4 Hour Investor - Be Your Own Broker

6 Days


Cohort-based Course

Investing, Demystified. Everything you need to know so you can build confidence and manage risk to invest like a Pro.

Course overview

Don't Go Broker.

The only person who cares about your money is you. Don't pay unnecessary fees to an Advisor who earns money - even when they lose yours. Be in control of your financial future and build wealth confidently. Manage risk on your own terms and change the trajectory of your life

Who is this course for


You want financial security without paying unnecessary fees. Learn the proven system to make SMART decisions and invest like a pro.


You're saving and maybe investing but need a strong understanding of your investment choices in order to go it alone.


You want to have more control over your investments and financial future with support from a community and mentor.

Key outcomes

How self directed investing can change your financial future

Even though it's obviously important to understand how to invest it's even more important to understand why you need to invest. Here we'll get into core concepts like compound interest and time, bank brokerage fees and commissions, as well as setting realistic expectations.

Market language explained

We call it FMT for short or Foundational Market Terminology. It's the basis of understanding not just how the market works but how to choose good investments. Choosing the right investments starts here.

Decoding investment choices and risk

Everyone is unique when it comes to their risk tolerance and financial objectives. We'll break down the different types of beginner investments you can make, how to compare them and discover your realistic long term goals so you can make the right choices with minimized risk.

Building a balanced portfolio: a quick starters guide

You've probably heard that sound investing requires diversification. We'll teach you what that means and how to achieve it. This is the secret key to de-risking your investments as much as possible to allow for market swings.

The ultimate 3 tools to build legacy wealth

There are three primary systems you can use to build true generational wealth. We'll take a quick dive into what they are and how you can implement them easily into your investment process. This is a great system for the 'set it and forget it' types.

Keep it growing

Core strategies to keep your wealth growing

Investor Psychology Bonus Module!!

As a gift to those taking my first cohort I'm offering free access to the 4 Hour Investor: Mind Over Money Micro Course. I'll take you through the 4 Horseman of Investor Psychology and how to reign them in for optimal success. Additional 60-90 minutes.

Students also get all of these exclusive benefits...

Students also get all of these exclusive benefits...

Lifetime Access

(with no recurring subscription to worry about) to our members-only community where you can ask questions, share research, make friends, and get support. A $1,200 annual value!

Free Mentorship

Through regular weekly office hours to make sure your investment journey is a success. Unlimited potential.

Complimentary access to 4 exclusive UpSkill Investing webinars a year

Here you can learn advanced investing tools, psych tips and tricks, market insights, and new investment sectors that can help you grow your portfolio. A $2,000 value per year!

20% off all future Xonomist courses.

Exclusive to Maven Cohort 2 students! We've got lots of cool classes coming down the pipeline. There is something for everyone no matter your age or life goals. The savings are limitless!

A lifetime of investing literacy to build financial certainty.


Meet your instructor

Sonia Felix

Sonia Felix

Over my 30 year career in business as a Founder and CEO I left most of my investing decisions to Bank Brokers even though I have my Masters in Economics and won a National investing competition when I was only 17.

I was short on time building my company and being a single Mom. I hired numerous Brokers over the years. None of whom made me much money, if any. In fact most lost a lot.

Here is the truth that Banks and Brokers keep from you: The vast majority of Advisors and Brokers are actually salespeople working on commission with little or no knowledge of technical investing. Worse yet, they have no accountability whatsoever. They make money even if they lose yours.

I've since gone on to deeply learn the complexities of Investing Psychology, Macro Market Movements and did a Masters in Trading. I've achieved great success in many of my long term investments. Now I primarily trade equity, commodity and crypto futures.

Perhaps more importantly I came to realize that investing can be really simple to learn. So I have set out to demystify the markets and break it down in the core elements you need to know to invest safely, successfully and confidently without confusing you with jargon and mumbo jumbo.

Now I'm stepping into the next chapter of my investing journey and am fiercely motivated to teaching thousands to learn to invest and control your financial future. Making money can be deeply rewarding. It gives you deep self confidence and opens your world up to new opportunities. And the truth is, no one will ever care more about your money than you.

I hope to see you on January 10th for my first ever Live Cohort!!

P.S. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any questions leading up to the course.


Who this course is NOT for


You're NOT self motivated or interested in a Secure Financial Future


You think investing is a way to get rich quick (NOT!!)


You are seriously comfortable depending on someone else and thrive on financial uncertainty


You want to work more and live less

Street Cred

        I used a Broker for 12 years and only made a few thousand dollars of gains. I took my financial future in my own hands and learned to invest with Sonia. I've made a lot of money since then but more importantly the confidence and knowledge of markets I have gained has changed my life. Thanks forever Sonia, can't wait to keep learning from you!


Film Industry | Halifax | Canada
        Sonia's 4 Hour Investor: Introduction to Technical Indicators, has significantly improved my understanding and ability to accurately read charts. She made what seemed really complicated easy to understand. Sonia's hands-on guidance and expertise was a valuable investment which has resulted in unprecedented returns. Can't wait for her next one!


Chief Operating Officer | EdTech | Fort Lauderdale, Florida
        Before taking the '4 Hour Investor: Master Your Mindset' I wasn't confident enough in my ability to invest my own money. The courses' deep dive into investing psychology helped me develop a powerful investors mindset. Now I can confidently invest my own money without relying on a costly Broker. Thanks Sonia! Sign me up for your next one!


P.Eng | UBC Student | Vancouver, Canada
        I was part of Sonia's 4 Hour Investor - Be Your Own Broker Beta Test and I can honestly say I absolutely loved it! Sonia is engaging, funny and breaks everything down into really simple and understandable concepts. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to DIY and save more money. Looking forward to leveling up in the next course!


Business Analyst | Clean Energy | London, UK

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Pre Work

    Prior to Course start date

    Three days before the course begins you'll receive a welcome email with some pre course reading to get you in the right mindset and a survey to get you thinking through your short and long term life goals. Pls add support@xonomist.io to your email list so you don't miss it.

  • Tuesday & Thursday, January 31st and February 1st

    2:00pm - 4:00 pm Pacific (PDT)

    We'll be live from 2-4 pm. An extra bonus hour is offered @ 4pm for Q&A on topics discussed that day for those who want to stick around after class.

  • Wednesday, February 1st, CourseWork

    Due Thursday @ 9 am PDT

    If you want to get the most out of the program I recommend completing the assignment I will be giving out Tuesday after class. It could take up to 1 hour to do so please consider this when planning your schedule as it will be due Thursday @ 9 am Pacific

  • Friday, February 3rd

    1:00 - 2:00 pm Pacific (PDT)

    We'll finish up with your key takeaways and make sure you're ready to build your first portfolio! Office Hours will be available from 2-3 pm for those needing extra help.

  • Bonus 4 Hour Investor: Mind over Money Microcourse

    Sunday, February 5th, 1-2 pm PDT

    As a gift to my first group of students in the new year I'll be doing a 60 minute dive into understanding the 4 Horsemen of Investor Psychology and how to achieve greater investing success by identifying and mastering your emotions. You don't want to miss this powerful session

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4 Hour Investor - Be Your Own Broker


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4 Hour Investor - Be Your Own Broker


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Learning is better with cohorts

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