2 hours per week

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active and introspective hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and individual missions and essays improved and shared

Interactive and experience-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and experience sharing

Facilitation and teaching

Fluid and supportive facilitation for the sincere expression of each learner

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Authenticity in your leadership


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