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Exploration Bootcamp

6 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Find your first users and validate your startup using the PMF framework by John Danner - investor in Epic!, Maven & Reforge

Hosted by

John Danner, Dafni Chontou, Tanya Sharma, Alberto Arenaza, and Michael Narea

Course overview

Build your startup in Education & the Future of Work

Solve customer problems & validate startup opportunities through the Product-Market-Fit (PMF) Playbook adopted by 150+ startups globally.

Learn from case studies of Pre Seed to Series A startups built within the Transcend Network!

Who is this course for



I have an idea I want to validate & pursue in the space of education and the future of work


Problem Solver

I want to solve a problem I’ve experienced or observed in education/future of work


Full-time Worker

I work a full-time job but want to transition to being a founder and build a startup

Key Outcomes

Establish your Customer Persona

To solve problems in the market you must first identify who it is you are building solutions for.

Build your customer persona to identify your users and begin addressing the problems they face.

Build Lean Solutions and Find Users

Use minimal resources to launch your initial offering through no-code tools and find your first users.

Gain the ability to build feedback loops during the early stages and design effective solutions for your first users.

Understand Product-Market-Fit (PMF)

As an early-stage founder, your primary goal should be to identify PMF opportunities when building your startup.

During the Bootcamp, we will use John Danner's PMF scorecard to guide you during your transition from idea to execution stage.

Learn the Fundamentals of Validation

Early Validation is step 0 of building towards a product-market-fit startup. Your only focus should be towards validating a customer’s need.

Understand what it takes to find early validation, build a strong connection with your users, and make the move to starting up fulltime!

Why the Exploration Bootcamp?


Validate your startup through experimentation

We help you address customer pain points without spending too many resources and build a habit of experimenting weekly.


Find your first users without a "product"

Build using lean no-code tools that are easy to ship and address problems effectively to find your first customers.


Access to network perks & resources

Receive $200K worth of free product credits along with 100+ hours of exclusive sessions & webinars from SMEs


Build under the guidance of experts & experienced founders

The Transcend Network team has helped 188 founders, who come from 45 countries and have collectively raised over $150m. Connect with startup leaders and industry-insiders within our network for guidance as you launch your startup.

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Exploration Bootcamp

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Receive guidance and support from experienced founders & operators. Be a part of an exclusive early-stage founder community in the space.

Transcend Network is a global community of early-stage founders building in the future of learning & work

        Transcend Network truly understands that building an education startup is different to other businesses. You also get a life-long set of founder friends.
Christine Outram

Christine Outram

Founder & CEO, Everydae
        Transcend Network is a brilliant community of founders and subject matter experts who all *get* what it means to be building for the future of learning. The connections and resources are truly priceless.
Yash Tekriwal

Yash Tekriwal

Founder & CEO, Lectureless
        I finally found my people! I feel like I now have a community I can lean on and feel safe reaching out to if I need it. Plus I learned some pretty key things about myself as a founder in the process. Transformational!
Zainab Ebrahimi

Zainab Ebrahimi

Co-founder, Florish
        Being a startup founder is lonely and darn hard. This is the community that creates a net to support you as a human and a founder. Be prepared to feel loved up, feel good, learn, get challenged and meet your cheerleading squad.
Sallyann Della Casa

Sallyann Della Casa

Founder & CEO, GLEAC
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Exploration Bootcamp

Meet your instructors

John Danner

John Danner

Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

John founded and exited his startup NetGravity for $750M exit – since then, he's built and invested in ground-breaking startups in the future of learning and work, like Maven, Outschool, Synthesis School or Stoa.

John is the author of the PMF Playbook, a guide for founders to find product-market fit that is the foundation of this program. John will be the Mentor for this Bootcamp, inspiring our curriculum and sharing his insights in three live sessions.

Dafni Chontou, Tanya Sharma

Dafni Chontou, Tanya Sharma

Co-founders, Wonderpath

Dafni and Tanya are the founding duo of Wonderpath, a startup reimagining feedback and personal growth for the future of work.

They have run infinite experiments to solve market problems and have lived through the pre-PMF founder life helping founders & high-growth startups go Zero-to-One.

Alberto Arenaza

Alberto Arenaza

Co-founder, Transcend Network

Alberto is a co-founder of Transcend Network and an investor through the Transcend Fund.

He has supported hundreds of early-stage founders through the Transcend Fellowship and is also the author of one of the largest Substack publications about EdTech.

Michael Narea

Michael Narea

Co-founder, Transcend Network

Michael Narea, cofounder of Transcend Network and co-GP at Transcend Fund, has been working beside education and future of work founders at the earliest stages for 10 years.

He first worked with venture-backed founders at GSVlabs and Sunlight, then as a successful 3x bootstrapped co-founder of Moonshot Partners, FlightCX and Nareatech. He will serve as an accountability coach in the Exploration Bootcamp

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Invest in understanding your users,

Experiment using lean solutions,

Increase your odds of startup success!


3-6 hours per week
  • Weekly Kickoff + Explorer AMAs

    Monday & Wednesday

    Every Monday, you will receive an itinerary of all the assignments and readings for the week.

    On Wednesdays, we host AMAs for you to asynchronously ask questions and get feedback from the instructors.

  • Live Sessions


    Weekly Live Session with Dafni and the Transcend Team

  • Experimentation Days

    Mon - Sun

    Building an experimentation cadence through daily consistency is one of the primary learning outcomes we hope to impart during this bootcamp.

    These asynchronous practices are designed to help you treat your startup as a research lab in its initial days.

  • Peer Group Sync


    Every week you get to collaborate and review your work with your assigned peer group

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Exploration Bootcamp