The Research Storyteller


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7 Days


Cohort-based Course

Join me for a 3-part workshop dedicated to the #1 topic of interest for researchers: crafting compelling, impactful narratives.

Course overview

Storytelling drives research impact. It's time to become a master storyteller.

This three-part workshop is your chance to master the strategic research storytelling abilities you've known you needed but no one taught you before.

Learn the universal principles of storytelling in the research context, the elements that compel stakeholders to take action on research, and all the hacks that make research insights stick with any audience.

Finally, learn to share your OWN story with interviewers as you navigate your UXR career.

Who is this course for


Entry-level UXRs or transitioning to UXR

Break into the field successfully with an in-depth understanding of UXR-specific storytelling.


Mid-Senior level UXRs & managers

Maximize your research impact and your own research brand by diving deep into the UXR storytelling craft.


Research curious

If you need to share insights as part of your role, join us to learn the tricks of the narrative trade!

What you’ll get out of this workshop

Adapt universal storytelling principles to the research context.

People are wired for stories, which is what makes 'em such a powerful tool. We'll begin by taking learnings from English Lit, Film School, and Journalism, and adapting them to craft stellar research stories.

Elevate your research stories by incorporating advanced structure, content, and visual storytelling practices.

Once we've covered the basics, we'll discuss the advanced practices you need to know to bring insights to life, humanize data, and hyper-engage any decision-makers with visually stunning, crisply constructed narratives.

Change minds by leveraging the tenets of persuasion.

Now that we're equipped with advanced storytelling tools, we'll arm you with an arsenal of persuasive tools that naturally resonate with people and compel them to action.

Craft messages that stick.

Even the most compelling research narrative isn't necessarily memorable in the long run. Learn to integrate the key storytelling levers that'll bring people back to your insights again, and again, and again!

Reconstruct one of your own stories!

Incorporate all of our learnings to level up one of your research narratives, and apply everything in your work context.

Meet your instructor

Noam Segal

Noam Segal

Research Leader @ Meta

Noam is a research leader at Meta, a career and leadership coach, a content creator on his platform UX quests, a contributor to the Learners platform, a mentor on UX Coffee Hours and ADPList, and a guest lecturer at places like Stanford, Harvard, UDub, and his Alma Mater in Israel, Reichman University.


For most of his career, Noam has pushed back against the notion of “soft skills,” realizing they are foundational skills in the UX realm.

He’s spent countless hours studying these skills, and this course represents the culmination of these learnings as they apply to UX Research. 

Noam holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology and media from the IDC in Israel and a Ph.D. in Psychology with a focus on personality psychology and quantitative research from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

He's worked on the user experience of missile-defense systems, revolutionary travel platforms, modern conversational relationship platforms, next-gen financial technology, the health of our public conversation, and these days on Facebook's Feed and Research Center of Excellence.

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The Research Storyteller


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Course syllabus


The inner workings of a compelling research narrative.

In the first session of this workshop, we'll begin by adapting universal storytelling principles to the research context. It's a crash course in English Lit meets data, Film meets insights, and Journalism meets users. Then, we'll discuss all the structure, content, and visual techniques that can amplify and solidify your research stories.


The mechanics of persuasive messages and memorable stories.

In the second session of this workshop, we'll focus on the levers that change stakeholders' minds and make our narratives stick with any audience for as long as we need them to. We'll dive deep into the science of persuasion, when & how to appeal to rationale vs. emotion, the components of influence, and loads of hacks for memorable insights.


Bonus session

Sharing your OWN story as you navigate your career journey.

Course schedule

5 hours total
  • Mondays and Wednesdays, the beginning of July.

    8:30 pm - 10 pm US Eastern time

    This workshop is scheduled to work for anyone in the US. I hope you can join me over these three days.

  • Workshop project

    1-2 hours total

    More details to come for participants!

Learn with your peers in an insight-packed workshop with learnings tailored to UX researchers looking to level up their craft!

Learn with your peers in an insight-packed workshop with learnings tailored to UX researchers looking to level up their craft!

Live workshops and discussions

Join me for live workshops and deep discussions with peers like you! Interact with other learners through breakout rooms and our online community!

Tailored to the needs of UX Research professionals

I've spent years developing and evolving the content for this course, building on the work of countless storytelling thinkers and practitioners, and adding my frameworks and adaptations.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you!

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The Research Storyteller


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