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Marketing for Startups Bootcamp

6 Days


Cohort-based Course

What every early-stage founder needs to know about marketing to grow their business without burning out

Hosted by

Victoria Hajjar

Course overview

Everything You Need to Make Marketing Work for You. Not the Other Way Around.

This 3-day intensive bootcamp helps early-stage founders identify and focus on the highest ROI marketing pieces that will work for your business.

Instead of posting everywhere and trying to do all the things, use the most effective channels and tactics to create an ever flowing stream of leads, customers and raving fans.

Designed Specially For


Early-stage founders looking to get clear and focused on their marketing direction


Startup marketers building their marketing plan for short and long-term growth


Marketing leaders looking to close their marketing gaps and catch leaking prospects

At the End of the Bootcamp, You'll Learn How To:

Create a Sustainable Marketing Plan

Hands-on planning bootcamp to ensure you know the highest impact switches to turn on, when to do it, and how to do it right for the short and long-term.

Build a constant and predictable flow of leads, customers, and raving fans

Discover the step-by-step process for turning strangers into customers and raving fans. Note: This is not the typical marketing advice you’ll find on Google.

Choose marketing channels with highest ROI

The last thing you want to do is follow others blindly. Find out what channels to focus on to give you back the highest ROI. 

Is your marketing really working? Learn how to track

It seems difficult to know if likes, clicks, and views actually turn into sales (or not). Set up the right success metrics to see which marketing effort is working. And how to double down on what works.

Build and Lead a Lean But Mighty Marketing Team

Bring your freelancers, subcontractors, and peers work towards a common goal, instead of running in silos.

Don't Take My Word For It. See What Other Founders Say

        I honestly cannot believe the amount of valuable information I learned. Day 2 was so informative. No wonder I am not getting any new customers with my marketing strategies! It opened my eyes to all of the things I really need to be doing and currently am not. Instead of feeling overwhelmed it actually left me feeling extremely hopeful.
Hilary Burns

Hilary Burns

Chef, Recipe Developer, and Creator of The Pantry
        I left feeling very glad that I invested the time to attend. Having an overall framework of marketing really helped. Being able to say "Okay this is what is missing and this is what we can improve on" helped focus my efforts a lot. I also got some good ideas for catching clients that are slipping through the cracks.
Enis Cirak

Enis Cirak

Co-Founder at Inner Solutions
        I have been in a space of trying to put things together to start 2023 intentionally and with impact, and the three days helped me to gain clarity into how the pieces really fit together. My biggest takeaway was that it's okay to focus on what's already working, and to have patience with the process.
Shanice J. Douglas-Samuels

Shanice J. Douglas-Samuels

Founder of Witted Roots
        Before I joined, I was really just trying what I thought was right for my business without having a real plan. Now, I feel as though I know what I should be doing. I have a great plan and feel excited about marketing my business now. My biggest takeaway was that I now know where I was coming short and how to get in front of my potential clients!
Ana Lorian

Ana Lorian

Founder & Holistic Health Coach at Urban Herbin
        It exceeded my expectations! Everything is my biggest takeaway! I have attended many, many webinars and this is the first one that gave me a useful step-by-step guide as well as a better understanding of what marketing really encompasses.
Dorcas K. Matowe, PhD, LMFT

Dorcas K. Matowe, PhD, LMFT

Family Therapist and Consultant at Systems of Change Institute
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Marketing for Startups Bootcamp

Meet Your Marketing Partner

Victoria Hajjar

Victoria Hajjar

Founder and CEO of UgliVentures

Victoria has experienced both ends of the marketing spectrum. In the beginning, she was exactly in your shoes. Overwhelmed by doing social, blogs, emails for multiple clients all at the same time. 

Then, she discovered THIS sustainable marketing plan that flipped her marketing game upside down. Which led her to helping startups and multi million-dollar companies grow their brands and impact over the last 10 years.

Since then, the results have been incredible. Marketing becomes profitable instead of draining savings. Businesses have a predictable and constant flow of leads, customers, and fans. Founders are able to consistently show up for their audience without burning out.

Course Syllabus


Discover Cracks and Opportunities

A comprehensive overview of the most important marketing framework you’ll learn for your business. You’ll gain clarity on how prospects and customers interact with you and how to monetize them. We’ll also audit your processes to discover the cracks and opportunities in your current marketing efforts.


Build Your Sustainable Marketing Plan

In-depth training on each stage of interaction from Lead Generation to Sales and Referrals. Then, with plenty of support and creative input, we will guide you to design your Sustainable Marketing Plan together. Leaving you with an intentionally designed marketing plan, ready for execution.   


Focus on What Moves The Needle

Executing your Sustainable Marketing Plan in the correct order is essential for gaining traction quickly. Get clear on exactly what to focus on today to move the needle in your business. Set clear goals for yourself and understand how to track progress.


Build a Team to Move Faster at Little Cost

Now that you’ve built your Sustainable Marketing Plan and understand what you’re focusing on, it’s time to help you to fill in the gaps where needed and build a team to help you move faster. I’ll share my exact processes and template for managing your small (but mighty) team.

Course Schedule

10 hours spread across 5 days
  • Bootcamp Kick-Off Coffee Networking: Monday

    March 6th 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm ET

    • Get to know your fellow cohort members and your marketing partner, Victoria Hajjar.
    • We’ll do some fun icebreakers and share the details about what we are all working on and hope/expectations for the bootcamp. 
  • Day 1: Wednesday

    March 8th 10:30am - 1:30pm ET

    • Sustainable Marketing Plan Overview
    • Audit to Identify Leaks and Opportunities
    • Keeping Leads Everflowing and Engaged
    • Q&A
  • Day 2: Thursday

    March 9th 10:30am - 1:30pm ET

    • Getting Your Leads Ready To Buy Before You Promote
    • Asking for The Sales Without Sounding Like A Used-Car Salesperson
    • Turning Customers into Raving Fans 
    • Q&A

  • Day 3: Friday

    March 10th 10:30am - 1:30pm ET

    • Running Faster at a Small Cost
    • Tracking Your Marketing Efforts to Know What Works and Doesn’t
    • Bringing Everyone in Your Marketing Team Working Together Cohesively
    • Q&A

  • BONUS Q&A: Monday

    March 13th 10:30am - 11:30am ET

    • The perfect time to get your burning questions answered about everything marketing
    • Dig into what’s exactly holding your marketing back or anything that might throw you off track
    • Get support and encouragement to move forward
    • So you’re ready to execute with faith and confidence

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Marketing for Startups Bootcamp

Why Learn in Live Cohorts

Why Learn in Live Cohorts

Learning is NOT a Spectator Sport

In this course, you're the star player where I'll be partnering with you to build your Sustainable Marketing Plan from scratch. You're the one holding the pen, not me.

Interactive, Work-With-You Sessions

You’ll be interacting with me and other founders through breakout rooms and work-with-you sessions. Where I unpack your marketing efforts and recommend the best course of action.

Be a Part of Driven Founders

You behave like the 5 closest people around you. So, choose who you spend time with wisely. Surrounding yourself with driven founders keeps you on track, accountable, and motivated.

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Marketing for Startups Bootcamp

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