2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

In 3 weeks, grab the low hanging fruits of facilitation. Learn quick and easy facilitation techniques that can have impact right away.

Course overview

Facilitation bootcamp: Lead change effortlessly in the midst of chaos (Extended version)

You answer to many people: Your boss, the board, your team, those you serve and many more. You feel the pressure, but you can't stop. People depend on you. There is a way to easy the pressure, get the work done & have fun!

The key: Becoming a better facilitator of change.

Who is this course for


You care about your team and your organization. You want to get more done by having less meetings, and have WAY more fun doing it.


You are tired. Your team is tired. After more than 2 years of COVID and you are still being asked to do more with less.


You are not an expert facilitator.

You can get through meetings but you know there must be better, more effective ways.

Topics covered

Self-management & Mindset

Facilitating starts with you as the leader. We will you gain insights into your blindspots so that you can lead others more effectively.


We know that you and your team are tired and maybe even burned out. We will work on helping you identify ways to reduce the stress by having more fun, engaging, productive meetings.

Agenda setting & structure

We will go over an easy to use framework that you can use for 60 minute meetings, internal or external events, half-day retreats and more.

Presence & Improvising

A well designed agenda is very important AND you still need to practice how you deliver, show up, and most importantly improvise!

Power dynamics

The power dynamics "out in society" also play out in your teams. We will help you identify them and what you can do to use them to support your team's work.

Making your meetings more engaging!

No one likes a boring meeting. We will teach you several easy to learn and use tips and tricks to engage your teams virtually and in person.

See what people are saying

        I appreciated how Andres took the time to understand my style and the needs of the meeting/organization into account when (heavily) refining the agenda. What I originally imagined might have been a somewhat dry meeting is now exciting and I'm looking forward to walking through the exercises Andres suggested with our attendees. Thank you so much!
Alex DeSorbo-Quinn

Alex DeSorbo-Quinn

Executive Director @Pilot Light
        This process was instrumental in helping us transition to virtual facilitation. We became more comfortable with Zoom and were challenged to think more critically about the way we designed our agendas. We also learned new strategies to be more effective and engaging while facilitating.
Christina Illarmo

Christina Illarmo

Collective for Healthy Communities Director @Institute for Women and Ethnic Studies
        The new perspective that I was able to take with me into my New Employee Orientation and Onboarding meetings was helpful and made it feel like a fresh material, rather than rehashing the same thing I have been doing for years."
Kelle Sweeney

Kelle Sweeney

Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator @Jannus, Inc
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Meet your instructor

Andres Marquez-Lara

Andres Marquez-Lara

Founder & CEO, UFacilitate

I am a therapist, improv actor, community organizer and social entrepreneur. I started UFacilitate to democratize facilitation.

My passion is to help create spaces for people to connect with their humanity and creativity so that they can collaborate to tackle the wicked challenges of our time.

I have personally facilitated hundreds of events with thousands of people in dozens of countries. I also teach leadership development in executive programs at Georgetown University and George Washington University.

Course syllabus


Deep listening to understand who’s it for, what’s it for, context and constraints

  • VUCA context
  • Listening and mindset
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Identifying parameters


Agenda design (Pt 1)

  • Synthesizing insights into draft agenda
  • Agenda design frameworks (i.e. 5 act play, canoe, etc)


Role play session (Pt 1)

Practice skills from module 1 and 2.

Role play initial scoping calls when clients don’t always give you the answers you are looking for and you still have to design something.


Agenda design (Pt 2)

  • Introduction to Liberating Structures
  • Ice breakers
  • Other techinques


Presence and presentation (Pt 1)

  • How we show up 
  • Presentation design 
  • Story telling 
  • Use of audience engagement tools (i.e. Menti, slido, etc)


Role play session (Pt 2)

Practice skills from modules 4 and 5

Role play scenes from meetings that you are designing. Use the support of others to try out different offers on the safety of the stage.


Presence and presentation (Pt 2)

  • Being mindful of power dynamics
  • What to do when it all goes off script?
  • Awkward silences


Closing and debrief

  • Making space for check outs
  • Different types of check outs
  • Ensuring key next steps

Course schedule

3-5 hours per week
  • Main classes: Tuesdays & Thursdays

    4:00-5:30pmET | 1:00pmPT-2:30pmPT

  • Optional role play: Friday

    1:00pm-2:30pmET | 11:00am-12:30pmPT

    On Fridays of week 1 and 2, we will have role playing sessions. This is where we will help you put into action what you learned in your classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

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Organized by UFacilitate

We make collaboration work!
We make collaboration work!

Learn easy, effective & concrete facilitation techniques that you can use right away!

Learn easy, effective & concrete facilitation techniques that you can use right away!

Active learning, not passive watching

This course focuses on live workshops and hands-on projects

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms and an engaged community

Low hanging fruit with big impact

You don't have to become an expert facilitator to see change in your meetings. There are plenty of low hanging fruits that can have a big impact. You'll learn and practice these through the bootcamp.

Explore synergies and collaborations

Meet new passionate people like yourself and discover how you can collaborate to help achieve your collective goals!

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