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Influence for Designers

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Frameworks, Tactics, and Tools for Designers to influence stakeholders, lead projects, and drive impact.

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Course overview

Master your influence and leadership strategy.

Have you ever felt you have limited power over the product experience?

Have you watched your stakeholders make decisions without consulting you?

Or maybe you consider yourself influential, but there’s some key people that have a hard time working with design.

It happens to all of us.

Stakeholders sometimes need help understanding what designers should be doing or what value we bring.

That's why I created this course for you.

I once felt my ideas went unheard, and decisions were made in meetings I wasn't invited to because my job was just to wireframe. Not to mention how many times I felt like my design features were removed from the final release.

Flash forward to today; my product teams won't start meetings until I'm in the room.

Why did that change?

Influence and leadership skills.

Anyone can learn these skills; once you do, it's a game changer. You will find it's so much easier to get your ideas adopted, and your opinion asked for, and you'll be able to lead in ways you didn't think were possible.

These skills transform careers and perceptions, making designers more promotable and tapped to lead projects. That designer should be you!

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Overview of the course

• What it means to lead as a design Individual Contributor

• How to improve your communication with different types of communicators as the foundation for building influence

• How to use the active listening approach

• How to craft persuasion strategies

• How to influence and align a group

Easy-to-use frameworks, tactics, and tools that can be easily referenced and practically applied

• Frameworks to help you navigate stakeholder conversations (Communication, Persuasion, and Active listening)

• Tactics, strategies, and worksheets to plan your influence approach with different stakeholders

• Tools to influence and lead a group to a decision

• Case studies based on real-life scenarios

• A workbook with tools and frameworks to reference

Interactive course format

• Introduction to the frameworks combined with class discussion on applying techniques to real scenarios

• In-class exercises to practice applying active listening and influence principles

• Breakout groups for case study discussions

This course teaches effective influence skills for any situation. You'll receive the Design Influence Tactical Plan which will be a resource to apply influence and leadership skills immediately.

A few seats will be reserved for those who are experiencing an economic hardship or recent layoff. *This is private information and will not be shared with anyone* Please email If you’d like to be considered with a brief summary.

Have questions? Feel free to book a 15 minute meeting with me to learn more:

Who is this course for:


UX, Interaction, and Product Designers looking to develop or enhance their influence and leadership skills.


Senior-level designers with good hard skills who have encountered career stagnation and need influence and leadership skills to grow.


UX professionals seeking to amplify their impact with influence and leadership skills.

Practical learnings you'll gain from this course:

Build relationships and rapport easily.

Relationships are the currency of organizations. Develop techniques to build rapport and maintain ongoing relationships using active listening and open-ended questions. You’ll leave with a toolkit for framing conversations and building trustful relationships with anyone.

Discover how you can influence anyone.

Successful designers influence others by knowing how to gracefully amend their style and handle conflict. You'll emerge from the course with the Design Influence Tactical Plan, a playbook of influence strategies and methods I've used at leading companies to drive major projects.

Set the direction and align people around the right ideas.

Influential designers get stuff done. Learn proven tactics I used to develop multi-year roadmaps at Meta, Amazon, and LinkedIn. You'll be able to delegate tasks, run successful meetings, keep everyone organized, remove ambiguity, and ensure high quality design execution.

Design your personal influence plan.

Design your future self. You’ll gain step by step instructions to navigate relationships, conflict, and decision making worksheets to continue your growth. You’ll also get tip sheets on negotiating with different roles that struggle with design.

This course includes

9 interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

25 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

3 projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

Course syllabus

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    Meet your instructor

    Diane Cronenwett

    Diane Cronenwett

    Over her 18-year career as a lead UX/Product designer at leading tech companies, including Meta, Amazon, LinkedIn, and PayPal, Diane has defined and led large strategic projects as an individual contributor.

    Diane is well known for executing high-performing complex projects with the highest quality design in collaboration with multiple teams, relying primarily on leadership and influence skills.

    While hard skills in design are essential, leadership and influence are required for high-visibility assignments and promotions.

    Diane is passionate about helping designers realize their potential through leadership skills and shares successful frameworks and strategies to guide your career journey.

    Diane is a highly-rated LinkedIn Learning instructor teaching various design topics.

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    Course schedule

    4-6 hours per week
    • Pre-course Mixer (Optional)

      4:00 -5:00 PST

      Let’s hang out for a Zoom meet before the course starts. Get to know your cohort and your instructor.

    • Mondays & Thursdays

      4:15 PM - 5:45 PM (PST)

      Twice a week for 2 weeks.

    • Office Hours

      30 minutes after each class

      Still have more questions? I’ll be around to answer your tough challenges.

    Free resource

    Download Excerpt: The Design Influence Tactical Plan

    Unlock the Secrets of Motivation and Mindsets

    Dive deeper into the fascinating world of influence with this exclusive excerpt from my new guide, The Design Influence Tactical Plan.

    You'll uncover:

    • The Hidden Drivers of Behavior: Understand what motivates individuals and organizations - from personal aspirations to business goals.
    • Craft Your Winning Influence Strategy: Develop a robust plan to achieve your goals, overcome potential roadblocks, and confidently wield influence.


    • Worksheet: Define your influence strategy
    • Tip Sheets: Motivations

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    Learning is better with cohorts

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    Influence for Designers


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