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3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Launch your startup by first validating it! Adopt the product-market fit playbook of 250+ founders building future of learning & work.

Hosted by

Michael Narea and Alberto Arenaza

Co-founders @Transcend Network | General Partners @Transcend Fund

Course overview

Identify & solve real problems in edtech and become an investable founder

Zero-in on your niche customer persona, get extremely real about their daily pain points, and run weekly experiments to validate your startup ideas. 

Find early signs of product-market fit while learning from case studies of pre-seed to Series A startups.

Who is this course for


Pre product-market fit

You are actively building your startup full-time and are struggling with early traction


Just getting started

You have been exploring ideas for weeks, months, or years and just took the leap to start building



You work a full-time job to pay the bills but you are dedicated to solving a problem in the space.

Key Outcomes

Zero-in on your niche customer persona 

To solve problems in the market you must first identify who you are building for.

Gain clarity and specificity of who you are serving. You will speed up your rate of learning about your customer.

Run weekly experiments that are rapid, lean & low-cost

Run 5 experiments per week and, in 3-6 months validate specific problems in the martket!

Build feedback loops that drive customer insights and use minimal resources + no-code tools to find your first customers.

Demonstrate competence as a founder

Dilligently communicate with prospective investors and motivate your future team members.

Build a track record of your learnings using our in-house experimentation tracker adopted by 100s of Transcend founders.

Increase odds of success with John Danner's PMF Playbook

As an early-stage founder, your primary goal should be to identify PMF opportunities when building your startup.

Adopt the PMF scorecard by John Danner and focus your valuable time and energy on areas of growth appropriate at your stage.

Build with accountability and support in the future of learning and work

Continue your journey to find product market fit with accountability and support from the Transcend team and a global network of founders

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Are you facing issues in building your startup?

Book a 15 minute personalized founder-journey mapping session with Michael Narea, co-founder of Transcend Network: Find a time here!

We are 250+ Founders from 45+ Countries who have collectively raised $166M and are serving over 100k learners & workers globally

Why Validate?


Find your users without a "product"

Validating ideas & problems does not require you to spend resources you don't have to come up with a fully-functional product that the market may not want.

Address customer pain points and build using lean no-code tools that are easy to ship and address problems effectively for your audience.


Bear market = New Opportunities

With the current funding slowdown in the market, it is vital for new founders to validate the presence of customer demand for their early ideas.

Investors are more likely to take a bet on you if your startup is built in a well-validated market and is addressing real problems.


Build under the guidance of experts & experienced founders

Receive $200K worth of free product credits along with 100+ hours of exclusive sessions & webinars from SMEs

The Transcend Network team has helped 250+ founders, who come from 45 countries and have collectively raised over $160m. Connect with startup leaders and industry-insiders within our network for guidance as you launch your startup.

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Don't leave product market fit to chance.

Validate early, validate often.

See what our founders are saying

        Transcend Network truly understands that building an education startup is different to other businesses. You also get a life-long set of founder friends.
Christine Outram

Christine Outram

Founder & CEO, Everydae
        Transcend Network is a brilliant community of founders and subject matter experts who all *get* what it means to be building for the future of learning. The connections and resources are truly priceless.
Yash Tekriwal

Yash Tekriwal

Founder & CEO, Lectureless
        I finally found my people! I feel like I now have a community I can lean on and feel safe reaching out to if I need it. Plus I learned some pretty key things about myself as a founder in the process. Transformational!
Zainab Ebrahimi

Zainab Ebrahimi

Co-founder, Florish
        Being a startup founder is lonely and darn hard. This is the community that creates a net to support you as a human and a founder. Be prepared to feel loved up, feel good, learn, get challenged and meet your cheerleading squad.
Sallyann Della Casa

Sallyann Della Casa

Founder & CEO, GLEAC

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Session 1: Intro to PMF & 'Magic' (Mon, March 20)

    11:00am - 12:30pm ET

    You will meet your cohort mates and learn about the problems they are solving.

    You will also identify your customer persona, list out their pain points, receive tangible feedback, and be introduced to Transcend's product-market fit playbook.

  • Session 2: Running experiments (Wed, March 22)

    11 am - 12:30 pm ET

    In this session, we answer the question, how can early founders run lean, low-cost & rapid experiments.

    You will ideate & design your 1st experiment, leverage your cohort to gather feedback, unblock any challenges and access case studies of different experiments run by startups.

  • Friday - Office Hours (Optional)

    11 am - 12 pm ET

    Once a week you have the option to join for a 60-minute engaging session for additoinal support to ensure you are successful in launching your weekly experiments

  • Session 3 - Actions > Talk | Integrating feedback loops (Mon, March 27)

    11 am -12:30 pm ET

    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

    Great founders don’t just listen to their customers, they learn from their actions. Track your early results to update your hypotheses, design new experiments and receive feedback on them!

  • Session 4: Unblocking yourself (Wed, March 29)

    11 am - 12:30 pm ET

    By now you will have run at least 1 experiment and have enough data to evaluate if you have or have not validated your initial hypotheses.

    You will get to share your challenges with the cohort & the Transcend team and unblock any areas where you require support.

  • Friday - Office Hours (Optional)

    11 am - 12 pm ET

    Office Hours

  • Session 5: Building your track record (Mon, April 3)

    11 am - 12:30 pm ET

    As we enter the last week, you will learn how to build a track record of your learnings + how to demonstrate confidence in the market and among investors.

    You will use our in-house experimentation tracker adopted by 100s of Transcend founders

  • Session 6: Next steps + Accountability (Wed, April 5)

    11 am - 12:30 pm ET

    In our last session together, you will reflect & celebrate your progress to date, and make small but mighty commitments to strengthen your weekly experiments as you continue to test ideas.

    You will also learn what Transcend has in store for you once you do validate successfully!

  • Friday- Office Hours

    11 - 12 pm ET

    Office Hours (Optional)

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Meet your instructors

Michael Narea

Michael Narea

Co-founder, Transcend Network

Michael Narea, cofounder of Transcend Network and co-GP at Transcend Fund, has been working beside education and future of work founders at the earliest stages for 10 years.

He first worked with venture-backed founders at GSV Labs and Sunlight, then as a successful 3x bootstrapped co-founder of Moonshot Partners, FlightCX and Nareatech. He will serve as the lead instructor & coach for Validate.

Alberto Arenaza

Alberto Arenaza

Co-founder, Transcend Network

Alberto is a co-founder of Transcend Network and an investor through the Transcend Fund.

He has supported hundreds of early-stage founders through the Transcend Fellowship and is also the author of one of the largest Substack publications about EdTech.

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