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Venture Capital - Fundraising For Startups

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Tired of being ghosted? Not hearing back from funds? As a VC investor, I'll show you how you to stand out and have investors come to you!

Hosted by

Haris Khurshid

$100M+ in funding. Fund Manager. CFO. Advisor.

Course overview

You need to raise money quickly


You don’t know where to start

You don't have a solid network in the venture world

You know you have a great product but are unable to create a convincing narrative

You don’t have time to waste on sending cold emails when you could be working on your product

Having been in your shoes as a founder, an employee, and now a fund manager, I know exactly what funds look for.

This 2-week course will teach you how to build relationships, approach investors, attract investors, communicate effectively, and fundraise efficiently (and fast!).

Who is this course for


Founders that want to build momentum and are looking for fundraising strategies that work


Founders that are actively fundraising or within the next few months, and are in between Pre-seed to Series A+ rounds


Founders who don't want to waste months fundraising but also want to create a competitive round with multiple funds

What you’ll get out of this course

Going into the mind of an investor

If you want to successfully fundraise, you have to know exactly how investors think; what they look for (what they don’t), and the best way to showcase your start-up to get them excited.

Common mistakes and red flags

We'll go over some common misconceptions founders have when it comes to fundraising and go over some things that might be red flags in the eyes of the venture funds you're reaching out to.

Creating a compelling narrative 

Fundraising is about having a concise, clear, and convincing narrative. You want to not only show what you’re building, and why you’re building it but rather package it up in a way which leaves them wanting to know more.

Getting ready to fundraise

Having a plan for fundraising is one of the most important steps that most founders overlook. We'll go over developing a plan, timeline, creating targets investor lists, getting warm intros, utilizing LinkedIn (and more!) - giving you the highest chance of a successful raise.

Perfecting your pitch

While creating a narrative, you have to be good at storytelling. You need to stand out from hundreds of pitches VCs see on a daily basis. Storytelling is the key to getting their attention and closing your round.

Building a valuable network of investors

In the venture world, a warm connection goes a long way with investors. By the end of this course, you'll have virtually met VCs in your industry, have created a network of founders, and be fully ready to take on your fundraising season.

*All this at no cost to you*

You're learning how to fundraise more efficiently for your startup. Get reimbursed as a business expense now, or after you raise.

Meet your instructor

Haris Khurshid

Haris Khurshid

Fund manager, ex-founder, CFO, and advisor. Angel in 50+ startups. Raised $100M+ for Pre-seed to Series A+ companies.

If you have any questions about the course or what to expect, feel free to send me a note: haris@chaloventures.com

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Venture Capital - Fundraising For Startups

Course syllabus


Building the foundation of fundraising

In the first session, we establish the necessary foundations for every fundraise, and work on the mindset of how you think about yourself as a founder, your company and your raise.


  • How and why investors think the way they do
  • How you can get their attention
  • How to communicate with them effectively


Creating your narrative

In the second session, we’ll dive deeper and break down the two most important steps to influence investors - how to keep investors interested and how to influence them to want to invest into your story and vision.


  • How to build convincing decks that makes investors want to respond
  • How to clearly convey your startups story and vision


Targeting and meeting the right investors for you

In the third session, we’ll focus on building you a valuable and high functioning network of investors.


  • How to leverage technology to find and engage investors
  • How to leverage your existing networks to get warm intros
  • How to create an investor CRM to keep track during the process


Creating your fundraising playbook

In the fourth session, we’ll focus on building your fundraising playbook to make sure you have the best playbook to raise successfully.


  • How to build momentum with your fundraise
  • How to master your first and second meetings with investors
  • How to run a tight fundraising process to make sure you get term sheets


Pitch practice

In the last session, we’ll combine everything and have a mock pitch session.

  • Having you pitch me as a VC.
  • Having you pitch each other in a group setting to get feedback from fellow founders
  • Lastly, I'll invite some investors and fund managers to sit in on your pitch and get feedback

Course schedule

2 weeks (only on weekends!)
  • Saturday - Sunday (June 3rd - 4th)

    11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

    4-hour intensive workshop, followed by an open ended Q&A session.

  • Saturday (June 10th)

    Office hours

    After a week of working on your fundraising strategy and material from what you've learned, you can send me your deck for review, schedule brief calls, and get feedback before presenting the next day.

  • Sunday (June 11th)

    11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

    On the final day we'll schedule pitch sessions where you'll practice pitching me, each other, and other VCs invited to the sessions.

  • Note

    If you're unable to make the scheduled time slot for a specific day, please send me an email and I'll be happy to accommodate you.


Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This is a live online course, meaning you’re learning from me in real-time via Zoom. The workshops include case studies, discussions, and role plays, so you can identify gaps and apply what you learned right away.

Community of founders

This course brings together a community of people that are just like you; founders. You’ll make new connections who can support you throughout this course, and beyond.

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Venture Capital - Fundraising For Startups