Learn how to ship an MVP in less than 12 Hours

Validate your startup ideas with No-Code in this fast paced learning sprint.

Karthi Subbaraman (Designer Leader)
Madhuri (Product Designer)


Karthi Subbaraman (Designer Leader), Madhuri (Product Designer)

How does it Work?


Learn Key aspects just enough to dangerously ship great MVPs and launch your ideas.


Build along a live case-study and to learn core concepts of a No-Code MVP.


Build your own MVP with enough hands-on help from the instructors.

Learn about the Minimum Viable No-Code Product (MVNCP)

Learn about the Minimum Viable No-Code Product (MVNCP)
Move from Ambiguity to Clarity.

You don't need to know how to code. But, you need clarity on what to ship.

Know just enough No-Code Tools

We’ll be utilising the landscape of No-Code to learn, know and ship.

You will learn tools like: Unicorn Platform, Tally.so, Glideapps, Buy me a Coffee, Zapier, Razorpay/Stripe, etc.

Spend Less than $10 for your MVP

No-Code does not have to be expensive, we’ll be utilising frugal stacks that have been tried and tested to launch.

Who is it for?


The Product Designer who wants to use nocode to test and ship their designs.


The Product Manager who wants to use No-Code to ship MVPs and iterate.


Non-Technical Founders who want to ship their own products.


You want to Bootstrap and Build your own App with No-Code.


The side project hustler so you can launch your product in your terms.

What's Covered?

Learn about MVPs and No-Code

MVPs or Minimum Viable Products are meant to be a fast easy way to validate your business ideas quickly with the help of simple frameworks from Product + Design.

Build your Landing Page

Websites meant tonne of work, now its much easier to launch your No-Code Website with our 5 step landing page process.

Build your No-Code App

Digital MVPs require code and not everyone knows how to code. Now, its not a barrier anymore with No-Code. Launch your first functional MVP in less than a few hours with this hands-on workshop

Launch to get your first customer

Your MVP is an assumption and they are successful only if you get your first customer and earn a $ from them.

See what people are saying

        Frugal MVP is so action oriented and it made me do things I would hesitate to do earlier on. Given the strict timelines, I also forced myself to work within constraints and launch my product in less than a week. Madhuri and Karthi also helped me async to think through and validate my solution.
Founder, Be Rupee Wise
        Both Karthi & Madhuri's focus on the core promise - shipping MVP frugally. Amazing how they manage to drive this point at even the slightest deviation by participants. Both Karthi and Madhuri are really good teachers with an absolute hands-on approach. This is one of the best practical learning sessions I have attended in a long time.
Founder, Smartest

Meet your Instructors

Karthi Subbaraman (Designer Leader)
Karthi Subbaraman (Designer Leader)

Designer Leader and is creating an ecosystem for makers that helps them upskill and connect with prospective employers. She likes to describe her career in a nutshell as: 7,0000+ hours of product making, 150+ products, 500+ master classes and 1,000+ failed experiments!

Her work focuses on designing meaningful systems with an emphasis on experience design.

Madhuri (Product Designer)
Madhuri (Product Designer)

Product Designer and builds products using No-Code at Xperian and 9 years of experience in designing products for Fortune 50 Brands like Amazon, Vodafone, Philips, and many other startups and businesses. I am also a Founding Fellow for No-Code Fellowship at On Deck.

Her work focuses on turning business ideas into well designed products quickly and effectively.

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