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Cohort-based Course

Science-backed blueprint on how to master workplace communication and become irreplaceable.

Course overview

Become The Engineer Everyone Talks About

Imagine this: You're an engineer who's not just great at tech but also nails every human interaction. No more 'just the coder' label. You're the teammate everyone wants on their side. Clear in your words, a pro at understanding folks, and turning every piece of feedback into real impact.

The real perk? These skills don't just make work easier—they shoot your value through the roof. You're not just levelling up; you're becoming the full package. The engineer everyone—team, boss, company—needs and respects.

Who is this course for


Driven engineers who want effective async communication and quickly build rapport, even whilst remote.


Passionate managers who look after a diverse range of personalities and want to best support and champion their team.


Collaborative architects and individual contributors with stakeholders to please and impact to make.

What you’ll get out of this course

Emotional IQ Made Easy

Turn science into actionable strategies. Understand our brains and emotions—both yours and others — for effortless collaboration.

Relationships That Matter

Build connections that are genuine, impactful, and lasting, whether it’s with your peers, reports, or higher-ups.

No-Fluff Communication

Learn to articulate your thoughts with clarity and precision. Eliminate misunderstandings and keep projects on track.

Conflicts? Resolved

Discover tools to not just solve, but predict and prevent workplace conflicts.

Fast and Effective Feedback

Master the key to straightforward and actionable feedback. Make better decisions faster and avoid repeating mistakes.

More Time for Code

With streamlined communication, you can focus on what you love most: programming.

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Algorithms For Influence


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Course syllabus


Week 1: Meet The Five Key Behavioural Science Forces Working Against You

Dive deep into the details of our brain's communication patterns. Understand the blend of emotion and logic that shapes our work behaviour. You’ll learn the PULSE Framework and begin to understand the most impactful behavioural psychology forces shaping our interactions.


Week 2: Unlock Whole Brain® Thinking

You'll be introduced to Whole Brain® Thinking, a strategy that lets you use your full cognitive potential. This isn't about squeezing more out of your brain; it's about understanding and tapping into its diverse capabilities. Think of it as learning to play every instrument in your mental orchestra.


Week 3: Uncover the 90% You're Missing in Conversations

Step up your communication by asking the right questions and packaging your messages for maximum impact. Dive into the art of empathy and learn to spot the subtle cues and undertones in conversations. By becoming an attentive listener, you'll catch what's often missed, ensuring that you truly understand others and they understand you.


Week 4: Personalise Every Interaction To Yourself & Others

This week is about fine-tuning your communication to fit each unique situation and person. You'll get hands-on techniques to adjust how you interact, both face-to-face and online. It's not about changing who you are but adapting your approach to ensure clear, effective communication every time.

Meet your instructor

Maxim Cramer

Maxim Cramer

Founder, Fractional CTO/CPO, Design Engineer

Maxim Cramer knows tech inside out and has mastered the art of human connection.

She's built apps that hit a million downloads on the first day, won Emmys, and even got Apple’s seal of approval. Beyond this, she's hosted hundreds of workshops for leading venture firms and top universities.

But what truly sets her apart? Her ability to break down complex tech lingo into simple, relatable language.

Now, she's here to teach engineers how to communicate better, work smarter, and become invaluable in any team.

What people are saying

        Working with Maxim was a no-brainer. She took what seemed to be complex technical terms and language and turned them into something we understood in business.
Stephanie Holme

Stephanie Holme

CEO, FounderZone
        Maxim brings out live examples from the audience and tailors the content to allow participants to put theoretical concepts into action in a very pragmatic and accessible way. Maxim’s attention to detail and care shines through and she is the most engaging facilitator we have been working with, receiving consistent positive feedback from students.
Clelia Bevillard

Clelia Bevillard

Senior Student Enterprise Manager @ The University of Westminster

Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Saturdays

    New lessons and materials are released. 

    Saturday releases are for your flexibility, not to fill your weekends. Feel free to dive in whenever suits you!

  • Tuesdays

    1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

    Our live 90-minute session, with highlights of this week’s material, skill-focused workshops, engaging discussions, and Q&A. 

  • Throughout The Course

    Explore 1-2 hours of lessons and exercises weekly. Participate in discussions with Maxim and your cohort peers.

  • Feedback Fridays

    Submit your projects by Friday and receive tailored feedback by the following Monday.

  • Special Sessions

    30 minutes

    Welcome Session: Monday, November 6, 1-1.30pm EST

    Closing Session: Friday, December 1, 1-1.30pm EST

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Algorithms For Influence


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